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Stylized: 3 factors to consider when installing bifold doors in Melbourne

Bifold doors: we know how stylish they are, and we can all envision having them in our homes. The benefits of installing this style are near endless: they flood the home with natural light; they create a stunning indoor/outdoor living design; they are low maintenance and, of course, absolutely beautiful.

And with every new home installation one must consider the possibilities before they get to work. There can be so much creativity when it comes to the most elegant bifold doors Melbourne has available. When it comes to colour, finish and materials, there are a myriad of possibilities that makes this style even more appealing.

With this in mind, here are three important factors to consider when installing this beautiful style in your home:

  • Consider the creative style that awaits

This style is perfect for making your home more space-efficient, but it’s also a fantastic idea to consider the possibilities that await, as this will help you optimise your investment. Consider the number of panels you would like for your installation: the more panels installed take up a greater storage space when opened so you should consider how many panels are ideal for your home.

How much of your walls can you take up and do you want to take up that much space? If you have a room with two exterior walls, or an L-shaped room, you might want to consider having two sets lined around the L-shape. Installing a supporting column between the two, they can seriously invigorate their chosen space!

Remember: you’re not limited to a simple straight line finish – the possibilities are all yours to explore!

  • Consider the colour, finish & materials

These elegant styles are typically constructed with aluminium, timber or uPVC frames. The timber variation purveys a stunning, timeless aesthetic, and are fantastic for keeping the home insulated.

The aluminium variation is light, slim and ultra sturdy, as well as being incredibly thermal-efficient. uPVC frames also offer outstanding insulation and are typically cheaper than their aluminium and timber counterparts. But, regardless of the frame you go for, you should always consider the myriad of colours and finishes available.

Timber bifold doors can be purchased in both hard and soft woods, either painted with a choice of hundreds of colour options, or with a translucent woodstain. The myriad of textured finishes are another reason why this style is so popular amongst homeowners looking for a little bit of choice when it comes to their home’s elegance.

  • Consider the fitting

This style is quick and super easy to install. You can fit them yourself if you love a bit of home DIY work. However, if DIY isn’t exactly your thing, it is always a good idea to have the professionals do the job on your behalf. This way you can be sure that your design will be perfectly fit without any problems whatsoever. There are plenty of professionals – including the suppliers themselves – who can provide fast and efficient installation, leaving your home with nothing more than incredibly stylish, highly efficient bifold doors!

These are really the only three factors to consider when choosing the ultimate bifold doors Melbourne has available. Simply factor in the creative style, the colours and finishes, as well as the design’s overall fitting, and you will be sure to have the most luxurious style that truly invigorates your home in a new and exciting way!

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