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How Long Will iPhone 8 Be Supported? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Talk to any Apple user and you will find that iPhones are more supported than Androids. Apple offers support for its devices for at least five years after they are released. After 2-3 years , most Androids cease receiving upgrades.

It was released in 2017 so you can be sure that the iPhone 8 will continue to receive updates until 2022. This means that you can use iOS 16 or possibly even iOS 17 on your iPhone 8.

Should you Upgrade the iPhone 8 to iOS 16

Apple has released many new features in iOS 16. The lock screen customizability is my favorite. It’s something I have missed since moving to an android. You’ll miss out if you don’t upgrade to it.

The excellent machine learning and neural Intelligence that allows older iPhones to enjoy the latest iOS features even on older hardware is one of the reasons why I have been an Apple fan for so many years.

This means your Apple iPhone 8 can run iOS 16 with no problems. It’s unrealistic to assume it will be able to use the new OS features on older models.

Apple did an amazing job with the iOS update, as I mentioned. Here are my top picks from the new iOS update:

  • FaceTime upgrades that are similar to videoconferencing services such as Zoom and Google Class Room
  • Live Text allows you to copy and paste any text from your camera.
  • Visual Look Up – Apple’s alternative Google Lens
  • Better Mail Privacy Protection that blocks anyone from knowing if you have opened your mail

How do you download iOS 16 on the iPhone 8?

This can be done in two ways. Either go to Settings > Software Update and install the latest firmware or open iTunes on your computer.

Below, I have discussed both options.

  • Method 1:
    • Open Settings > General
    • Click Software Updates
    • If there are iOS updates available, click Install
  • Method 2:
    • Start iTunes on your computer
    • Use lightning or USB cables to connect your mobile device to your computer
    • You should close all other programs that might interrupt the process of updating.
    • Click the Summary tab
    • Click on Check for an Update
    • Install any updates if they are available.

Your battery life or internet may be in trouble if the update isn’t working. You can try charging your device for about half an hour, then come back and move closer to your WiFi router.

Is the iPhone 8 worth buying in 2022?

This depends on whom you talk to, but let’s be real. If you talk to Apple enthusiasts, they’ll tell you to get the latest iPhone 14. It performs well, and has the futuristic dynamic islands feature. Compare the processors of the iPhone 8 to 14 and you will see the difference.

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