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How to Hyperlink in Word Documents

What to Know

  • Highlight text or an image > Right-click text to select Hyperlink or Link > Choose destination and enter information > OK
  • Next, choose Existing Page. Enter URL to link outside the document.
  • Select Location in This Document > choose the location to link within this document.

This article explains how you insert or remove a link in a Word document with Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016 and Word 2013. Word 2010 and Word Starter 2010.

In Word, insert and remove a hyperlink

How to add or delete hyperlinks in Word documents

  1. Highlight the text or image you wish to link.

  2. Right-click on the text to choose Hyperlink or Link (depending on your version of Microsoft Word).

  3. Choose the destination that you wish to link to and then complete the information.

    • Select An Existing File or Web Page. Next, click on the Addresstextbox and then type a URL.
    • Select Place In This Document and then choose a location in the document.
    • Select Create a New Document. Next, click on the Name a New Document text box and then enter the name for a new file. To change the folder, you can select Edit if necessary. You can choose to edit the document now, or later in the How to edit section.
    • Select Email Address. Next, click the textbox and enter the email address to which you wish readers to send emails. Type the subject in the Subjecttext field.
  5. Select OK.

  6. Now, the text appears as a hyperlink within the document.

  7. To remove a link, right-click on the link text and choose Remove Hyperlink.

Use the right kind of hyperlink

There are many types of hyperlinks. You can choose the one that directs your readers to the most useful information to complement your document.

Hyperlinks to existing files or pages

This option opens a file or website when you select it. If you write an article about your trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, include a link to the National Park Service section so that readers can find the relevant information quickly.

Another example is if you write an article on the National Park Service. The document can be made available to your readers linking to the Word file that you have created. The hyperlink opens when the reader clicks it.

Use this document hyperlinks

Another type of hyperlink jumps at a different location in the same document after being selected. This type of hyperlink is often called an anchor link. It doesn’t take readers away from the document.

A table of contents is a list of all the content in a document that has sections or chapters. In the table of contents, include hyperlinks so readers can jump directly to a specific heading.

This hyperlink can be used at the end to return to the top.

Create a new document hyperlink

When a hyperlink is selected, it can create a new file. This type of hyperlink can be added at any time. When you click to create the hyperlink, you will see a new document that you can edit and save. The hyperlink will point to the document exactly as the Existing File and Web Page options.

You can choose to make the document later. This happens when you click on the hyperlink. This hyperlink is helpful if you need to link new content to your current document, but don’t have the time to create new content. Instead, create a hyperlink to the document so that you can refer to it later. It will link to the main document when you create it.

Hyperlinks to Email Addresses

Microsoft Word allows you to create hyperlinks that point to an email address. This will allow the default email client to open the selected hyperlink and begin composing your message using the information in the hyperlink.

You can choose a subject and multiple email addresses to which the message should go. The information is pre-filled by the reader when they click the link, but readers can edit this information before sending the message.

This hyperlink can be used to invite readers to get in touch with you to arrange a meeting or to request additional information.

How to link in a Word document

An hyperlink within a Microsoft Word file allows readers to jump to another place in the document or to a separate file or website. Hyperlink text in Word documents is highlighted and colored differently from other text. A preview is displayed when you hover over a hyperlink. You’ll be directed to the content if you click on the link.

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