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13 Best Utility Apps For Your Android Smartphones in 2020

It can be difficult to choose the right app for your life, given the number of tools and apps available. Utility apps are a quick way to turn your smartphone into many useful tools that will help you manage your day-today life.

There are 32 app categories in the Play Store, and 24 in App Store. If you’re wondering what utility apps are, can be defined as applications that perform basic and regular functions, rather than high-end ones.

These tools are often used and come as standard features in smartphones. These apps can also be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. Flashlight, Weather and Reminder apps are just a few of the top utility apps that you can download for your mobile device.

Smartphones make life much easier. Having a few utility apps on your phone can make your life even easier. We present to you the top utility apps that can transform your smartphone into a personal assistant.

13 Top Utility Apps for Android 2020

These 13 top utility apps for Android smartphones will help you manage your life more effectively.


Price – Free

Inclusions – YouTube, Google Calendar Tumblr Medium, Pocket Square, eBay, Giphy and many more.

With IFTTT, you can manage multiple apps from Twitter to Google Drive. This app is compatible with over 630 apps. This app can also be used to control Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices.

If you connect IFTTT to other apps or services, you can have seamless access to them all. After you’ve connected the devices, you can turn the smart lights on in your home with IFTTT.

You can also hear what’s going on around the world via renowned publications such as The New York Times and ProPublica. It can send you automated, intelligent alerts and trigger events based upon your location.

2. Google Translate

Price – Free

Inclusions: Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Sheets, Chrome Browser, etc.

This is another best utility application for your android smartphone. It’s a multilingual machine translation service from Google. Google Translate is integrated with many other apps and services, including Google Maps and Google Assistant, as well as Chrome browser, Google Sheets and others.

This tool can translate 109 languages worldwide and regionally, making it your best friend while you travel overseas.

It can perform handwritten and written translations. With the assistance of 32 languages, it can have a real-time conversation with both parties.

3. Smart Tools

Price: $2.50

Inclusions Smart Ruler Pro and Smart Measure Pro, Smart Compass Pro and Sound Meter Pro, Smart Light Pro and Smart Light Pro.

This app uses the phone’s sensors for a variety of measurement-related tasks. It is essential to have the best utility apps for your Android smartphone.

This app is all-in-one and can be used to measure everything accurately. It combines 15 tools to measure length, width, height, and distance.

It also includes a flashlight, magnifier and compass.

4. Google Lens


Inclusions : Camera on the phone, Google Assistant and Google Photos.

Google Lens allows you to translate text and quickly explore the world around you with Google Lens. This app is an Android utility app that allows you to multitask based upon what you see. Get it on your phone immediately.

Google Lens allows you to identify objects, plants, animals, and scan codes. You can also find an item or outfit online using Google Lens.

5. Reddit

Price: Free, $5.99/month

Inclusions Multiple third party apps

Reddit is an essential utility app for Android that will keep you up-to-date with the latest online trends, breaking news and viral videos.

Reddit is an open and free app that everyone can use. Reddit subreddits cover many topics and provide some interesting stuff for readers. Reddit’s official app has night mode and a lightning-fast loading interface.

Reddit’s official app allows you to access many features such as Chat, Community Group Chat and Chat. You can also choose to contribute to Reddit.

6. TickTick

Price: Free, $27.99/year

Inclusions: To-do list reminder, Calendar, Habit Tracker

TickTick helps you stay on top of everything and ensures that you never miss a thing. TickTick is one of the most useful utilities apps. It allows you to keep track of everything that interests you and create a to-do checklist.

You can also access it from your mobile’s home screen using a widget that allows you to access all of the information, including a reminder and a calendar.

You can also share lists and tasks with family members, friends, or colleagues. You can also use the Pomo Timer as a tool to track distractions. When you’re starting a new habit, the Habit Tracker will help you.

7. Otter Voice Meeting Notes


Otter Voice Notes, a revolutionary recording and transcription tool, can record your conversations and then transcribe it in minutes. This is a great utility tool that will help you manage your life better.

It is easy to use because it is infused with AI. The app also has a fluid design and excellent UI. It offers top-notch features such as cross-conversation speaker recognition, excellent search tools and in-app transcript editing.

8. SwiftKey Keyboard


This is the best swipe keyboard available today. SwiftKey Keyboard is the best swipe keyboard on today’s market. It offers intuitive suggestions and allows you to type any word quickly. This best Android utility tool can work across all types of apps.

It supports over 300 languages and can be swipe-to type, touch-to type, as well as a GIF keyboard with predictive emojis. You can also choose from more than 80 different themes to spice up your typing.

9. Google Maps

This app is a great utility app for Android smartphones.

Google Maps is the best navigation tool, providing real-time traffic updates and prompt route suggestions. Street view availability is also available.

You can share your location with your contacts and plan your trip with precise ETA’s. Google Maps also offers the option to travel invisibly and keep your travel history private.

10. E-Z Fix


E-Z Fix, a useful utility app that provides a wealth of repair tips and tricks, is highly recommended. This app is a one-stop repair guide for all types of devices and gadgets.

There’s no need to wait for service technicians when you want your stuff fixed. This app can be downloaded and used to fix any type of device, including a car, tablet, smartphone or laptop.

11. Key Ring


The Key Ring app is one of the most useful utility apps that you can use to manage your loyalty, reward and membership cards.

It stores everything digitally and includes a barcode reader. This app is a great app for bargain hunters. It allows you to save barcodes and photo coupons, and supports downloading and receiving online offers.

12. Dashlane Password Manager

Price: Free, $4.99/month, $59.88/year

This amazing password manager app allows you to share up to five accounts and manage up 50 passwords from one device. This password manager app can be a great utility tool in today’s password-secured world. It offers a Virtual Private Network and file storage.

13. AppLock

Price: Free, $0.99/month, $5.99/year

AppLock is our last choice in the category for best utility apps. AppLock, which offers 4-digit pin and pattern as well as fingerprint lock, will help you protect your privacy.

AppLock will hide your photos and social media accounts and make it easy to protect yourself from intruders.

Conclusion – Best Android Utility Apps

The best Android utility apps can improve your smartphone’s productivity and assist you in your daily tasks.

You should now have an idea of utility tools so you can quickly download as many as you want from the Play Store and then use them as you need.

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