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How to uninstall MacKeeper from your Mac

Macworld reader Michael Downend is having issue ridding his Mac of a application he now not desires. He writes:

I won’t move into why you’d need to, however we get this query frequently. It’s honestly really well worth going into element approximately a way to get rid of MacKeeper absolutely out of your Mac. 

Versions of MacKeeper made withinside the final couple of years are truly quite smooth to uninstall, however the method isn’t completely straightforward.

Remove MacKeeper from the Mac menu bar

If you click on at the MacKeeper menu withinside the Mac’s menu bar you won’t discover a Quit command, which would possibly lead you to accept as true with that it can’t be end. Force-quitting doesn’t appear to paintings both.

To get rid of the MacKeeper icon from the menu bar:

  • Launch the MacKeeper app withinside the Applications folder.
  • Click at the MacKeeper menu after which pick out Preferences.
  • Click at the General tab.
  • Uncheck the field for Show MacKeeper icon in menu bar.

Disable MacKeeper from performing withinside the menu bar.

Now you may end MacKeeper. If that is your first time walking it, no, you don’t ought to set off MacKeeper or join up for any of its services. Just pick out Quit from the MacKeeper utility menu or press Command-Q.

How to uninstall MacKeeper

MacKeeper has a YouTube video that gives an professional answer for eliminating the downloaded MacKeeper app out of your Mac.

  • Go to the Applications folder in your Mac.
  • Drag the MacKeeper app to the Trash.
  • You can be brought on in your administrator’s password. Enter it, click on OK, and the MacKeeper app will pass to the Trash.
  • Another pop-up will seem this is very just like the preceding one. It asks in case you are certain you need to uninstall MacKeeper. Enter your password and click on OK.
  • mackeeper uninstall verify field
  • IDG

Optional MacKeeper ‘Sad to look you move’ survey

After you uninstall MacKeeper, Safari will release a web page from It’s a survey, asking why you uninstalled the software program. You don’t ought to fill it out. You can end Safari and forget about it.

The MacKeeper survey is optional.

How to get rid of the closing MacKeeper bits

Not all the MacKeeper software program bits are removed. Crumbs would possibly remain.

A MacKeeper Backups folder isn’t removed. You can locate it to your Home folder (In the Finder, click on on Go > Home or press Shift-Command-H.) You can toss this folder into the Trash.

MacKeeper places a Backups folder in your garage tool that you may trash.

There are some different locations you would possibly need to test to ensure any closing bits are removed. The maximum current model of MacKeeper (3.20.8) as of this writing did get all of those at the uninstall, however it’s nevertheless clever to double-test.

The following can be discovered in you Mac’s Library folder. To get admission to this Library folder, preserve down the Option key and, withinside the Finder, pick out Go > Library. You can toss those documents withinside the Trash in case you locate them.

Now simply empty the Trash and vow to live some distance, some distance farfar from MacKeeper all the time and ever.

Pop move the pop-ups

If you downloaded MacKeeper “legitimately” (as in, from, it’s viable you aren’t seeing a ton of pop-up and pop-beneathneath advertisements to your browser.

 But in case you befell to select up MacKeeper from downloading software program via a third-celebration clearinghouse, your browsers can be inflamed via way of means of insidious advertisements that harass you to put in MacKeeper and essentially won’t can help you do something else. It’s the worst. But you may make it leave.

Stop pop-ups in Safari

First, end Safari. Even this is probably more difficult than simply urgent Command-Q. If a group of pop-ups preserve performing that don’t leave while you click on OK or Cancel, you’ll ought to pressure-end Safari via way of means of urgent Command-Option-Escape, deciding on Safari withinside the listing, and clicking Force Quit. 

Now in case you relaunch Safari the ordinary way, the ones pop-ups will come proper again, so instead, release it at the same time as conserving down Shift to save you the final session’s home windows from reloading.

pressure end safari

If Safari goes so nuts with advertisements you may’t even end it, press Command-Option-Escape, pressure-end, after which release it once more conserving down the Shift key.

Now search for extensions and cookies MacKeeper has stashed in your system. In Safari, visit Safari > Preferences > Extensions, and get rid of something you don’t keep in mind installing. (If you’re the usage of macOS Sierra and also you visit the Extension tab in Safari, you could see a message that says, “Extensions may be enabled withinside the Develop menu.” Click at the Advanced tab after which test the field for “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Then move again to the Extensions tab.)

Toss the MacKeeper cookies.

In Chrome, visit Window > Extensions. You’ll see a list of the extensions you’ve got got installed.

 If you spot extensions you didn’t set up and need to get rid of, click on at the Remove button for that extension.

In the Settings menu, click on Advanced, then click on . Look for Clear surfing facts at the lowest of the Privacy and protection section. Click it, and a Clear surfing facts pop-up window appears. 

For Time range, click on it and pick out All time. Click the Clear Data button.

Use a application to smooth you Mac

If that doesn’t get it all, attempt Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac, that’s AdwareMedic application that scans your Mac for recognized adware. 

Run a test and test the containers via way of means of something you need to delete. It’ll locate the MacKeeper app and all its numerous components anywhere they’re in your system.

malwarebytes mackeeper

This listing can be longer or shorter, relying on how a lot of MacKeeper’s numerous components you had been the usage of.

Did that restore it for you? MacKeeper may be elaborate to completely remove when you have an older model, possibly one which become bundled with some thing you probably did need to put in, for the reason that discern employer used to have a beneficiant associate application that incentivized webweb sites to shove it at you whether or not you desired it or not.

 If you’re nevertheless having problems, examine How to get rid of MacKeeper Part II (the pop-up edition).

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