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Why is Honor Band 6 a perfect fitness tracker?


Honor always comes with unique style gadgets. Every gadget of the Honor is jaw-dropping. Whether it’s laptops, smartphones, or smartwatches, every gadget is a complete package itself.

Honor band 6 is a new band launched by Honor lately, which proved to be the perfect fitness tracker. Here in this article, we will discuss the specification and review of the honor band 6. Before reviewing this article, let’s quickly discuss the pros of the honor band 6.


  • Honor band 6 contains a large display;
  • It can track stress & sleep efficiently;
  • It is a 5 ATM water-resistant band;
  • It contains an excellent battery life


The complete review of Honor Band 6:

Let’s first discuss the big AMOLED display of honor band 6. It is the biggest evolution as the honor band 5 did not support the large display. The 1.47 inches AMOLED display is the most attractive feature, brightening the band’s edges. The large display doesn’t make it a bulky band, So, in turn, a more comfortable band than you can ever have.

 Big, colorful, and bright!

The 43mm tall, 11mm thick with a mere 18g! What more can someone want?

The black body contains the Honor logo on the band’s side with a solitary button. The non-removable silicone strap gives it a premium look. We reviewed the black honor band 6, which supports efficient functions and style. The 5 ATM water-resistant ability makes it stand with moisture and dust. You can swim while wearing it.

The heart-rate tracker instantly tracks your heart rate and keeps you up-to-date about your health. The step counter tracks your steps while walking, running, and even cycling. Unlike other bands, the honor band 6 tracks up to 96 types of exercise which makes it an efficient fitness tracker. It is a better option to track your physical health rather than tracking manually or with other separate trackers that are only designed for one specific type of exercise. It accompanies outdoor walking, running steps, and bike rides with great efficiency.

Besides monitoring heart rate, it can easily track your blood oxygen level (SpO2). The oxygen tracker does not have an automatic function. You’ll need to activate it manually whenever you want. This tracker’s plus point is that it supports menstruation and the fertility cycle.


It would be a perfect feature if a tracker could track your sleep quality!

Honor band 6 has made it practical. It can easily track sleep quality automatically. It charts your deep sleep or light and REM sleep windows. It keeps you aware of your sleep cycle to focus on your sleep quality. It can track sleep quality throughout the night, giving you a report in the morning. The sleep analyzer can easily recognise your half-sleep or waking condition.


  • Dimensions are 43 x 25.4 x 10.99 mm
  • Weight: 1g
  • Durable material
  • Strap made up of silicon
  • Colors: black, gray, pink
  • AMOLED display (1.47 in)
  • Accelerometer sensing
  • Gyroscope sensing
  • Heart rate sensing
  • BT5.0
  • A long battery life – 14 days charging 

These specs can convince anyone to buy one! Buy the one to enjoy…

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