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Why is My Ping So High All of Sudden? [Fixing Guide]

Are you experiencing high ping problems while playing Windows PC games? This troubleshooting guide is for you. This guide will help you understand why your ping is so high and how you can fix it quickly and easily.

Everyone loves to play with their friends, but a slow internet connection can ruin this most fun and enjoyable thing. You also need to have a reliable internet connection. High-ping could be the reason for game lagging. This could be due to network latency issues. This causes freezing, lagging, or other problems when playing online games.

This article will explain how to fix high-ping issues while playing online games. We also explain what ping means. For more information, please read the whole article.

What is Ping?

Ping is the latency in your network between your gaming server (or gaming device) and your gaming client. It is sometimes also known as lag. It is basically the time it takes for your machine to send and receive messages from the network servers. The ping does not just refer to networks. It also includes delay in any type of signal, which is called Ping. You can distinguish between high ping or low ping.

You might be curious what high ping and low ping actually refer to. Low ping is when the frame per second (fps) is around 20 ms. High ping is defined as a rate of around 150 ms, or slightly more. Normal ping should have a frame rate of 75-100 ms.

Here are some reasons why your ping is high:

The ideal time for a lag is when the ping goes high. High ping could indicate many things. Below are the most important ones:

  • Slow internet speeds.
  • Conflict with third-party antivirus
  • Your router may be too far away from your computer.
  • The Router type could be a problem.
  • Unnecessary devices can be connected to a single Wifi.
  • Windows connection settings not working properly
  • Graphic drivers that are out of date or not working properly.

Whatever the cause, it doesn’t matter. The best part is that the problem can be fixed. You can find many solutions to the high ping problem.

There are possible solutions to fix my high ping

These are some simple but effective ways to fix ping issues when playing online games. You don’t have to try them all. Just work your way down until the best solution works for you. Let’s now look at the solutions.

Solution 1: Use an Ethernet Cable

It is clear that an ethernet connection will be more reliable and active than WiFi. If you have high ping issues and want to play your game smoothly, an Ethernet cable will help. We recommend that both professionals and new gamers use Ethernet cable over WiFi. You simply need an Ethernet cable to connect your router with the LAN port at the back of the system.

Solution 2: Reboot your Router

Rebooting the router is an easy and effective way to increase your internet connection. You should check the signal strength at the router’s edge. If it is not, then restart it. The router can be rebooted to restore internet connectivity and improve internet speed. This will resolve higher ping issues when playing online games. There are many solutions that you can try if restarting your router fails to work.

Solution 3: Check Router and System Distance

Your router is often too far away from your system to cause high ping problems. The router placed too close to the system will result in slower internet speeds. This can lead to higher ping problems. To ensure a good internet speed, the router should be placed close to your system. After that, check your internet speed. If it doesn’t work, try another method.

Solution 4: Close Background Programs

If none of these solutions work for you, close any unnecessary programs running in the background. Unnecessary background applications and websites can slow down your internet connection. To make the internet work at its best, close any unnecessary background programs and websites. These simple steps will help you do this.

Step 1 :All together press CTRL + Shift + Esc keyboard keys.

Step 2 This will launch the Task Management.

Step 3 Next, go to the Processes Tab.

Step 4 :Now, select the unnecessary applications that you want to close and then click on the End taskoption.

Step 5 After you are done, reboot the computer.

Check to make sure that high ping is resolved. Don’t panic if the problem persists. You can use the advanced methods below.

Solution 5: Update Graphics Drivers

Gaming issues such as high-ping and frequent crashes can be caused by outdated graphics drivers. It is important to keep your graphics drivers up-to-date. You can either do this manually or automatically. Manually updating drivers can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for those with limited technical skills. Many users turn to the best driver tool Bit Driver Updater for help in updating outdated drivers automatically.

Bit Driver Updater, a worldwide recognized program, can instantly replace any missing or broken drivers with the most current versions. This driver updater can also resolve many Windows-related problems, such as BSOD, frequent system crashes, security patches, and other issues.

This software comes with an integrated system optimizer tool. It can clean out all junk and restore your computer’s performance. Here are the steps to update your graphics drivers using Bit Driver Updater.

Step 1 : Download the Bit driver updater to your computer. Click the button below to download it for free.

Step 2 Next, double-click the saved file. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software on your system.

Step 3 After that, open Bit Driver Updater. Wait until it finishes scanning to identify outdated or faulty drivers.

Step 4 – It lists all drivers that need to be updated. After reviewing the list, click on the update now button next to any problematic graphics drivers.

Step 5 You can also click on the Update All button and perform driver updates for all broken or outdated drivers in a single click.

Keep in mind that Bit Driver Updater’s pro version does not allow you to access the one-click driver updates. The pro version of Bit Driver Updater will allow you to access advanced features such as scan scheduler, 24/7 technical assistance, backup & restoration, and automatic updates. This driver updater utility is different from others. It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Important: To improve your gaming experience, it is important to keep your network adapter drivers in top condition.

Solution 6: Decrease Number of Devices Linked to Single WiFi

This could be the reason your ping is so high. It can slow down internet speeds if there are too many devices connected to a single Wifi. To fix high-ping issues on Windows, PS4 and Xbox, remove any additional devices that are tagged with Wifi.

Solution 7: Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Program

High ping can sometimes be caused by antivirus software or firewall software. High ping can be caused by these programs, which can prevent you from accessing certain online games. You should verify that your antivirus software does not exclude online games. It would be a good idea to temporarily disable antivirus software on your computer.

Solution 8: Use Correct Router Type

Why is my ping so high suddenly? This question can be answered by the router type. There are two types of routers: Wired router and wireless router. A wireless router is slower and less secure than a wired one. If possible, use a wired router to resolve ping issues.

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Wrapping Up: Why is My Ping So High All of Sudden

The solutions suggested above are the most appropriate and easiest ways to fix ping problems. These solutions will allow you to reduce your ping time by adjusting it in a matter of minutes. Follow these steps until you get rid of the high-ping problem.

Let us know in the comments what solution you found. You can also leave suggestions or questions in the comments.

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