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A Comprehensive List Of Best Bowlers From India International Team

If batting is considered the foundation of a cricket team, then bowling is the pillar upon which the whole match relies. For ages, Indian bowlers have shown massive improvement in their gameplay. Earlier bowling was not very much respected or recognized as a significant aspect of cricket. If asked masses, anybody would know the batters’ names, and a very few would mention bowlers. Nowadays, they have excelled so much that numerous are not only famous for their complicated core bowling figure but batting too. India international cricket have emerged with many extraordinary bowlers who have shown their excellence on the field. There have been a lot of exciting pacemen who have played for the subcontinental giants, even though India may not be known for generating a ton of high-class fast bowlers over the years.

Some of these bowlers with their career histories are mentioned below:-

  • Javagal Srinath:-

With a total of 551 wickets up till now, Javagal has created fame in the Indian cricket team. Perhaps the fastest bowler was ever seen in history by an Indian audience. Improving himself on & on, he also made a swinger as his weapon, making him more powerful as a bowler. When he used to appear in the ground opposition team gets in distress and lost optimism. Talking about his beginning life, Srinath is gaining the cheers of the masses. Till now, he has acquired more than 300 wickets in ODIs which brings him to the list of the top 11 players who could perform such a feat. Along with that, he became the only fast bowler from India to do so.

Srinath announced his retirement from his international career after performing impressively in South Africa, where the World cup 2003 happened. Currently, he is serving the nation as an ICC match referee.

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  • Kapil Dev:-

He is a sensational personality who has achieved the phase of prominence with his fantastic batting and bowling. His strike rates and bowling figures are just astonishing. Nobody could ever see the place which he has created in the history of Indian cricket. When India was deadly seeking for a fast bowler, Kapil emerged as a boon for the team.

Now he is a celebrity who is highly respected and admired by millions of people, not just from India but also from outside the country. He teaches a feeling of zeal among the spectators when he picks up the turn. His bowling skills show he is renowned as a flash fast bowler and has represented India 131 times in Test matches. You won’t believe it, but he struck out 434 wickets at that time and stayed on a satisfactory average of 29.6. As everyone knows, he captained the team when India won the 1983 world cup, it was seldom possible with his leadership, only that India attained a peak level of excellence. Kapil typically bowled at a range and angle that always bothered right-handers. As the time goes, he developed an inswinger in his style too, which made him more effective than before.

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He became an inspiration for young cricketers because they wonder how a cricketer can be so much outstanding in bowling as well as batting, and not just that he maintains his team integrity too while playing. Umpire Dickie Bird referred to Dev as being one of the best all-around players of all time, which was true. This brilliant career ended in the year 1994 with his departure.

  • Zaheer Khan:-

Zaheer Khan indeed proved to be one of the most fantastic assets of an Indian cricket team. He is a perfect blend of so many talents, such as being a fast, renowned bowler, an expert person of reverse swing style, the threat to left-hander batters especially, a Test matches mighty opening bowler and indeed a world cup savior. However, his consistent injuries were not hidden by anyone too, which caused tremendous impact and hurdles for his international career since he was not able to go.

He has a World record for the highest Test score, and His IPL career was quite interesting since he left his sparkle everywhere. Initially, he commenced with Royal Challengers Bangalore in the year 2008, then shifted to Mumbai Indians, once again got the Bangalore team, then returned back to Mumbai Indians then, eventually entered into Delhi Daredevils and still serves as their advisor today.

Zaheer began his cricket career when he shifted to Mumbai with his family and pursued his dream by training under a great coach Sudhir Naik. He gradually enhanced and realized his talent after practicing daily at National Cricket Camp, where he used to play tennis ball cricket afterwards. Due to his incredible performances, he was honored with the Padma Shri and Arjuna awards by the President of India.

  • Ishant Sharma:-

Ishant Sharma shot into prominence during the 2007-2008 Test series held in Australia. With his excellent build and rhythmic, high-arm action, he could bowl at the speed of around 140 kilo per hour. Unbelievingly he created his passion for cricket at the age of 14 only and therefore played the Ranji Trophy debut at 18 years of age.

He demonstrated the ability to move the ball on both sides, and his penetrating spell in Perth’s second innings, when he set up Ricky Ponting, is legendary. He maintained his incredible display in the one-day series, once reaching speeds of more than 150 kph, and finished as India’s leading wicket-taker in the successful campaign. The Australians fall in distress when Ishant got down with his bowl on the pitch due to his high-arm action. He makes the prediction of flow difficult for the batsman, as a result of this, he gained smooth wickets.

These are the magnificent bowlers of all time in the Indian international team who considerably acquire fame and success from their hard work and persistent endeavors. One of the most adaptable athletes in the world for an extremely long time is the bowler. They are adept at essentially every sport and can bowl with any technique or ball because of their strong arms and fast reflexes. Thus bowling is never as easy as it seems to be. Therefore, they must be respected and appreciated!!

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