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Change Apple Maps Voice Volume or Turn It Off (2022)

The Loud Volume putting in Apple Maps regularly startles me as I’m driving. Because of this, I generally tend to pick the Low Volume putting as my default. However, when you have youngsters withinside the car, like loud music, or conflict to listen the decrease extent, adjusting this putting may be important. Whatever your situation, selecting the suitable extent putting will let you keep away from having to examine your telecellsmartphone display screen so that you can higher attention on the street ahead. Here’s a way to extrade the default extent putting for the Apple Maps app:

  1. Change Apple Maps Voice Volume in Settings
  2. Open the Settings app and pick Maps.
  3. Tap Navigation & Guidance.
  4. To flip off the spoken directions, pick No Voice. To flip the voice on, pick your chosen navigation activate extent.
  5. For the Normal Volume and Loud Volume settings, you may additionally permit or disable the Pause Spoken Audio toggle.

Whenever I do use the Normal Volume and Loud Volume Settings, I want to permit the Pause Spoken Audio toggle. This will now no longer forestall your music, best decrease its extent. But with this putting, podcasts and audiobooks can be mechanically paused at some point of navigation activates. This way, I can listen my navigation activates extra simply and might keep away from lacking key mind in my audio. To find out about extra approaches you may use the Apple Maps app, test out our Tip of the Day newsletter.

Change Apple Maps Voice Volume withinside the App

If you’ve set a vacation spot and commenced flip-by-flip directions, you may additionally extrade the extent withinside the Apple Maps app. Here’s how:

  1. Swipe up on the grey direction card.
  2. Tap Audio.
  3. Set your chosen extent for the steering voice.

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