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How to FaceTime Friends With Android Device or Windows PC in iOS 15

CNBC reports that FaceTime was previously only available to Apple users who have an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

FaceTime for Android and Windows in iOS 15

The iOS 15 update has made FaceTime available for Android and Windows users.

iMessage is essentially FaceTime’s messaging counterpart, but Cupertino has yet to make it available to non-Apple users.

For now, however, Apple, Android and Windows users can finally break through operating system barriers by calling each other via voice or video.

It is important to note that video conferencing saw a steep increase in its use after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced people into their homes.

Zoom, a video conferencing platform that was not well-known before the pandemic became one of the most popular apps.

Apple didn’t want to be left behind in the growing market for video calls. The iPhone maker made this possible by opening up their previously exclusive feature to more people.

FaceTime for Android and Windows Users

Here’s how iPhone, iPad and Mac users can call their friends, family, and coworkers who use Android or Windows.

It is important to note that at least one user must use an Apple device.

According to CNET, the person who owns the Apple gadget must share a link with the Android or Windows user. This link could be used to open any web browser on their computer or phone.

Non-Apple users won’t need to download another app for their platform. Any web browser app will suffice.

Here’s how you can FaceTime non-Apple users.

  • Open FaceTime from an iOS 15 iPhone or iPad.
  • Click the link icon in the upper-left corner of the interface.
  • You can send the link via email, text message or other messaging platforms such as Messenger and Slack.
  • To call another party, tap the “FaceTime Link”.
  • Next, click on the “Join” button.
  • Wait for the Android/Windows user to click on the link, then request to join the call.
  • Finally, accept the request to begin FaceTime.

How to join FaceTime from Android or Windows Device

There are several steps you can follow to join a FaceTime call hosted by an Apple user whether you are an Android user or Windows user.

As per MacWorld, first ask the iOS user for the link. This would allow you to join the FaceTime Call.

  • Click the link that you receive from the host.
  • Next, enter your name.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • To request membership, click the Join button.
  • Finally, wait for your host to allow you to enter FaceTime.

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