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Former Apple Employee Allegedly Defrauded $10 Million Out of Apple After Working There from 2008 to 2018

One of Apple’s former employees allegedly defrauded it out of $10 Million. Federal authorities reported that the fraudster used his position as a supply chain buyer to access kickbacks.

Apple Former Employee Claims to Have Defrauded Company of $10 Million

The fraud was committed by the former employee who used his position as a supply chain buyer to obtain kickbacks. After gaining access, the ex-employee would make Apple pay for goods and services not delivered.

According to AppleInsider Dhirenda Prasad, who had been working with the company from 2008 until 2018, was recently indicted. According to the Internal Revenue Service and the prosecutors, Pradas spent most of his time as a buyer in the Global Service Supply Chain.

Dhirenda Prasad Allegations As Presented in The Lawsuit

He worked closely with vendors but the allegations said that he used his position at Apple to engage in many schemes to defraud the company. Silicon Valley released a press release stating that the following activities were included in the list:

  • Parts for theft
  • Taking kickbacks
  • Paying for items or services that were never delivered or received by the company

Prasad is facing five charges, including fraud and money laundering. These cases can all lead to a maximum sentence of five to twenty years.

Prasad: Authorities Give Go Signal to Take $5 Million in Cash and Properties

Prasad’s schemes are believed to have caused Apple to lose more than $10 million. Prasad will now face his first court appearance in relation to the allegations at the US District Court in San Jose.

Prasad’s $5 million in cash and property has been seized by the feds already after they obtained court permission. Prasad had his assets seized in order to stop Prasad from committing “process of crime.”

Two other individuals were involved in the alleged defrauding of Apple

Prasad isn’t the only one being linked to the defraud case that saw Apple lose $10M. Two other men based in California are also being linked to this scheme at the moment.

According to authorities, both were the owners of the companies that were allegedly sold to Apple. They also conspired with Prasad in money laundering and fraud. According to authorities, they both “agreed” their involvement in the case.

Two men connected to Prasad were indicted in federal court. Prasad’s case is still a mystery.

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