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5 Tarot Cards Truths Every Reader Should Know

Tarot cards and Tarot reading have been the subject of several urban legends. Some of these misconceptions originate in Hollywood and other media exaggerations, such as the picture of the velvet-clad Tarot reader. Some are prompted by erroneous interpretations of sacred texts. Some of them are even accepted by Tarot readers. It is my intention to correct the record today.

Tarot Reading Requires No Psychic Abilities

Are you interested in a little secret? I can’t claim to be a super psychic. Yet I feel at ease when reading the Tarot and like assisting others in doing so as well. The reality is that anybody can learn to read Tarot cards. That includes you. All that’s required is that you accept the advice of your gut. Tarot may help you hone your innate intuitive faculties, something we are all capable of doing. The greater your receptivity to the cards’ messages, the more insight you’ll gain about yourself, others, and the world.

The Devil did not create Tarot.

Tarot is not the devil’s business or wicked, despite what some individuals may tell you. These are coming out from tarot card printer. Actually, it has nothing to do with the devil. Using Tarot cards may help you get in touch with your higher self and inner wisdom. There’s nothing sinister about using Tarot cards, which I consider as a reflection of one’s inner self. No longer persuaded? Read my article “Are Tarot Cards Evil and the Work of the Devil?” if you’re interested.

None of the Tarot Cards Are Unlucky

A lot of individuals avoid Tarot readings for fear of obtaining a “bad card,” which is why the practise has a negative reputation. However, in reality, the Tarot deck contains no “bad” cards. The Death and Devil cards, for instance, aren’t strictly “bad,” despite their unsettling appearance and name. Usually, when the Death card appears in a reading, it means that one chapter of your life is closing and a new one is starting.

While the image of two humans tied to a horned beast may not inspire feelings of love, happiness, or success, the Devil card may help you learn the difference between attachment and detachment, as well as the areas of your life over which you have the most power. Even while it may seem like you have no say in the matter, you really do have the ability to alter key factors. So, you see, even though they seem scary, tarot cards frequently herald positive messages and serve as catalysts for positive transformation.

The Future Is in Your Hands, Thanks to Tarot

It would be great if Tarot cards could tell us when we’ll win the jackpot or meet the love of our life, but unfortunately, that’s not how it works. It has much more practical applications. Tarot readings provide insight into the here-and-now, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments immediately. By doing so, you may make your hopes and aspirations a reality in the years to come. Tarot readings aren’t about predicting the future; rather, they’re about helping you rediscover your own power so you can make it happen. That’s really awesome!

You Can Learn To Read Tarot Cards Without Spending Years In Training.

You don’t need to spend decades learning Tarot, despite what some self-proclaimed “experts” would tell you. I think it’s important for you to learn to read Tarot cards from the very beginning. Learning is most effective when it is applied. You may kick things off with a daily card draw while you get the hang of things. If you read your cards every day, eventually you will understand their significance. Putting your own spin on the cards strengthens the bond you form with them and makes it simpler to access your intuition.

Having a book handy while doing so is not required, but is encouraged if it helps you. Don’t worry about cramming in definitions and explanations before you start reading. Even though it may be nerve-wracking to do so, you shouldn’t wait until your Tarot reading abilities are “perfect” before offering your services to the public. The best way to learn Tarot is to provide free readings, like those offered in the Biddy Tarot Community.

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