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The best iPhone 13 mini cases

These iPhone 13 mini cases are the best for ensuring your iPhone 13 mini gets the most use possible. This is a great option for those who want to get maximum use out of their iPhones.

The iPhone 13 has almost identical specs to the iPhone 13 but in a smaller package. The compatible cases offer attractive designs and greater durability. Keep an eye out for the new iPhone 7th September .

These are our top picks for the best iPhone 13 mini case. If you are still hesitant to buy your iPhone 13, take a look at these best iPhone 13 deals.

Which are the best iPhone 13 mini case?

You must decide what you want from your iPhone 13 mini case before you can choose the right one. You should consider the material, price, protection, and whether it is MagSafe compatible.

Apple style is what you value most, so a case from Apple would be a great choice. Apple cases are available in leather or silicone with a variety of stylish colors, and if your phone’s design is important, there’s also a clear version. You want the best protection for your iPhone 13 Mini? Spigen’s Tough Armor Case provides the best protection for your iPhone 13 mini. It even includes a handy kickstand.

Casetify is a customizable case that can be customized in a variety of cool colors and made from sustainable materials. Totallee’s Super Thin Case provides extra protection without compromising the phone’s lines.

These are the best iPhone 13 mini cases currently available

1. MagSafe case for Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Best iPhone 13 mini charger case


Clear Color

Materials: Flexible and polycarbonate materials

There are many reasons to buy


Avoidable reasons

-MagSafe logo obscures phone

Apple is the best place to go if you are looking for a case that will fit your iPhone. MagSafe offers a variety of stylish MagSafe cases in leather or silicone. Our favorite is the clear iPhone 13 Mini case. It’s not necessary to cover up the phone when it looks great.

The iPhone 13 mini case is made from a combination of flexible and optically clear polycarbonate. It is lightweight and has an anti-yellowing and scratchproof coating. It’s made by Apple, which means that it can be used with MagSafe accessories. This allows you to add wireless chargers, battery packs or card wallets to your iPhone 13 mini.

2. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone iPhone 13 mini case

Protect your iPhone 13 with the best iPhone 13 case


Colors: Gunmetal (Black, Red, Navy Blue)

Materials: Durable PC, Flexible TPU, Impact Foam

There are many reasons to buy

+Impact foam added for extra protection +Good grip+Kickstand

Avoidable reasons

Not the most fashionable

Spigen’s rugged armor cases offer the best protection for your iPhone 13 Mini. The case’s three layers of protection provide excellent protection against drops and shocks. Additionally, the raised lips protect the camera and screen from scratches.

Spigen Tough Armor is compatible with MagSafe wireless accessories and includes a handy kickstand. This case is great for protecting your iPhone 13 mini.

3. CASETiFY Customizable iPhone 13 mini case

Best-looking iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Customizable

Materials: 65% of recycled plastic

There are many reasons to buy

+Sustainable materials+Fun, customizable designs

Avoidable reasons

-Distracting logo CASETiFY

Casetify’s cases look great and are customizable to your specifications. Casetify uses recycled plastic and other sustainable materials to make their cases. They also offer MagSafe compatibility as well as different levels of shock protection.

Casetify cases will make your phone stand out. Casetify’s design library includes a variety of quirky and fun looks. “Never regretti eating your spaghetti” is sure to spark conversation. Casetify offers clear and matte options for those who prefer subtlety in their iPhone 13 mini cases.

4. Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

The best stylish iPhone 13 mini case featuring space for cards


Colors: Tan, Black and Monaco Blue

Materials: Full-grain leather

There are many reasons to buy

+Classy aesthetic+High-quality materials

Avoidable reasons

Only three colors available

Mujjo’s Leather Wallet Cases will show you that style and function don’t have to be sacrificed. This slim leather case is made with a premium feel and features raised bevels on the front and bumps at the back to protect your iPhone 13 mini’s camera and screen.

It can hold three cards and the wallet is on the back of Mujjo’s Mujjo case makes a great addition. This is one less thing you need to keep in mind as you go out with your iPhone.

5. Caseology Nano Pop iPhone 13 mini case

Best looking cheap wireless charging case


Colors: Blueberry Navy and Black Sesame. Light Violet, Avo green, Peach Pink.

Materials: Silicone

There are many reasons to buy

+Gorgeous colors+Wireless charging compatible+Won’t break the bank

Caseology Nano Pop is said to be inspired by fruit and will make your iPhone 13 mini feel new. Its two-tone design makes the case stand out. The case also comes in five colors that look amazing.

Nano Pop is made from silicone so it feels great to hold and Caseology guarantees it will be dust-free. The case still provides protection from drops thanks to its inner defense pattern and air-space technology at the corners. It’s compatible to MagSafe wireless chargers. It’s stylish and affordable, and it looks great.

6. Totallee iPhone 13 Mini case

Best lightweight iPhone 13 mini case


Clear, Frosted Clear and Frosted Black. Navy Blue, Green. Carbon Fiber. Pearl White.

Materials: Polypropene and TPU

There are many reasons to buy


Avoidable reasons

-No fun designs

The Totallee Super Thin iPhone 13 Mini Case is extremely thin, lightweight and offers incredible protection. It is less than 0.03 inches thick and weighs one tenth of an inch. The best thing about this design is its simplicity. It comes in four matte transparent frosted colors that allow you to see through the protective layer.

You can also choose not to have your phone’s branding or logos on the case. If you prefer opaque cases, the limited edition carbon fiber pattern is also available.

Totallee’s thin case protects your phone from drops and scratches. This Super Thin iPhone 13 mini cover works with MagSafe wireless chargers and will fit perfectly. What more can you want?

(Image credit: Moment)

7. Moment iPhone 13 mini case

The best iPhone 13 mini case you can have


Colors: Black

Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU

There are many reasons to buy

+Great to hold+Grippy material+6-foot drop protection

Avoidable reasons

-Wrist strap available, but not included

The Moment iPhone 13 mini case for iPhone 13 is sleek and strong. It also comes with all the necessary accessories. The case is soft to touch, easy to hold and protects your phone from drops of up to 6 feet. You don’t have to worry about it — there is space for you to attach a wrist band (sold separately). This will prevent big drops from ever happening.

You can use it with wireless chargers because it has (M)Force magnets – Moment’s version of MagSafe. The case can be connected to various accessories such as Moment’s tripods or car mounts. Although the iPhone 13 mini case is only currently available in black, it’s not a problem when it looks so amazing.

8. Mous Bamboo iPhone 13 mini case

Most attractive iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Bamboo and Aramid Fiber, Black Leather. Speckled Fabric. Walnut

Materials: TPU, Polycarbonate, Bamboo/Leather/Wood backplate

There are many reasons to buy

+Exquisite design+Ultra protection+Not too bulky

Avoidable reasons

Propped up, can cause slippage

The Mous Bamboo iPhone 13 Mini case is a standout case. It is comfortable to hold and has a lovely wooden finish. It is even thinner than the previous Mous Limitless 30.0 case. It doesn’t compromise protection with Mous AiroShock impact absorption technology.

You can also get the case in bamboo if you don’t like bamboo.

9. Casely: The Sun Clear iPhone 13 Mini case

Most fun iPhone 13 mini case


Colors: Clear

Materials: 50% recycled TPU

There are many reasons to buy

+Gorgeous design+Sustainable materials

Casely produces some stunning and vibrant phone cases. Our favorite is the Here Comes The Sun colourblock sunset clear case. It features a gorgeous sunset scene set against rolling colorful sand dunes. This is all layered on top of a transparent panel at the top to let your iPhone mini’s colors peek through the sun’s rays.

Although Casely’s case looks amazing, it doesn’t need protection. The case’s rounded edges are designed to protect buttons and the screen from any hard falls. Even if your phone does take a tumble, this beautiful case will keep you happy.

10. Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 13 mini case

The best rugged and affordable case


Colors: Clear, Matte Black, Red Crystal, Rose Crystal, Sand Beige

Materials TPU

There are many reasons to buy

+Great protection+Affordable price

Avoidable reasons

– A little slippy

The Ultra Hybrid Case by Spigen is an excellent choice for iPhone 13 Mini owners who need strong protection but are willing to pay a small price. Clear backing lets your iPhone 13 mini shine through, and adds flair to the edges. There’s also a completely clear version for those who prefer to keep your phone’s design in focus.

Ultra Hybrid’s raised edges raise your phone from the ground when you place it on its side. This protects the screen and camera and keeps the case lightweight and slim. It’s MagSafe compatible with wireless charging.

How to pick the right iPhone 13 mini case

You should consider that the iPhone 13 mini case you choose may be smaller than you are used to. If this is a concern, you should prioritize protection.

You can find many stylish iPhone 13 mini cases that offer good drop protection.

Consider whether there are other features that you would like to have in your case. For example, a wrist strap or kickstand. Or if you want MagSafe built into it. A phone case can cost as little as or as much as your budget will allow. So, go with what you feel is right for you and don’t be afraid to spend as little as you want.

Make sure you choose the iPhone 13 mini option when shopping for a case. It is the smallest Apple phone and will only work with mini cases. Other options may not be compatible.

How to test the best iPhone 13 mini case

When selecting the best iPhone 13 mini case, we combine customer experience and our testing.

We’ll test the cases ourselves by putting them on a test device, and then carrying them around for several days to record our observations. We’ll also test any special features, and the basic aspects of our time with it like how it feels to hold it or how it looks.

We’ll review Amazon reviews and other customer writings if we are unable to receive a case for review. Drop testing and durability claims are not something we can test (at least, not without risking our phones). We will therefore rely on the manufacturer’s claims but advise that customers understand that they cannot be independently verified.

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