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Uninstall Anaconda on a Mac

Anaconda is the maximum famous distribution of the Python and R programming languages. It may be run on Windows, Linux or Mac, and presents the whole lot you want to clear up information evaluation and processing. If for a few purpose you got here to a choice to get rid of Anaconda or certainly want to reinstall the program, this text is for you.

This time we would really like to provide an explanation for a way to effectively uninstall Anaconda. You can get rid of Anaconda manually or do it with a unique software program device. We will provide an explanation for each alternatives of dealing with Anaconda cleanup.

How to uninstall Anaconda manually

Generally, there are feasible methods to uninstall Anaconda manually.

You can do it through Terminal as recommended on Anaconda reliable internet site.

Or use our entire step-through-step uninstallation manual with screenshots.

Uninstallation manner encouraged through Anaconda reliable internet site

Anaconda’s reliable internet site recommends uninstalling their utility the usage of the Anaconda-Clean utility that may be released viaTerminal command. To do this, you ought to observe the stairs below.

  1. Go to the Applications folder and pass Anaconda into the Trash
  2. Launch Terminal
  3. Type in Terminal the subsequent command:
  4. conda deployation anaconda-clean

Terminal window with entered command for eliminating Anaconda

Press the Return key

Then input the subsequent command:

anaconda-clean –yes

For eliminating Anaconda listing which may be named both anaconda2 or anaconda3 input the correct command:

rm -rf ~/anaconda3

The final step is to get rid of Anaconda-Clean backups. For this kind up the subsequent command into Terminal:

rm -rf ~/.anaconda_backup

Please notice that this elimination technique might also additionally go away Anaconda carrier documents in your Mac. That is why we propose which you use our exact manual this is given below. Since we’ve specialised in Mac cleansing programs for plenty years, we frequently take a look at which documents Mac programs create and wherein they’re saved. Based on our experience, we’ve compiled for you an in depth manual on a way to get rid of Anaconda from a Mac completely. There we’ve indexed all of the locations wherein you want to search for Anaconda’s remainings . This technique is offered below.

Follow those steps to uninstall Anaconda from Mac:

  1. Quit the Anaconda utility.
  2. Choosing Quit command for Anaconda
  3. Open the Activity Monitor app and withinside the Memory tab, take a look at whether or not Anaconda is walking any history processes. If so, сlick the Сlose button withinside the top left nook to terminate the processes.
  4. Activity Monitor window with decided on Anaconda Navigator
  5. Remove the Anaconda app from the Applications folder in Finder.
  6. Choosing Move to Trash command for Anaconda in Finder window
  7. After that, it’s time to discover wherein Anaconda maintains its package deal carrier documents and get rid of them. Most of them are saved withinside the Library folder. However, the Library folder is the hidden one, as a way to locate it you need to open the Finder window → click on Go withinside the menu bar → pick Go to Folder.
  8. Finder window displaying Go to folder seek line
  9. Type the subsequent instructions there and get rid of documents that you’ll locate.
  10. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-client.bom
  11. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-client.plist
  12. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-navigator.bom
  13. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-navigator.plist
  14. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-project.bom
  15. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda-project.plist
  16. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda.bom
  17. ~/Library/Receipts/io.continuum.pkg.anaconda.plist

Finder window displaying Move to Trash command decided on for Anaconda carrier documents

Depending at the person settings and operations you completed with Anaconda, a few different Anaconda carrier documents can be left behind. Therefore, it’s miles higher to test the subsequent directories and get rid of all documents associated with Anaconda.

  1. ~ / Library / Containers /
  2. ~ / Library / Application Support /
  3. ~ / Library / Logs /
  4. ~ / Library / Application Scripts /
  5. ~ / Library / Caches /
  6. ~ / Library / Preferences

Not to do all of it manually and shop your time, you can use the loose device from Nektony: Funter.

To locate Anaconda final documents with Funter you ought to release the app → input the phrase Anaconda into the quest line → take a look at the outcomes and delete all hidden documents which might be associated with the Anaconda utility.

With the assist of Funter, we controlled to locate this listing of vain Anaconda stays:

  1. ~/anaconda3
  2. ~/.bash_profile-anaconda3.bak
  3. ~/.condarc
  4. ~/.conda
  5. ~/.anaconda

Choosing Move to Trash command for Anaconda carrier documents in Finder

Finally, you want to drain the Trash folder. This is the final step to uninstall Anaconda manually.

Uninstall Anaconda the usage of App Cleaner & Uninstaller

The guide look for carrier documents of apps, mainly if they’re scattered on a tough drive, is inefficient. You might also additionally omit a few documents and it takes a truthful quantity of time. That’s why we propose which you uninstall Anaconda routinely.

The computerized technique calls for the usage of a unique loose cleanup application utility – App Cleaner & Uninstaller. This software program routinely collects all of the carrier documents of every app and permits you to uninstall them with one click on. Here is a way to use it to uninstall Anaconda (Python 3):

  1. Launch App Cleaner & Uninstaller.
  2. Find the Anaconda utility withinside the Applications tab.
  3. After you pick out the Anaconda you’ll see all of the utility’s aid documents withinside the proper phase of the window.
  4. App Cleaner & Uninstaller window displaying decided on documents of Anaconda for uninstalling
  5. Click the Remove button, and withinside the subsequent window verify the deletion.
  6. App Cleaner & Uninstaller evaluation window to uninstall Anaconda

In case you formerly eliminated Anaconda manually and also you aren’t positive whether or not you eliminated all the final documents: The Remaining Files phase of App Cleaner & Uninstaller will assist you. Moreover, you would possibly use this option to locate the stays of different formerlyeliminated apps as well. Just transfer to the Remaining Files tab to locate all programs’ leftovers saved in your Mac.


The guide manner of uninstalling Anaconda is pretty time-consuming. Moreover, it in no way ensures which you remove all of the carrier documents, due to the fact occasionally they may be unfold throughout your tough drive.

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