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Adobe Photoshop scratch disks are full (Windows and Mac)

In addition, comparable mistakes like “Unable to finish your order due to the fact scratch disks are complete” additionally annoy customers whilst they are attempting to do a little form of enhancing in Photoshop.

So, in this text I will introduce you what’s a scratch disk and the way to remedy Photoshop prevent operating blunders due to the fact scratch disk on Mac computer systems is complete. Here, I actually have written 6 answers that may remedy this hassle permanently.

Why does Photoshop display scratch disks complete?

What is a scratch disk? A scratch disk on Mac and Windows computer systems is the difficult disk utilized by Photoshop as a digital garage reminiscence for brief documents whilst the laptop does now no longer have sufficient RAM for brief documents. When establishing huge documents or huge initiatives in Photoshop, there can be a huge range of brief documents. When the RAM and scratch disk run out of area for Photoshop’s brief documents , the “scratch disks are complete” blunders will begin popping up.

Some human beings likely observe that Photoshop presentations a scratch disk complete blunders even if there’s nevertheless loose area at the laptop. That’s due to the fact now no longer all to be had area in your difficult power is used for the Photoshop scratch disk.

To solve the Photoshop scratch disk is complete blunders on Mac, there are  forms of major answers: one is to clean the scratch disk to loose up area, the alternative is to make greater area for the Photoshop scratch disk . Next, I will give an explanation for the particular answers to solve the mistake.

Clear Photoshop Cache

Some customers have located that clearing Photoshop cache enables to restore scratch disk complete blunders. Photoshop permits you to delete cache statistics from the “Edit” menu.

Step 1. In Photoshop, click “Edit” > “Discard”

Step 2. There are 4 forms of caches you may do away with

Step 3. Select one of the caches (Undo, Clipboard, History) to do away with it. Or click “All” to clean Photoshop cache.

If Photoshop can’t begin due to the fact the scratch disks are complete, you may additionally clean the Photoshop cache with a expert cleansing device.

If you’re the use of Photoshop on a Mac, Macube Cleaner

Delete brief documents

Photoshop can create lots of brief documents on Windows or Mac which may be the perpetrator why scratch disks are complete. You can manually delete Photoshop’s brief documents to loose up area.

#on Mac

Method 1. Open Spotlight and kind ” Photoshop Temp ” to look all brief Photoshop documents in your difficult power. Photoshop temp documents begin with ” ~PST ” or ” Photoshop Temp ” and quit with ” .tmp ” extension.

Method 2. Run Terminal, kind the command ” open /tmp ” and press ” Enter “, the brief folder will open. Now locate the Photoshop temp documents and delete them.

#on Windows

You can browse to the vicinity of Photoshop’s brief documents withinside the following path:

C: / > Users > “YourUser” > AppData > Local > Temp.

After deleting the brief documents, run Photoshop to peer if the “scratch disks are complete” blunders disappears.

Change scratch disks

Since the garage power is getting used because the scratch disk for Photoshop and is complete, you may extrade the scratch disk settings to permit Photoshop to apply greater reminiscence area. You may even extrade the scratch disk to any other garage power with greater area, or choose a couple of garage drives and configure them as scratch disks. Here I will give an explanation for to you the way to do that.

If Photoshop is presently running, cross to ” Edit ” > ” Preferences ” > ” Scratch Disks “. You will see all to be had garage drives in your laptop. Select any other garage power with greater area or test a couple of garage drives to configure them as scratch disks. Click ” OK ” to shop the extrade.

If Photoshop can’t be opened, release Photoshop and on the equal time maintain down the CMD + OPTION keys on Mac ( CTRL + ALT keys on Windows), in order to open the subsequent scratch disks choices menu. Select any other disk for the primary scratch disk or upload any other power because the second / third / fourth scratch disk. Click ” OK “. Now restart Photoshop, this system need to begin and paintings generally with out showing any mistakes.


Do now no longer use a detachable garage power as a scratch disk.

Select a quick garage power as a scratch disk to keep away from the use of the device garage power.

launch garage

If your difficult power is low on area, it is time to smooth the disk to regain greater loose area in order that Photoshop can run smoothly.

If you’ve got got a Mac, Macube Cleaner (opens new window)permit you to loose up disk area with the aid of using cleansing the subsequent documents:

Caches, Logs and System Trash

Duplicate documents and photos(opens new window)

Old and huge documents

Extensions and Plugins

Unneeded apps and app statistics

browser history

Defrag and optimize drives

People also can restore the “scratch disks are complete” blunders with the aid of using defragmenting the difficult power in Windows. If Photoshop presentations the mistake that your scratch disks are complete whilst there’s nevertheless loose area in your laptop, you may defrag your difficult disk to get contiguous, unfragmented area for Photoshop.

Windows presents a power optimization device: ” Defrag and Optimize Drives “. With this device you may effortlessly defrag your garage drives.

Increase RAM reminiscence

You can restore the “scratch disks are complete” blunders in Photoshop with the aid of using growing RAM for this system. I display the way to do that below.

Step 1: Click ” Edit ” > ” Preferences ” > ” Performance “

Step 2: Slide the controls to transport them round and growth the RAM that Photoshop can use. While you need to growth the quantity of RAM Photoshop can use, the fee need to now no longer exceed 80%.

#An extra tip:

Fix “scratch disks are complete” blunders whilst cropping an photo

If you stumble upon the “scratch disks are complete” blunders whilst cropping an photo in Photoshop, you can have entered the incorrect length and backbone values. For example, input 1080 x 1920 whilst the unit is ready to inches, in order to reason the document created with the aid of using Photoshop to be too huge, ensuing in a “scratch disks are complete” blunders.

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