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What Is Graphics Software?

Graphics software manages two-dimensional images by creating, editing, and managing them. These computer graphics can be clip art, web graphic, logos and backgrounds, as well as digital photos or other types of digital images.

Common Applications

Common graphic editors include Photoshop and Illustrator. Paint Shop Pro, CorelDRAW and the Apple Photos plugins from Macphun.

Paint 3D is the core of Windows 10’s operating system.

Some graphics software has limited editing capabilities but can be optimized for display. Windows 10’s Photos program is an excellent example. The free IrfanView viewer is also a great option.

What is Graphics Software?

People mistakenly consider software that manipulates individual images to be graphics software. InDesign and QuarkXpress are page layout software. Presentation software like PowerPoint and Apple Keynote don’t fall under this category. Home publishing and creative printing software don’t generally rise to the occasion.

What are the Types of Graphics Software Available?

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There are two major types of graphics editors: pixel-based and path-based. An image can be described as a collection of small pixels (pixels), or a set of commands that describe how to draw an picture. Zooming in on the images will show you the differences between path- and pixel-based images. You know you have a path-based picture if they zoom in very close and don’t appear blurry or blotchy.

Designers often use the term raster graphics for pixel-based images, and vector graphic for path-based images.

What is Graphics Software used for?

Common uses of graphics software include creating and sharing digital photos and clip art, editing and modifiing clip art, creating logos and creating digital fine arts.

There are also some unconventional uses, like editing video in Photoshop and 3D drawing with Illustrator

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