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How to uninstall ooVoo on Mac

The ooVoo app is a video chat and messaging device for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows platforms. If you’re an ooVoo person however are now no longer the use of the app, this text will offer beneficial perception for getting rid of it. While it’s not unusualplace to down load apps and at any factor determine which you don’t really want them, what’s essential is completely getting rid of the app out of your device.

If you discover which you now no longer want this app, you’ll need to make sure to completely take away now no longer handiest the app, however additionally the messages and different associated documents. In this post, we can percentage  approaches to uninstall ooVoo on a Mac.

Uninstall ooVoo manually

It is a top notch addiction to frequently easy up your Mac via way of means of getting rid of unneeded documents. However, deleting apps is a good deal exclusive than deleting files or photos, in which you may clearly pass them to the Trash. Generally, packages include an executable document and diverse provider documents. So, in case you need to absolutely take away the ooVoo Mac model out of your laptop, you want to delete all of its components. To manually uninstall ooVoo to your Mac, take the subsequent steps:

Quit ooVoo.

Open the Applications folder → pick the document → drag and drop it to the Trash bin.

Now you need to delete the ooVoo app’s provider documents, which might be especially saved withinside the person’s Library folder. For this, open Finder → click on Go withinside the menu bar → pick Go to Folder withinside the drop-down menu → type ~/Library → press Enter.

Within the Library folder, discover all documents and folders that include ooVoo of their names and delete them. You can find the vain provider documents withinside the following subfolders:

Delete ooVoo robotically

The deletion of applications out of your Mac may be less complicated than the manual, multi-step process. There are third-birthday birthday celebration uninstallers, like App Cleaner & Uninstaller, that could robotically take away apps from a Mac. Using App Cleaner & Uninstaller, you may absolutely and efficiently delete applications out of your Mac in much less than a minute. Complete the subsequent steps to delete ooVoo out of your laptop the use of App Cleaner & Uninstaller:

Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

Choose ooVoo withinside the listing of the Applications tab. All provider documents of the ooVoo app could be decided on robotically.

Click at the Remove button.

Review the documents and folders you’ll delete and affirm removal.

Complete the complete deletion of ooVoo out of your Mac via way of means of emptying the Trash bin.


We recommend cleansing up your Mac frequently, because it will increase the overall performance of your laptop. In addition, we endorse the use of the automated uninstallation approach to dispose of vain applications to your Mac. App Cleaner & Uninstaller is one of the relied on third-birthday birthday celebration uninstallers, which gives a loose trial that you may use for 3 days or buy for $19.90

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