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At Least Conspiracy Theorists Love Taylor Swift’s New Single

Thursday night, worldwide recording sensation and alleged satanic illuminati puppet Taylor Swift released “Look What You Made Me Do,” the primary unmarried off of her particularly expected upcoming album. The accompanying respectable lyric video itself consists of lizards, guns, ouroboroses (ourobori?), and spooky messages carved into trees. It is, to position it lightly, a web conspiracy theorist’s dream come true.

Over the beyond few days, newbie net detectives and anti-New World Order crusaders of all stripes had been diligently deciphering Taylor Swift’s cryptic advertising campaign, which protected going darkish on social media, and importing mysterious clips of snakes. Naturally, maximum of the interpretations are bit tenuous, and clearly none of them makes sense—at the least, now no longer to the sleepwalking loads of sheep.

For the seekers of Truth with a capital “T,” though, let’s discover what a number of the greater paranoid corners of the net have located in Swift’s new tune and video. This is what the mass media would not need you to hear.

Theory: Taylor Swift gave beginning to a reptilian, or at the least worships them.

On August 21, 2017, Taylor Swift published this brief clip on Twitter:


Most human beings assumed it become simply advertising—however one clear-eyed Redditor noticed it as viable affirmation of a months-lengthy stoop that Swift “gave beginning to a reptilian baby.”

Exhibit B: The teaser video famous her reptilian god.

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Why You Can Never Argue with Conspiracy Theorists

As diligent net sleuth Truthneversleeps discovered, in case you pause certainly considered one among Taylor Swift’s snake films at simply the proper moment, you will see that the snake has been cut up in two. Now, the skeptics amongst us may ask, But isn’t always the relaxation of the snake simply withinside the shadows? To which the solution is, of course, no, you naive fool. Because whilst the serpent’s tail at the left is simply that, what we noticed at the proper is, in fact, a daemon. “Because that is who she worships,” says Truthneversleeps. “No denying it.”

Theory: Taylor Swift is set to expose the fact approximately Pizzagate.

Exhibit A: Taylor Swift additionally hates faux information and the liberal media.

By now, you’ve got in all likelihood visible the beneath paintings for Taylor Swift’s upcoming album:

That newsprint layover represents greater than simply the media at large, at the least in line with Twitter person @ReputationEra17: “The font in #Reputation album cowl represents the font utilized by maximum of the Newspaper i.e NewYork Times and ofc there may be a 10% shade. #TS6.”

That’s proper, Taylor Swift is especially calling out the lying, liberal, mainstream faux information machine—the very one which blanketed up Pizzagate, the Wikileaks-born conspiracy that says established order Democrats ran toddler trafficking earrings in Washngton, DC restaurants.

According to 4chan, now no longer best is Taylor Swift approximately to expose the realities of Pizzagate, she’s additionally attempting to expose that the globalists are crumbling earlier than our very eyes. At approximately the 3 minute mark withinside the lyric video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” triangles seem to swirl. Triangles, they may effectively inform you, are the generic image for pedophilia, hired with the aid of using Democrats throughout DC to covertly put it on the market their human-trafficking earrings.

Or, as 4chan tidily summarizes: “Pizzagate is unraveling, and spiraling out of the globalist’s manipulate. Also, proper after this sequence, the complete display screen flashes yellow for the primary time. Yellow is best used sparingly on this video, and best as a connection with goodness or righteously exercised power. The full-display screen international flash of yellow way the globalists are dropping manipulate in their thoughts manipulate apparatus. Their poison cloud is set to dissipate.”

Exhibit C: The imagery has a deeper which means in case you recognize what to pay attention for.

It’s greater than simply the lyrics which have deeper meanings, though. After her feud with Kanye ensured that Swift might be all the time connected to the snake emoji, Swift has in reality determined to reclaim that imagery. And additionally … Pizzagate somehow? According to nameless net sleuths, Swift “appropriated the snake and grew to become it round on them, the ouroboros consuming itself just like the left does, spiraling round to appear to be the pedo image…”

Theory: Taylor Swift become murdered and changed with the aid of using a clone.

As each able-minded conspiracist knows, Avril Lavigne died in 2003 and become right now changed with the aid of using a clone who is been impersonating her ever since. The new Avril has attempted to expose her fact to the sector in cryptic tune lyrics and symbolism, however she stays trapped with the aid of using the track enterprise globalists.

Exhibit B: Taylor Swift unexpectedly disappeared from the limelight.

Taylor Swift has laid low in latest months, probably to reconnect with pals and recognition on her work. But as Reddit person A_D_D_I_C_T factors out, “A not unusualplace method with celebrities is to permit them to do their ‘very own thing’ (what they accept as true with is their very own) till the time comes to apply them for a greater overt purpose. Those that do not obey are murdered and changed.”

At the very stop of “Look What You Made Me Do,” a person who’s allegedly Taylor Swift says the following: “I’m sorry, the vintage Taylor can’t come to the telecellsmartphone proper now. Why? Oh, due to the fact she’s dead.”

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