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Tips to keep your teeth clean

We all have been in situations where the person we meet is having bad breath or they have decayed and yellow teeth. It is definitely not a pleasing thing to have but how can one make sure their teeth are perfectly shiny and clean? Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your smile set perfectly healthy. 

  • Don’t brush aggressively 
  • Visit dentist regularly 
  • Floss everyday 
  • No smoking 
  • Use fluoride

Floss everyday 

Floss is the best way to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth. It allows you to remove the food particles stuck between your teeth. This is a habit that will remove the plaque and debris that gives you bad breath and makes your teeth decay if ignored. Doing floss in a way that does not hurt your teeth or gum is also essential as handling the area near the soft gums can be a little tricky. 

Although there are no extensive studies on the benefits of flossing it is a dentist recommended practice. Many suggest that floss should be done at least once a day to make sure you are not hurting your teeth in any way possible. 

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Stop smoking 

If you are a smoker you must have noticed your teeth and tongue getting yellow and having a strange feeling. this is because the smoke from the cigarette is depositing toxins in your oral cavity as you breathe the smoke in. studies have shown that the healing process of a smoker after any oral procedure is greatly reduced as compared to a nonsmoker. 

This can be because of the compromised immune system of the smoking patients. It is also a risk factor for many gum diseases. 

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Use fluoride 

Fluoride is said to be one of the best minerals for teeth. You must’ve seen many kinds of toothpaste with added fluoride. Many clinical pieces of evidence lead to the conclusion that a lack of fluoride can cause tooth decay and the weakening of gums. If a person is taking care of their oral hygiene and still getting cavities, it can be due to the lack of fluoride. 

If forging countries, many water companies have added fluoride to their products considering the weakness of oral hygiene. It enables them to control and eradicate diseases caused by fluoride deficiencies. 

Don’t brush aggressively 

Your teeth might be one of the sturdiest things you have ever seen but rushing aggressively can be very bad for them. If you brush your teeth regularly you might already be aware that they appear more clean and healthy when you practice the rule of brushing your teeth twice a day. Using greater force and harsh bristles can ruin the enamel and make them look rough. This also weakens your teeth and makes them lose their protective layer. They might appear stained and yellow in some cases. When you brush your teeth aggressively, your gums get ruined as well. They are wounded by the tough bristle movement and even swell in worse cases. 

Visit your dentist regularly

Dentist tools may seem a little sharp to you but it is essential to pay a visit to the Best Dentist in Karachi every 6 months. Go for a routine dental checkup and allow yourself to use any clinical procedure suggested for the betterment of your teeth. This also enables the doctor to keep a record of your oral health and prevent any future diseases. 

You can speak to your dentist about how often they need you to come for a checkup. The response can vary under several circumstances. However, if you notice any discomfort or changes in your oral health, visit your dentist immediately. 

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