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How To Find And Use Robocopy GUI For Windows

Robocopy or Robust File Copy is a document and listing copying device on Windows. It can reproduction documents domestically and over the community. To use it, you want to stir up your command spark off and kind instructions for sporting out copying and transferring jobs.

However, lots of us like a point-and-click on approach. To make Robocopy user-pleasant, there are numerous Robocopy GUI (Graphical User Interface) gear to be had that don’t require you to keep in mind and kind Robocopy scripts on a boring, black command spark off screen.

This Robocopy manual will assist you on a way to use Robocopy on command spark off and additionally listing the nice loose Robocopy GUI gear that make the copying method tons easier.

What Is The Robocopy Copy Command?

Robocopy is a command-line device for copying/transferring documents over the community and at the equal pc. Microsoft stored it as a third-celebration device until Windows XP. However, from Windows Vista, Robocopy have become a Windows feature. 

Some might ask: Who desires a specialised copying command or device if you have the 

conventional reproduction-paste device to be had on Windows?

The widespread copying choice on Windows is right sufficient for small jobs like copying a document from one folder to some other or from one pc to some other, however it lacks the superior alternatives you want to take complete manage of the copying/transferring tasks.

  • With Robocopy you could reproduction documents over a community with out disturbing approximately community disruptions due to the fact it could routinely resume from the equal document whilst the relationship establishes again.
  • Robocopy helps you to reproduction the attributes of the documents and folders like date and time stamps, protection information (permissions, auditing, owners), and others.
  • It can replace folders withinside the vacation spot folder from the supply folder via way of means of skipping the already copied documents and updating best the ones which can be modified.
  • It additionally helps you to use multithreading in which it transfers a couple of documents on the equal time for dashing up the copying activity.

How To Use Robocopy On Command Prompt?

To apply it to your Windows 7, eight, 10, and eleven pc, open command spark off, and use the underneath Robocopy syntax:

To assist you recognize what an average Robocopy script appears like, allow’s run a robocopy command for copying a document ‘FB31.txt’ from ‘C:Social Media’ to a percentage folder at the community ‘MarketingFB’ with multi-threading ‘/MT’ and duplicate all of the document information ‘/copyall’ switches.

Switch Meaning

  • S Copy subfolders aside from empty ones
  • E Copy subfolders along with empty folders
  • B Copy documents in backup mode
  • COPY:[DATSOU] Copy the attributes of the document along with date and time stamp and 
  • protection information
  • COPYALL Copy all document information
  • NOCOPY Don’t reproduction any document information
  • MIR Mirror a folder and its subfolders
  • MOV Move documents after which delete them from the supply folder
  • MOVE Move documents and folders and delete them from the supply

To discover the whole listing of alternatives and switches, carry out those steps:

  • Click Start, kind cmd, and click on ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Go to Robocopy assist via way of means of typing robocopy /? and think about the 

Robocopy switches listing. 

Free Robocopy GUI Tools And Alternatives For Windows 7, eight, 10, And eleven

  • Microsoft Robocopy GUI
  • Easy Copy (ChoEasyCopy)
  • RoboMirror
  • WinRoboCopy
  • Microsoft RichCopy

1. Microsoft Robocopy GUI

Robocopy GUI for Windows Vista, 7, eight, 10, and eleven

Robocopy GUI is a loose, light-weight device that plays features equal to the Robocopy command-line with an easy-to-use interface. You can carry out Robocopy GUI down load from Microsoft. The real down load hyperlink from Microsoft offers the 404 error. This hyperlink is thru the Way Back Machine.

Download .NET Framework 2.0.X For Robocopy GUI

Robocopy GUI doesn’t run with out the .NET Framework 2.0.5. You can without problems deployation it from the Control Panel. Follow those steps:

  • Click Start, kind ‘Control Panel’, and click on the app.
  • Click the drop-down menu subsequent to ‘View via way of means of’ and pick out ‘Large icons’.
  • Select ‘Program and Features’ from the listing of Control Panel items.
  • From the aspect panel, choose ‘Turn Windows capabilities on or off’.

Using Robocopy GUI

  • After the set up of Robocopy GUI, run it via way of means of clicking Start, typing ‘Robocopy GUI’, and clicking the app.
  • Enter the Source and Destination paths. You can pick out them via way of means of clicking the 3 dots buttons subsequent to every one in every of them. 
  • By going to the ‘Copy Options’ tab, pick out the Robocopy switches you need to apply for the copying method. Hover your mouse cursor over any transfer to study its characteristic.
  • Perform the equal for ‘Drive Mapping’, ‘Filters’, ‘Logging’, and ‘Monitoring Options’.
  • When done, click on ‘Run’ to begin the method.
  • To study greater approximately Robocopy GUI, click on ‘Help’ from the menu bar and pick out ‘Robocopy Users Guide’.

A drawback to Robocopy GUI is that it’s a totally antique device. If you want packages which can be recent, observe different alternatives at the listing.

2. Easy Copy (ChoEasyCopy)

Cho EasyCopy is a loose open-supply device that you could use as Robocopy GUI. Its layout is higher than maximum at the listing and the alternatives are proven with their complete characteristic. You don’t want to hover your mouse cursor over every choice to study what it does.

Moreover, it runs at the newer .NET Framework so that you don’t must down load older variations of .NET Framework for it. Download Easy Copy from GitHub release.

3. RoboMirror

RoborMirror works on .Net Framework 4.0+ and affords a easy interface for sporting out document/folder mirroring tasks. You can click on ‘Add challenge’ to pick out the supply and vacation spot paths for mirroring. Select the alternatives you need to apply and click on OK. You can down load RoboMirror from SourceForge.

A downside of the usage of RoboMirror is that it doesn’t display all of the Robocopy switches. You must manually input the switches.

4. WinRoboCopy

Another beneficial Robocopy GUI software program is WinRoboCopy. Its interface appears a piece messy, however upon spending some minutes, you’ll discover it very handy and robust.

Create a couple of jobs for mirroring via way of means of choosing the supply and vacation spot paths and choosing alternatives. It indicates the listing of switches and in case you need to peer their details, click on the ‘+’ button. You can export a activity as a cmd document on it as well. Download WinRoboCopy from its legitimate site.

5. Microsoft RichCopy

This is the successor of Robocopy GUI and it become advanced some years after Robocopy GUI. It’s richer in capabilities than its predecessor however it has difficult opposition from Easy Copy and WinRoboCopy.

However, we adore its easy interface and it’s greater user-pleasant than the stated alternatives. You can begin the copying method via way of means of selecting the supply and vacation spot.

For superior alternatives, click on ‘Options’ to discover a bunch of switches for greater manage over the method.

Options home windows on RichCopy

You can carry out RichCopy down load from Way Back Machine. If the hyperlink is expired, seek on Google ‘down load Richcopy’.

Robocopy Vs XCopy For Copying Files

Before Robocopy, Microsoft furnished XCopy for copying/transferring documents over the community. As Robocopy is an development of XCopy, and Microsoft maintains updating it, it’s the higher of the .

How is it higher? Because the Robocopy command-line has many capabilities that XCopy doesn’t have.

  • Robocopy makes use of mirroring even as XCopy doesn’t. This permits Robocopy to sync/replace documents with out copying all of the documents each time. 
  • Robocopy has automation settings while XCopy doesn’t have them. With automation, you could time table the copying method.
  • You also can discover tracking assist for Robocopy. This means, if the tracking command is used, it’ll display documents for adjustments and replace them whilst they’re changed. 


Robocopy is a effective device that permits you to replicate or flow documents over the community. You can use the command spark off on Windows to run its command or down load a Robocopy GUI to carry out the characteristic with some clicks. 


How To Use Robocopy?

To use Robocopy, open command spark off, and use this syntax to replicate documents: robocopy   [[ …]] [].  is the supply path.  is the vacation spot path.  is for which document to be copied. And  specifies the reproduction alternatives. You can get right of entry to alternatives via way of means of typing robocopy /? at the command spark off.

How To Add A Graphical User Interface (GUI) To The Microsoft Robocopy?

You can down load a Robocopy Graphical User Interface device in case you don’t need to kind instructions at the command spark off. Search on Google ‘Richcopy down load’ for downloading the loose Microsoft GUI for Robocopy. 

How To Use Robocopy To Transfer Files Super-Fast Over The Network On Windows 10?

To switch documents among  Windows 10 computer systems at the equal community, firstly, installation the supply pc. Navigate to File Explorer > right-click on the folder to be shared > Properties > Sharing > Share > Add ‘Everyone’ > Choose the Permission Level > Share.

After this, use the vacation spot pc to open command spark off and kind the Robocopy command on this syntax:

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