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Samsung A12 Camera Settings & Quality

Samsung A12 digital digicam quality? Samsung A12 digital digicam settings? How to apply Samsung Galaxy A12 digital digicam?

In this post, we are able to be displaying you the Samsung A12 digital digicam placing you could use to take the first-class shot at the Samsung galaxy phone. But earlier than then, let’s have a take a observe the Samsung Galaxy A12 digital digicam capabilities and their quality.

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1 Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Features

2 Samsung A12 Best Camera Settings

three Settings

three.1 Shooting Methods:

four Auto HDR

four.1 Flash Light

four.2 Self Timer

four.three Camera Effects

five Wide attitude

6 Camera mode

7 Switch cameras

Samsung Galaxy A12 Camera Features

The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with triple rear cameras that include forty eight MP, f/2.0, 26mm (extensive), AF + five MP, f/2.2, 123˚ (ultrawide) + 2 MP, f/2.four, (macro) and ultimately is every other 2 MP, f/2.four, (depth). The tool digital digicam can shoot 1080p@30fps films and it has an eight MP, f/2.2 the front digital digicam, and different sweets as well.

The fundamental digital digicam will seize quality pics quality. The five MP attitude extensive digital digicam is stated to seize a 123-diploma area of view. The different 2 MP digital digicam that is referred to as macro is used for close-ups with a topic distance withinside the three.5cm range. The eight MP selfies digital digicam has a 25mm equal focal period and has an f/2.2 aperture.

There is a zoom manage shot however no telephoto lens however with gift zoom tiers of as much as 2x, 4x, and 10x. You gets the view icon with the settings cogwheel placed withinside the higher left nook of the screen. Both the video resolution, grid lines, area data, is to be had proper withinside the menu.

Samsung A12 Best Camera Settings

Having visible a number of the Samsung A12 digital digicam quality, we are able to then be searching on the tool digital digicam settings that you could use to get the first-class while taking pics or recording films as well.


1: From your tool domestic screen, faucet the Camera icon or swipe up from the middle of the show then faucet Camera.

Here you’ll see the subsequent alternatives:




Camera effects


Camera mode

Switch cameras


Step 1: To get admission to the settings, faucet on Settings.

Step 2: Select an option:

Shooting Methods


Shooting Methods:

Step 1: Tap Shooting methods.

Step 2: Tap Press Volume key to then choose an option (e.g Take a imagegraph or file video, Zoom, etc.).

Step three: Tap the subsequent alternatives to show on  or off :

Floating Shutter button

Show palm

Auto HDR

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it combines pics or films taken at exceptional exposures for one gold standard image or video.

To flip it on or off faucet the Auto HDR transfer.

Flash Light

To activate or off the flash while taking pictures,

Step 1: Tap the Flash icon.

Step 2: Now choose an option:




Self Timer

Step 1: Tap the Self-timer icon.

Step 2: Select an option:


2 secs

five secs

10 secs

Camera Effects

On the digital digicam effects, you could upload the subsequent settings.

Step 1: Tap the Effects icon.

Step 2: Swipe left to select a preset effect (e.g., Warm, Cool, Lolli, etc.)

Wide attitude

As for this placing:

Tap the Wide attitude icon to alternate among Ultra extensiveattitude and Wide-attitude

Camera mode

On the digital digicam mode, you could

swipe left or proper to choose an option:

Live Focus

Photo: Capture a imagegraph.

Video: Capture video.

Pro: Manually alter the ISO sensitivity, white balance, and shadeation tone.

Panorama: Tap the Camera button then pan slowly in a single direction.

Macro: Used to seize snap shots up close (threefive cm away).

Food: Optimizes snap shots taken of food

Switch cameras

To transfer among the the front and rear cameras, faucet the Camera Facing icon switch_cameras_icon

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