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9 ways to share files between Macs

If you’ve got got multiple Mac, you likely want to trade documents among the 2 computer systems from time to time. There are masses of methods to do this, and which technique you pick may also rely on the form of report, or the way you control your workflow. Here are nine methods you could trade documents among  Macs.

File Sharing

The simple manner to proportion documents among Macs is to apply File Sharing. To use this selection, you need to prompt it withinside the Sharing pane of System Preferences. Check File Sharing. If you need to handiest proportion unique folders, or permit sure customers to get entry to them, upload folders to the Shared Folders list, after which pick a folder and upload customers withinside the Users list. If now no longer, any consumer with an account can get entry to your documents.

To get entry to any other Mac’s documents withinside the Finder, pick Go > Network, double-click on one of the computer systems or gadgets that displays, and input your username and password. You can then browse that Mac’s folders and documents, and drag documents to and from that laptop.


In the Finder, pick Go > AirDrop on each Macs; the only you need to ship documents to, and the only you’re sending from. Drag a report onto the icon of the laptop you need to ship a report to. Unfortunately, AirDrop isn’t continually reliable, and it does want to be lively on each Macs, so that you can’t without problems replica documents to a server or different laptop, however it is able to be less difficult that messing with File Sharing in case you handiest want to ship documents occasionally.


If you’ve got got one or extra small documents you want to ship to any other Mac, you could ship them as attachments to an e-mail message. Just create a brand new message and deal with it to yourself, after which upload the documents. When you get for your different Mac, open your e-mail patron and down load the message and its documents. This is a great manner to ship documents to a Mac that’s now no longer presently running.


If you operate Dropbox to keep a number of your documents withinside the cloud, it appears apparent that you could without problems switch documents from one Mac to any other via way of means of setting them on your Dropbox folder. But you might imagine that, while you want to switch massive documents, including films or massive software program installers, it isn’t sensible to position them withinside the cloud after which down load them. Dropbox has a characteristic known as LAN Sync that lets in Dropbox to sync them throughout your community to different gadgets. It nonetheless uploads them, however when you have a group of documents to switch from one of a kind folders, simply drop all of them in a Dropbox folder, and allow them to sync to the opposite gadgets. When you’ve were given the documents on the second one Mac, pass them from your Dropbox folder, in order that they don’t live withinside the cloud. Unfortunately, this selection isn’t continually reliable, so it is able to now no longer paintings for you.

iCloud Drive

Apple’s iCloud Drive is mainly designed for apps to keep documents, however you could upload documents to it as well, which you could later get entry to from any other Mac. Choose Go > iCloud Drive withinside the Finder, and you’ll see some of folders. Just upload a report to the pinnacle degree of the iCloud Drive hierarchy or create your personal folder, and you’ll be capable of get entry to the report for your different Mac. This works excellent for small documents, in addition to documents you can need to get entry to on iOS gadgets.

Other cloud services

If you operate Google Drive, Box, or any other cloud repository to your documents, you could manifestly region documents there from one Mac and get entry to them on any other. With maximum of those services, you could additionally add documents thru an internet browser, so that you don’t want to run their apps in case you don’t need to.

BitTorrent Sync

One of my favored methods to sync documents among my Macs is to apply BitTorrent Sync. This unfastened app (with non-compulsory seasoned features), helps you to sync folders throughout gadgets. For example, I even have a Screenshots folder on every of my Macs. Whenever I take a brand new screenshot for an editorial on one in every of my Macs, it immediately syncs throughout to the opposite one. I actually have a folder for cutting-edge projects, which additionally remains in sync each time I upload or alternate a report. I’ve had a few problems getting folders to sync with one in every of my Macs, however, in general, this software program works very well, and is basically transparent. It’s the type of characteristic that Apple have to upload to OS X.


This is a power-consumer characteristic, that maximum humans won’t want, however a few may locate useful. OS X used to encompass an choice to proportion documents thru File Transfer Protocol however that is now incredibly hidden. To switch on FTP on a Mac—extra correctly, SFTP, or stable FTP—permit Remote Login withinside the Sharing pane of System Preferences. I use Transmit to switch documents among my iMac and my Mac mini server, and I locate it sensible once I have a number of documents to duplicate when you consider that I can manipulate what number of get despatched at a time.

Sneaker internet

Let us now no longer neglect about that those many methods of moving documents from Mac to Mac are exceptional when you have a handful of documents, however they could take a long term in case you need to pass, say, all seven seasons of “West Wing” episodes. The excellent manner to switch very massive documents, or masses of documents, is to apply sneaker internet. That’s the time period used for copying documents to a disk, then connecting the disk to any other laptop and copying from the disk. You can use a USB stick or a transportable tough drive, and it’s going to continually be quicker to apply sneaker internet if you have masses of massive documents to pass.

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