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10 Best Ways to Fix Mouse Cursor Moving on Its Own in Windows 10

Most folks use a mouse to navigate a Windows laptop which include a few who’ve a computer however choose a mouse over a touchpad. Several Windows customers are dealing with an problem in which their mouse’s cursor is observed transferring on its very own unassisted. This might also additionally sound like a nerd’s ghost at play however is really a not unusualplace mistakess in Windows 10.

This often is a software program problem because of this that we are able to troubleshoot it the usage of one of the techniques beneath. Before we begin troubleshooting, make certain you’ve got got checked the cable and connectivity of your mouse. Sometimes, following those easy steps might also additionally assist clear up the hassle


If you’ve been the usage of the equal mouse pad for years, the possibilities are that a part of it has diminished and misplaced the coarseness to preserve the mouse in place. That should make your mouse slide a piece routinely and you’ll see the mouse pointer transferring on its very own. Also, you have to wash your mousepad as soon as in a while, if it’s miles washable, to make sure all of the undesirable dirt is off the mouse pad to hold it clean.


Quite a number of parents don’t use a mousepad and like to apply the table instead. Some of those desks characteristic drawers and that they generally tend to bend over the years and disturb the general alignment of the spot. So test in case your table has sudden slant at the floor.


At instances the mouse won’t paintings properly with the Windows 10 updates, specially in case you are part of the Windows 10 Insider program. Nonetheless, you have to replace your mouse’s firmware to the modern version. Usually, the bundled software program have to contend with it or you may test out the mouse-maker’s aid or downloads segment to test for the modern firmware replace.


As the call suggests, the integrated troubleshooter in Windows will assist you discern out the hassle and recommend software program-fixes in case you’ve tousled the settings through mistake.

Step 1: Search for Command Prompt in Windows Search (Windows key+S) and open it with admin rights (click on on Run as administrator).

Fix Mouse Cursor Moving on Its Own in Windows 10 5

Step 2: Type the beneath command and hit Enter.

msdt.exe –identityentification DeviceDiagnostic

Step 3: That will release a pop-up window. Click on Next to maintain and allow it run.


You have to test in case your Windows 10 laptop has the modern drivers in your peripherals, which include the mouse. Follow our manual for updating, reinstalling, and rolling again drivers as a manner to troubleshoot mouse cursor misbehaving issues.


If you watched that a few malware or sneaky app is taking manage of your mouse, run the Microsoft Defender to experiment your laptop. Also, we suggest Malwarebytes to take away any malware that escapes the notice.


If you operate recreation controllers, photos tablets, joysticks, or a few different enter tool related to the system. The hassle is that a number of them also can manage mouse ensuing in a warfare. Disable and unplug all such controllers and enter gadgets out of your laptop and test again.


Realtek HD Audio Manager drivers are recognised to purpose warfare with mouse drivers. Try reinstalling and updating Realtek HD Audio Manager however if that doesn’t paintings, any other manner to cast off this problem is through disabling Realtek from launching at reboot.

Step 1: Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys to open the Task Manager.

Step 2: Under the Startup tab, right-click on on Realtek Audio Manager (call might also additionally range a bit) and pick Disable.


If you’ve set touchpad sensitivity in your computer too high, it’ll reply to a slightest touch. For checking that, you may regulate the touchpad sensitivity in your Windows 10 computer.

Step 1: Press Windows key+I to open Settings similar to earlier than and look for Touchpad settings and open it.

Step 2: Scroll a bit and alternate Touchpad sensitivity to Low, Medium, High, or Most sensitive.


At instances the touchpad can acquire dust interior its floor and malfunction. If you choose the usage of a mouse together along with your computer, then you definitely have to disable the touchpad.

Step 1: Press Windows key+I to open Settings and look for the ‘Turn the touchpad on or off’ option. Click at the seek end result to open it.

Step 2: Click at the toggle button to show it off. Some laptops actually have a devoted key on their keyboard to quick flip on/off the touchpad.


It may be frightening to view your mouse transferring on its very own with out you even touching the mouse or touchpad. Fortunately, there are lots of approaches to check what’s incorrect and connect it. More regularly than not, it’s a hardware or software program mistakess that may be constant the usage of one of the above solutions. If you observed any other manner to repair it, do allow us to recognise withinside the feedback segment beneath.

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