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Aha! vs. Asana: What’s the Difference?

Aha! and Asana. Sounds like jibberish but it’s two of the most popular project management tools available today. They both have their strengths, so why would anyone choose one over the other? Well, that’s what we are here to find out.

Asana Software Features

Workflow Builder

The platform is designed to help teams collaborate, break down projects into smaller tasks, assign those tasks and track progress. Asana Software also provides an overview of your team’s progress and allows users to easily share files and documents within their workflow.


Asana’s Timeline view gives you a bird’s-eye view of your tasks and projects, showing how they’re progressing over time. It’s like having your project manager who knows exactly what needs to happen next.


Asana Boards are a powerful way to visualize your team’s work. With Asana, you can create a board for each project or area of focus, inviting team members to add their tasks as cards. You can also assign tasks to individuals and organize them into columns so that you can see what’s getting done, who’s doing it, and when it will be completed.


Asana’s calendar is a great way to keep track of your team’s projects and tasks. You can easily assign due dates, set up recurring events, and even set alerts for important deadlines. Asana’s calendar also helps you create new tasks from events in your personal Google Calendar or other services like Facebook and LinkedIn.

App Integrations

The Asana platform is designed to integrate with other apps and services any team uses. This makes it easier to get work done and solve problems in one place. Asana offers more than 50+ integrations, including all of your favourite productivity tools: Adobe, Slack, Google Drive and Salesforce.


Get real-time insight into progress on any stream of work. Set up alerts for when a task has been overdue for too long or completed after an expected time frame. You can also use the Asana mobile app to review all the past activities on your projects and add comments to specific tasks during meetings or while you’re on vacation.


Asana’s goal-setting feature enables teams to set a clear path for their work. Create goal boards to visualize your team’s top priorities, and share them with your team members. Then, track progress on each goal in Asana.


Use forms to gather information from your team members on tasks, projects and more. Forms are a great way to get feedback on specific action items or decisions, as well as collect data for reporting purposes.


Use automation features to change how your team works in Asana. Set up automatic reminders or automatic notifications when a task is overdue or completed. You can also use automation to trigger a workflow or send out notifications based on status changes. The possibilities are endless!


Asana Workload is a visual dashboard that helps you see how much work your team has across projects. It makes it easy to understand project status and identify work gaps.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

The desktop app for Macs and PCs offers more features than the web app, including more options for task management, like file attachments and comments on tasks. It also integrates with Microsoft Outlook so you can view your email inbox alongside your tasks in Asana.

The mobile apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms. They’re similar to their desktop counterparts in terms of functionality but have some limitations due to small screens and touch interfaces.

Aha Software Features


Aha software is a visual roadmap tool that helps you plan, prioritize, and build your product roadmap. It provides a clear view of what’s next for your product so you can stay focused on what matters most.


Let’s users visually plan their ideas using story mapping. The features also include roadmapping capabilities and release forecasting tools. The work capacity feature helps users to get an overview of the current status of all their projects. The task ranking feature helps users by providing an estimate of how much time it will take to complete each task based on historical data from past projects that were similar to the one being worked on now.

Workflow Management

Aha! has a unique workflow management system that lets you visualize all the moving parts of your product development process. You can easily track progress across teams, projects, and features.


Analytics are critical for any business to improve its performance or make better decisions. Aha! provides real-time analytics on your roadmap, plans, product portfolio and more. You can also track how your teams are progressing with their work for each feature.


Aha! helps you break down your product roadmaps into manageable steps so that you can prioritize work, collaborate with others, and track progress against your milestones.

Team Collaboration

The Aha! platform allows you to manage all of your product development in one place. You can easily assign tasks to your team members, track their progress on projects, and monitor the status of each project.


Roadmaps are a visual representation of the plan for the future. They identify the capabilities that will be delivered and when, and help align the organization around a common vision.


A timeline shows how your project’s deliverables will be developed over time. It’s an effective way to visualize the work that needs to be done, as well as any dependencies between tasks or milestones.

Asana pricing vs Aha pricing

Asana Cost                                                                                          Aha Cost

Payment Plans ranging from free (Asana Demo) to $30.49/user/month Payment Plans ranging from free (Aha Demo) to $149.00/user/month



Aha! is more of a roadmapping tool used for planning and executing on an organization’s roadmap. It lets you create product vision documents, set goals, brainstorm ideas and prioritize them according to their value to your business. It also has features like user stories that allow you to keep track of all the changes in your product development process over time. The best part about Aha! is that it’s free for up to 5 users with unlimited projects with no limits on the number or length of your projects or user stories.

Asana is a best project management software that lets an organization manage tasks, milestones etc. It lets you assign tasks to different members of your team and track their progress over time. You can also integrate Asana with other applications like Gmail, Google Calendar etc., so everything is centralized within one application instead of having multiple tabs open on your browser while working on different projects at once.

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