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How To Track An Android Phone Without Google Account: 6 Best Ways

If there’s some thing no person could ever need to revel in of their lifetime, it’s miles dropping their treasured cellular tool. However, it’s miles pretty not unusualplace to misplace your telecellsmartphone. Maybe you forgot it at the charge counter of the grocery keep you closing visited, or you watched it to be stolen withinside the crowded marketplace. 

Fortunately, it’s miles viable to song the one that you love misplaced telecellsmartphone for anything reason. If you’re questioning what to do in case you don’t have a Google account, don’t worry! Here’s the way to song an android telecellsmartphone with out google account. So, let’s start. 

5. Things To Do If You Lose Your Android Phone

Before attempting any technical manner to song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account, you ought to strive a few different matters to keep away from disastrous or heartbreaking consequences. These are:

  • Remotely Lock Or Wipe Your Phone
  • Change Password For Essential Services
  • Call Your Bank
  • Contact Your Mobile Phone Operator
  • File A Police Complaint

1. Remotely Lock Or Wipe Your Phone

If you’re 100% positive that the telecellsmartphone is stolen, remotely locking or wiping your telecellsmartphone ought to be your first step. For securing your Android telecellsmartphone, observe those steps. 

  • Go to the Find my Device internet site or app. 
  • Select the Secure Device choice.
  • Type the brand new password which you need to set.
  • Click on Next.
  • To set a lock, observe the commands supplied at the display.

In case you’ve got got determined to wipe your telecellsmartphone, observe those steps to do so. 

  • On the Find my Device app or site, pick Erase Device.
  • To continue, pick the Erase Device choice once more on the following display. 
  • Sign in in your Google account to authenticate it.
  • Once this verification is completed, Find my Device will delete all of your telecellsmartphone information. If it’s miles offline, the information could be eliminated as quickly as it’s miles related to cell information or a Wi-Fi connection. 

Important Tip: Be conscious that locating my Device can’t be used to song the cellular telecellsmartphone’s place the usage of the provider after you put off the information. 

2. Change Password For Essential Services

Banking apps that switch bills for your telecellsmartphone are secured with the aid of using bio authentication verification and PIN. But it isn’t the identical together along with your email, purchasing accounts, and numerous different applications. They all lack this protection layer. 

Therefore, you ought to alternate the passwords of all of your critical offerings stored for your Android tool. These encompass the entirety you often use for your telephones, which include all purchasing sites, emails, password manager, on line banking, etc., in order that there’s no unauthorized get right of entry to or use. 

3. Call Your Bank

Though unauthorized get right of entry to in your banking apps is not possible because of biometric authentication and PIN-primarily based totally protection, you would possibly have stored your economic credentials on cloud offerings or emails in a few cases. 

In this sort of state of affairs, the most secure aspect is to dam your playing cards and financial institution account quickly with the aid of using alerting the involved financial institution.

Also, you could block UPI and cellular pockets offerings. You can touch the assist table of the provider provider. 

Lastly, you ought to block your SIM card straight away, so there’s no hazard of resetting the passwords of economic apps. 

4. Contact Your Mobile Phone Operator

You ought to straight away touch your cellular telecellsmartphone operator. You can ask them to straight away block your SIM so no economic transactions may be made with the assist of OTP. They also can lock the telecellsmartphone provider when you have already paid.

5. File A Police Complaint

If you’re sure your telecellsmartphone has been stolen, you ought to straight away record a police complaint. It will assist you in case any fraudulent sports arise or if it’s been used for any crook sports after being stolen.

Also, in case you need to assert the insurance, the organisation calls for a police complaint.

It is constantly higher to be organized for the worst if something such occurs to you. 

How To Track An Android Phone Without Google Account?

Tracking a misplaced Android telecellsmartphone the usage of your Google account is the perfect hotel as Android is an working device with the aid of using Google itself. But what in case you don’t have a Google account withinside the first place? Don’t worry! We have were given your back. 

Following are the first-class and examined approaches to song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account. 

  • Through Your Phone’s Manufacturer
  • Track Your Phone Through Your Wireless Carrier
  • Ping Your Android Device
  • Through The Phone’s IMEI Number
  • Use Find My Mobile (Only For A Samsung Phone) 
  • Use A Third-Party Ap
  • How To Use Dropbox To Track An Android Phone? 

1. Through Your Phone’s Manufacturer

There is a monitoring software established on maximum Android telephones. It allows you resultseasily song your lacking handset the usage of its cutting-edge place. For example, Samsung gadgets characteristic a integrated choice referred to as Find My Mobile. It is similar to the Find My Device on Google. 

You can without problems song your misplaced or stolen telecellsmartphone with Find My Mobile. However, there’s a catch. You ought to have enabled this placing for your tool. Otherwise, it is going to be of no use. 

Hence, constantly ensure Find My Device is became on. It will assist you perceive your telecellsmartphone’s closing place and different handy capabilities. 

2. Track Your Phone Through Your Wireless Carrier

Several wi-fi vendors additionally assist your telecellsmartphone’s place with the aid of using directing you to the Find My Device. In case your telecellsmartphone is stolen or misplaced, and there’s no manner you could have it back, you could file it as lacking or stolen with the assist of web sites or apps of wi-fi vendors.

There is likewise the characteristic of locking it or erasing your telecellsmartphone. 

3. Ping Your Android Device

This ought to be your first hack to locate your telecellsmartphone whilst you lose or can’t get right of entry to it. Although it won’t paintings if it’s miles stolen, there’s no damage in attempting. 

Ping your telecellsmartphone or play a valid with the assist of Find My Device. If it’s miles near, you could observe the course from in which the sound is coming and get it back.  

If it’s miles far, this selection can even are available in available for you. When your tool rings, a person can choose out it up and inform you their place so that you can accumulate it.  

4. Through The Phone’s IMEI Number

Another manner to song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account is thru its IMEI quantity. However, you ought to deployation the IMEI monitoring app to apply it for monitoring your misplaced/stolen telecellsmartphone. 

But nonetheless, we are able to suggest you to hold it your closing choice. The first-class one remains Google’s Find My Device.

The IMEI quantity includes 15 precise digits. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. You can get right of entry to your tool’s IMEI quantity from the telecellsmartphone name app for your telecellsmartphone with the aid of using dialing a unique collection of numbers. 

Tip: Note down the IMEI quantity of your telecellsmartphone someplace safely. 

If you ever misplaced your telecellsmartphone, this quantity allow you to song it. Report this quantity to the authorities, and you could block it in order that no person else can sign up the telecellsmartphone withinside the future. 

5. Use Find My Mobile (Only For A Samsung Phone) 

This technique is handiest supposed for Samsung users. To find your telecellsmartphone, open the Find My Mobile internet site on any internet browser. For this, the settings ought to be activated. 

Next, observe those steps. 

  • Log in in your Samsung Account.
  • A listing of all gadgets you’ve got got activated the Find My Device will seem at the display.
  • If it is able to stumble on your telecellsmartphone’s place, it’s going to seem at the map.
  • You also can see the cutting-edge status, community connectivity, and battery life. 

Remember that this can handiest paintings if the telecellsmartphone is ON and related to the net. Hence, strive those steps as quickly as you understand your telecellsmartphone isn’t with you to have extra opportunity of monitoring.

6. Use A Third-Party App

We consider that Google’s gear is probably sufficient for monitoring your Android telecellsmartphone. However, there’s constantly an choice for third-celebration apps. They offer extra protection and also can assist locate the telecellsmartphone quickly, courtesy in their superior capabilities. 

Some of the first-class third-celebration gear for monitoring an Android telecellsmartphone are:

  1. Cerberus

Cerberus is one of the first-class apps for monitoring your tool with numerous faraway manage options. Following are a number of the capabilities provided with the aid of using this device. 

  1. Track misplaced or stolen gadgets.
  2. Record audio or video of someone secretly.
  3. Capture a hidden photo. 
  4. Trigger a protection alarm.
  5. Wipe your whole telecellsmartphone information to save you unauthorized get right of entry to. 

You also can disguise this software for your telecellsmartphone, making it tougher for an unknown man or woman to find its presence. 

The flashable ZIP documents can deployation this when you have rooted your Android telecellsmartphone. And hence, despite the fact that any stranger manufacturing unit reset your telecellsmartphone, Cerberus will nonetheless be established for your telecellsmartphone. And you could then song it.

  1. Android Lost

Android Lost could be very a good deal just like Cerberus. It additionally comes geared up with a huge variety of faraway manage options. Tracking your Android telecellsmartphone additionally helps you to wipe out its saved information and take hidden pix of the thief. 

Interestingly, Android Lost is evolved with the aid of using an engineer in preference to a developer. And that is additionally one of the motives in the back of the simple look of the internet site. 

Despite this, it features substantially and fulfills all its claims. The set up procedure isn’t hard at all. Just down load it from the Google Play Store. Then, open the app and offer the administrator permissions.

Therefore, in case you misplaced your telecellsmartphone, open the internet site, log in with the Google account you operate for your telecellsmartphone, and begin the usage of its capabilities.

  1. Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft is in particular recognised for its robbery device that may be used for each telephones and laptops. Another splendid aspect approximately that is that you could join 3 gadgets concurrently with it for monitoring, all with its loose account.

It gives simple capabilities, which include tool monitoring, scanning close by net connections for higher performance, faraway photo capture, etc. 

One predicament of Prey Anti-Theft is that it doesn’t have superior capabilities like the sooner mentioned gear. 

  1. Life360

Life360 is in particular used for sharing the place with others. Hence in case, you lose your tool, you could take a look at its place with the aid of using monitoring it. It turned into launched in 2008 as a own circle of relatives social networking app. 

Follow those steps to apply this app. 

  1. Install Life360 for your telecellsmartphone.
  2. Create your circle, inviting handiest own circle of relatives participants. 
  3. Choose the plans first-class applicable for you and your own circle of relatives.
  4. The procedure is completed, and you could take a look at the place of your circle.

Other than monitoring locations, it additionally gives the subsequent capabilities. 

  1. You’ll get notifications every time your circle participants go away your maximum visited places. 
  2. You can get the guidelines to any circle member with the aid of using tapping on their images. 
  3. You can see the sports of your motive force in the back of your back.
  4. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid additionally affords the subsequent capabilities in conjunction with the monitoring characteristic. 

  1. You can lock your tool from everywhere in order that every body leaks no non-public information.
  2. It routinely reacts to any ability risk after detecting it. 
  3. It additionally receives the place of your telecellsmartphone on low power.
  4. You can take pix with the digital digicam despite the fact that the telecellsmartphone is locked. 
  5. It turns on numerous capabilities as soon as the telecellsmartphone is out of a restricted area. 

You can use the device for loose. But in case you need a few extra superior capabilities, then we are able to endorse its Elite version.

7. How To Use Dropbox To Track An Android Phone? 

Yes, Dropbox also can be used to song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account. This technique ought to be the closing method to locating your telecellsmartphone after all of the above. 

But for this technique, you ought to have established Dropbox for your telecellsmartphone and became at the Camera Upload characteristic. Once enabled, if the person that has stolen your telecellsmartphone takes their pix for your telecellsmartphone, they may be uploaded to Dropbox. Hence, in the event that they have clicked a selfie, you could perceive them.

Also, you could take a look at the pix intently to look at in which he’s taking the photos.

Requirements for this technique to paintings are:

  • Your tool is attached to high-pace net.
  • The Camera Upload characteristic is activated. 
  • The different man or woman takes at the least one photo via your tool.

You also can percentage the pix on social media platforms, so if every body acknowledges the man or woman, they are able to replace you approximately the identical. This is the handiest manner you could locate your telecellsmartphone with the assist of Dropbox. 

It won’t offer you with the IP cope with of the telecellsmartphone. Hence, putting in a monitoring app is the first-class choice. Because there’s no assure that the thief will click on the photo, they may promote the telecellsmartphone to a person else. 

How To Keep Your Device Safe? 

We have mentioned all of the viable approaches to song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account. But you could strive a few approaches to hold your telecellsmartphone/tool secure withinside the first place. So it won’t be misplaced or stolen. These approaches are:

  • Enable Location Tracking 
  • Secure Your Phone With A Password
  • Keep The Internet Data Enabled
  • Back-Up Your Data By Syncing To Cloud 
  • Invest In Phones With Non-detachable Batteries

Enable Location Tracking 

You ought to constantly allow place monitoring for your tool. Only then are you able to song your telecellsmartphone in real-time with the assist of the Android Device Manager. You can get right of entry to the Android Device Manager the usage of any other telecellsmartphone and song the modern day function of your misplaced tool while it turned into related to the net closing. 

Secure Your Phone With A Password

This is obligatory these days. When you purchase a tool, set a display lock on it. You can use a PIN, password, voice recognition, face recognition, pattern, etc., for this purpose. Because then, thieves must hack your telecellsmartphone to get any information. 

And you’ll get more time for blockading the SIM or converting the passwords of your tool. 

Keep The Internet Data Enabled

A monitoring app certainly calls for the telecellsmartphone’s place to be became on. But an energetic Wi-Fi or information connection is any other vital aspect required. 

Hence, it’s miles constantly endorsed to hold your telecellsmartphone’s information on even in case you are the usage of Wi-Fi. Because withinside the absence of any net connection, the tracker won’t apprehend the place and don’t forget your telecellsmartphone long past forever. 

Even if the information consumes the battery a bit bit extra, hold it on.

Back-Up Your Data By Syncing To Cloud 

This is beneficial if you completely lose your telecellsmartphone. If you’ve got got sponsored up your information on cloud storage, you could without problems get better it from there. Nothing vital information of yours could be misplaced. Hence, constantly backup your vital information with the aid of using syncing it to the cloud. 

Invest In Phones With Non-Removable Batteries

If your telecellsmartphone has a detachable battery and the thief has eliminated it, it’s miles not possible to song it. Therefore, constantly put money into telephones with non-detachable batteries. It ought to now no longer be hard as maximum telephones these days don’t include a detachable battery.


So, right here you go. These have been all of the approaches via which you could song an Android telecellsmartphone with out a Google account. We desire to have solved your hassle with this article. 

Still, the usage of a Google account for monitoring is the most secure and least complicated manner. Hence, it ought to be your first preference. But we apprehend there are instances whilst you may not have a Google account, and for a state of affairs like this, we got here up with this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Track An Android Phone?

You can song an Android telecellsmartphone with the assist of a Google account or the Find My Device internet site. If none of that is an choice, strive the third-celebration gear for monitoring your telecellsmartphone’s place.

How To Track A Samsung Device?

You can song your Samsung tool the usage of the integrated Find My Mobile placing. For this, you want to log in the usage of your Samsung account. You also can strive the usage of a third-celebration device for the purpose.  

Can I Use Find My Device Without A Google Account?

Yes, you could constantly locate your tool with out a Google account. You can strive Find My Device, Dropbox, or a third-celebration device for this purpose. And take the assist of the above content material for similarly information

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