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How to Unlock Your iPhone Passcode Without Computer (4 Simple Ways)

Tap into Siri, your virtual assistant to unlock iPhone. Siri is amazing, providing voice activation and search bar assistance as well as a responsive, hands free interface for your smartphone.

Note that iPhones running iOS 8.0 or iOS 10.1 can be unlocked by using a Siri bug.

These are the steps to use Siri bug.

Step 1

You can activate the virtual assistant by pressing and holding the home button. You can hold down the home button and say a keyword such as “Hey Siri!”

Step 2

Here’s the key trick. Ask Siri a question such as “Siri what time is it?” Or “What is the world time?” Siri uses the search bar functionality to display a world clock on your iphone’s graphical user interface.

Step 3

To add another clock feature, click the world clock icon. To add Siri to your display, tap the plus sign or the add sign.

After selecting the new clock, you’ll have the option to use the share button to share it.

Step 4

Click on the share button, then click the option to create a new message. You don’t have to actually write anything in “Message”, you can simply use the virtual keyboard to add something to the “To”.

Step 5

Siri will create a new contact by taping on the plus/add icon. Siri will respond by creating a new interface labeled “Add Contact”, where you can enter text such as the name and details for your new contact.

We are not interested in a new message this time. Instead, we want to add an image from your photo collection.

Step 6

Select the text “Add photo” to continue. Clicking on “Add Photo” will take you to the media library interface. This allows you to choose an item from your photo collection when creating a new contact. You will be able to unlock your iPhone with Siri.

Step 7

Once you are in the media library select the home button or return button. This will give you access to your unlocked home screen.

Step 8

You can use the unlock screen to change your password and unlock your iPhone without delay.

Please do not use this loophole to access the home screen of a smartphone you are not authorized to. This could be illegal and may result in the loss of privacy and safety for the owner of the smartphone and any other authorized users.

2. Get Unlocked with Find My

Siri is not always able to help you. If that happens (e.g. your device doesn’t have iOS 10.1), you will need to find another way to unlock iPhone. You may be able to run the Find My App on another smartphone so you might have another way to bypass a locked screen.

This is a very simple way to use iCloud. To access the website, you will need another device, such as an iOS one or a secondhand smartphone. You will also need data backup options to protect your iPhone. Because you’ll be wiping all your preferences, not just your iPhone password, with this method,

Let’s get started by following these steps.

Start by opening Find My on your unlocked smartphone. This app allows you to use powerful remote management tools and track the location of Apple devices associated with your phone.

Next, login to the third party app with your credentials (e.g. your Apple ID, password). To track your devices and unlock the passcode for iPhone, you will need to have access to the login.

After you have authenticated your iPhone ID password and iPhone ID, you will be redirected into a new interface that offers options to track your iPhone. Select the text “find iphone” from the menu.

You can search for your iPhone by selecting “find iPhone”. Select your iPhone (e.g. select the iPhone 12), to see some details about the device and remote management options.

Click on “erase iPhone” This will delete all files on your phone and also erase the iPhone passcode. This feature can be used to delete sensitive files or cookies from a stolen phone remotely. However, we are using these tools to get rid of the iPhone passcode now without a computer.

This is where data backup software comes in handy. Your iPhone will not save any of your personal data, including contacts and photos, once you’ve reset it. You can restore your iPhone by using a command.

You can do this without having to log in to your computer. Simply login to the cloud website with your iCloud credentials and click on the option of restoring your iPhone from a backup.

This feature is automatically backing up your data using iCloud, as long as it wasn’t turned off. Your newly unlocked iPhone will have all your files available.

Some models can be deleted using iCloud. After you confirm the option, all your files and the iPhone passcode will be deleted from your iOS device.

You can also update your iPhone with this version without having to use your computer.

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