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8 Best Note-Taking App and Software for Mac

This article will help you find the best note-taking software for Mac.

Note-taking can increase efficiency and help you be more productive. It can be tedious and complex if you don’t have the best Mac note-taking apps.

It is the best note-taking program for Mac that helps you better organize your tasks through its many features. This article will highlight the best note-taking software for Mac this year.

Before we jump into the extensive list of top notes apps for Mac, let’s learn more about what makes an app the best way to take notes on Mac.

It is easier to choose the right note-taking app for your needs by knowing the characteristics of these apps. Let’s take a look at them all.

The Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac: Qualities

These are the most important characteristics of an app that makes it the best way for you to take notes on Mac.

  • It’s much easier to add notes with the top note-taking program for Mac.
  • Notes can be organized in a notebook, tag or folder.
  • These applications allow you to search for and find the desired note from a large number of notes.
  • The best note-taking software for Mac is accessible to all users, even beginners. It supports keyboard shortcuts and other user-friendly features.

These are the characteristics we should be looking for in a Mac note-taker. Let’s now look at the applications that have all or most of these qualities.

A Comprehensively Researched List Of The Best Note-Taking Apps For Mac

We chose the following apps to be the top note-taking software on Mac because of their simplicity and outstanding features.

1. Boost Note

Boost Note is a great choice for developers and teams who want to improve their productivity by using the best note-taking software for Mac.

Boost Note has some of the best features such as co-authoring, which allows team members to create/edit documents together.

You also get more than 3000 tools to optimize and customize your workflow. You also have many options for app integrations and note searching.

Boost Note also saves all document changes, so you can see the edit history and revert any changes you make whenever you like.

2. OneNote

OneNote is the next best note-taking app for Mac. You can create notes in many formats and tag them to make it easy to find.

OneNote is also known for its easy collaboration tools, multilingual support (it supports many languages from French to Spanish), optical character recognition (OCR), app integration and the ability to add images/documents inline or as attachments.

3. Notebooks

Let’s now look at the Notebooks. It is a great note-taking tool for Mac because of its simplicity, flexibility, and ease-of-use interface.

Notebooks is also a favorite note-taking app for Mac. It has Smart Cards, cover templates, reminders, and a dark mode to work comfortably at night.

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4. Bear

This is the easiest way to take notes on Mac. It’s for anyone who just wants to use a simple and clean application. Bear’s interface is the most intuitive and user-friendly we have seen for note-taking software.

Bear also offers features such as tagging, organization, and archiving. This allows you to remove certain notes from your collection but not permanently delete them. You can also group multiple notes together.

Bear also allows you to easily format notes with Markdown, add hyperlinks, and embed images.

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5. Obsidian

We can now add Obsidian as a note-taking app to our top 10 list. This app has some unique features, including Markdown note formatting and hyperlinks to link related notes.

Obsidian also boasts many other features, such as a highly customizable interface, the ability to open multiple notes simultaneously and community plugins that allow you to add utilities such as a calendar or Kanban board.

6. Joplin

Joplin is a great open-source note-taking application for Mac. It is easy to copy, search, modify, and tag notes.

Joplin also offers many useful features such as the markdown tool support, note history availability, and synchronization with multiple services (such NextCloud, Dropbox or WebDAV). Attachment of files to notes.

Joplin also supports multiple languages, so language is not a barrier to note-taking.

7. Evernote

Evernote, an Evergreen Note-taking Software for Mac, is easy to use and doesn’t require any introduction. You can use this renowned application on more than one machine to create and prioritize to-do lists/ideas/projects.

Evernote is a top-rated free note-taking app for Mac because of its ease of use, note sharing, and note searching. It also creates a backup of your notes whenever you make any changes.

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8. GoodNotes

GoodNotes is the top note-taking app for Mac. You can annotate files from Word, PDFs and PowerPoint.

GoodNotes also offers OCR support to locate typed text, folder title, outline of documents, and handwritten notes.

This software offers many other features, including the ability to create/sketch with a finger/stylus, notebook personalization through templates, double-tap creation, drag and drop functionality and easy switching between horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling.

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