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How to quit or completely remove Desktop Goose on a Mac

He may seem adorable at first, however the Desktop Goose can without a doubt get in your nerves after a while. He tracks footprints throughout your display screen, clutters your computing device with silly GIFs, and runs off together along with your cursor whilst he’s upset.

The genuine approach to cease or cast off the goose has modified more than one times. But in case you’re bored stiff with that honking menace, you could discover a way to cease or cast off Desktop Goose out of your Mac below.

What Is Desktop Goose?

Desktop Goose dragging a meme onto the display screen

Desktop Goose brings you notes of his thoughts.

In case you don’t realize wherein it got here from, Desktop Goose is a stupid little app made 

with the aid of using an indie developer referred to as Samperson. 

The complete app includes a cool animated film goose that waddles throughout your Mac display screen entering into trouble

We all realize ducks are a pain, and the Desktop Goose isn’t anyt any exception. It tracks dust throughout your display screen and drags memes onto your computing device. When you shut up the memes, the goose grabs your cursor and waddles away with it.

If left running, Desktop Goose has been regarded to open sufficient memes to make even the maximum effective MacBook Pro crash. While endearing at first, the goose speedy will become an annoyance.

Is Desktop Goose a Computer Virus?

Nefarious because the goose is, it isn’t a pc virus. You can most effective get Desktop Goose in your Mac in case you or a person else selected to put in it. And it’s clean to cease or cast off Desktop Goose out of your Mac as soon as you recognize how.

There’s no purpose to consider the goose collects statistics or installs malware in your Mac. It appears definitely safe, regardless of how irritating it is able to be.

Desktop full of memes from Desktop Goose

Desktop Goose has no scarcity of memes to expose you.

How to cease Desktop Goose in your Mac

After gambling round with the Desktop Goose for a bit while, you is probably alarmed to discover you could’t cease it like different apps. This is due to the fact the Desktop Goose doesn’t stay interior a window that you could close, like different apps. It additionally doesn’t display up at the dock, withinside the menu bar, or withinside the assignment manager.

Have no fear, there are nevertheless a couple of methods to cease Desktop Goose in your Mac.

1. Open the Desktop Goose app a 2nd time

The most effective manner to cease Desktop Goose in your Mac is to open the app a 2nd time. With in advance variations of Desktop Goose, this opened a couple of ducks in your computing device, however now it opens a options window for the app rather.

If you could’t discover it, search for the Desktop Goose app on your Applications or Downloads folders. Failing that, look for it the usage of Spotlight (Cmd + Space).

From those options, click on the button to Quit Desktop Goose.

Desktop Goose settings with Quit Desktop Goose button

Find the Quit Desktop Goose button withinside the bottom-left nook of the settings.

2. Use a Terminal command

When you could’t discover the Desktop Goose app to open once more, you could nevertheless kill the goose the usage of Terminal. Just ensure you kind the command precisely as we’ve written it below.

Open Terminal from the Utilities folder on your Applications. Then kind the subsequent command and press Enter to cease Desktop Goose in your Mac: killall “Desktop Goose”

Killall Desktop Goose Terminal Command

He can also additionally honk in protest, however Terminal is an powerful manner to kill the goose.

3. Open the cease document withinside the down load folder

If you hooked up an older model of Desktop Goose in your Mac, you want to discover a document referred to as Open me to Quit Desktop Goose withinside the down load folder you bought Desktop Goose from.

If you could’t discover the authentic folder, look for Desktop Goose the usage of Spotlight (Cmd + Space) or down load it once more from the Samperson website. You don’t want to pay once more.

Open Me to Quit Desktop Goose app

You ought to see an app designed to cease Desktop Goose withinside the folder it got here from.

There’s a danger your Mac won’t assist you to open this document even though you could discover it. Should that be the case, control-click on and choose Open from the pop-up menu rather to skip your Mac’s security. Otherwise, visit System Preferences > Security & Privacy and pick to Open Anyway.

How to cast off Desktop Goose in your Mac

It final down the Desktop Goose isn’t sufficient to make you sense at ease, you could uninstall it as well. When you do this, it completely gets rid of Desktop Goose out of your Mac, so that you by no means want to fear approximately it once more.

To uninstall any app in your Mac—Desktop Goose included—all you want to do is drag the software to the Trash. Find the Desktop Goose app on your Downloads or Applications folder, then drag it to the Trash to uninstall.

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