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How to remove Safari from Mac

Safari is a default Apple browser for macOS and iOS systems. Although Safari is a quick net browser, you could pick the use of any other browser, for example, Google Chrome. If you do now no longer use it at all, you could need to uninstall Safari given that it’s far simply taking on vain disk space. In this article, we are able to display you the way to delete Safari on Mac.

Can you uninstall Safari?

When you attempt to dispose of Safari to Trash, you’ll get hold of this message from macOS: “Safari app can’t be changed or deleted due to the fact it’s required with the aid of using macOS.”

Why does this happen?

The reality is, in keeping with Apple System Integrity Protection (SIP), you’re not able to regulate pre-set up packages and a few device folders on Macs. This incapability to dispose of such gadgets withinside the preferred manner is envisaged with the aid of using Apple to be a guard towards green customers by accident destructive the viability of the device. This could be very critical due to the fact, even supposing Safari can constantly be restored with the aid of using downloading from the App Store, with different packages it’s a touch extra complicated. However, there’s a manner to delete Safari on Mac the use of the Terminal command line. For this, you want to disable the System Integrity Protection.

How to dispose of Safari from Mac with Terminal

Before offering the stairs to uninstall Safari on Mac, yet again we would really like to remind you that, in case you’re now no longer a pc geek and aren’t precisely positive what to do, we strongly suggest you now no longer to delete Safari. By uninstalling the browser, you’ll shop now no longer extra than one hundred fifty megabytes, which rarely justifies deleting it.

However, in case you are sure you need to dispose of Safari from Mac, examine on. Please word that each one movements for doing away with embedded packages are absolutely at your very own risk.

Before doing away with Safri, you must disable SIP – System Integrity Protection

Part 1. Disable Mac System Integrity Protection

  1. Restart your Mac keeping the Command+R keyboard shortcut whilst the reboot is in progress.
  2. Your Mac will display you’re withinside the restoration mode.
  3. Go to the Menu bar, click on on Utilities and choose Terminal.
  4. utilities menu in restoration mode
  5. Paste in Terminal window this command: csrutil disable
  6. Click the Return (Enter) key. This will disable your SIP.
  7. terminal-command to disable sip
  8. Restart your Mac.
  9. Login on your device the use of your admin account.
  10. That’s it! Now you’ve got got System Integrity Protection disabled, and now you may dispose of the Safari browser app. For the subsequent steps you want to have administrator rights.

Part 2. Remove Safari from Mac

  • Launch the Terminal software from Launchpad once more.
  • Enter the subsequent command: sudo mount -uw /System/Applications
  • Click the Enter key.
  • Enter your password while asked.
  • terminal with sudo mount command
  • Now you’ve got got hooked up the /System/Applications folder to have Read & Write permission.
  • Type the command cd /Applications/
  • Click the Enter key. The packageslisting could be shown.
  • terminal with command to reveal app listing
  • Enter the command to dispose of Safari: sudo rm -rf
  • Click the Enter key.
  • Please be careful: whilst you dispose of gadgets through Terminal, the device does now no longer ask for affirmation.
  • After you’ve got got eliminated Safari, don’t overlook to permit lower back the SIP. For this, once more restart your Mac in a restoration mode (press Command+R whilst rebooting), and input the csrutil permit command into Terminal.

* Also examine our preceding article How to uninstall default Apple apps.

How to uninstall Safari extensions

In case you need to uninstall Safari simply due to the fact the browser could be very sluggish, don’t rush to do away with Safari. Usually, extensions sluggish down your browser. So first we advocate which you uninstall Safari extensions.

Here is the way to uninstall Safari extensions on Mac:

  1. Open the Safari browser.
  2. Go to the Menu bar and click on Safari → choose Preferences.
  3. safari menu with Preferences command selected

Switch to the Extensions tab. Here you may check all of your extensions and click on the Uninstall button to dispose of those extensions.

safari alternatives -extensions tab

How to reset Safari

Once once more, we would really like to word that doing away with default Apple packages may also harm the device. If you need to uninstall Safari because of browser troubles and errors, we advocate which you simply reset Safari. You can without difficulty try this with a unfastened software program device App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

  1. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  2. Go to the app’s Preferences and permit showing device packages.
  3. app purifier alternatives window with show device apps alternative highlighted
  4. Press Command+R to rescan your apps and transfer to Expert mode

Find Safari withinside the listing of apps and right-click on on it → pick Select Service Files for Removal

app purifier displaying an choice to choose safari carrier files

Click the Remove button and verify the removal.

app purifieraffirmation window-reset safari

That’s all.

Thus, in case you need to uninstall apps to unfastened up extra disk space, we advocate uninstalling best third-birthday birthday celebration packages and clearing their carrier files. Use App Cleaner & Uninstaller for those tasks.

App Cleaner & Uninstaller enables to absolutely dispose of apps, delete all their assist files, locate the leftovers of already eliminated apps, manipulate extensions, startup packages, or even extrade default apps you operate to open distinctive varieties of files.

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