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How to use Apple Maps to find retailers that take Apple Pay

Apple Pay guide maintains to spread, each to greater U.S. stores and to greater countries. But still, it’s now no longer but so not unusual that you may simply expect you’re going as a way to pay together along with your iPhone everywhere you go.

With the imminent Apple Card, the two percentage coins lower back charge relies on paying with Apple Pay, so locating stores that take delivery of it’s miles going to be greater critical than ever.

Fortunately, there’s an smooth manner to peer if you may pay together along with your iPhone at that store, eating place, or different retailer: simply take a look at Apple Maps.

Check for Apple Pay on iOS

On your iPhone, open Apple Maps and look for the shop or eating place you need to test for Apple Pay guide. Tap at the end result you need, and you’ll see an information card pop up from the lowest of the screen.

This card will function a button for directions, photos, buttons to name or go to the vicinity’s website, hours, and masses of different beneficial information.

apple pay ios

Scroll down on a vicinity’s information card to the Useful to Know phase, and search for the Apple Pay emblem.

Simply scroll down till you attain the Useful to Know phase. Along with telling you if an area is youngster pleasant or takes reservations, you’ll see an Apple Pay emblem if the vicinity accepts Apple Pay. No emblem, no Apple Pay guide. Simple!

Check for Apple Pay on Mac

You can take a look at for Apple Pay the use of Maps to your Mac, too. As with iOS, release the Maps app and discover the enterprise you’re involved in, both thru seek or through panning across the map.

Once you discover and pick out the enterprise, a tiny card will pop up. To get complete info at the vicinity, you need to faucet the little information button (the “i” in a circle) at the proper side.

apple pay mac app01

On Mac, hit the Info button for the enterprise you need to test.

This will display you a card very just like the only on iOS, with photos, the address, the telecellsmartphone number, and some opinions from Yelp. Just as to your iPhone, you need to scroll down a chunk to the Useful to Know phase, simply earlier than the Yelp opinions, and search for the Apple Pay emblem.

apple pay mac app02

Scroll down the enterprise info to the Useful to Know phase and search for the Apple Pay emblem.

Expect the occasional inaccuracy

You ought to recognize that, whilst Apple Maps typically offers you a excellent concept of whether or not or now no longer a vicinity accepts Apple Pay, there are a few exceptions.

You’re maximum in all likelihood to run right into a hassle if a massive retail chain has simply all started to take Apple Pay, however remains withinside the system of updating the charge structures in its stores. 

In this kind of case, Apple Maps can also additionally mark a selected vicinity as accepting Apple Pay earlier than it’s pretty up and going for walks but.

Similarly, small nearby companies may have a charge gadget that may take delivery of Apple Pay, however may not have it installation properly. Or, they will have simply brought a point-of-sale gadget that takes Apple Pay, however the Maps facts has now no longer but been updated.

These troubles are rare, however. The huge majority of the time, you may assume the Apple Maps listings that will help you discover stores that take delivery of Apple Pay.

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