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Tools Required for Streamlining your Remote Working Experience

The majority of companies and firms worldwide have adapted to a hybrid working model, i.e., employees are required to work both from home and from the office. Besides this, some companies are still following the remote model of working. According to Tech Target, there are numerous advantages of working remotely. For example, working remotely offers users a better work-life balance and facilitates higher productivity and flexibility. Besides this, it also helps individuals in saving costs and reduces absenteeism.


Every individual who works from home requires a set of software tools or applications to perform any work-related task remotely conveniently. Remote working tools facilitate individuals to collaborate, communicate, as well as accomplish work tasks synonymously with their co-workers from any geographical location. Hence, every remotely working employee should have all the necessary remote working tools for having a streamlined remote working experience. This article will shed light on some necessary apps and programs which simplify remote working. Let us dive right into it:


  • Digital Workspace


Every remote working team requires different types of apps and programs to manage tasks. A digital workspace is deemed a unified platform that facilitates users to access all the necessary digital tools that individuals require for everyday work tasks. The powerful tool facilitates individuals to collaborate, communicate and perform specific tasks productively and effectively. Moreover, it eliminates users’ need to switch between different applications. A well-rounded digital workspace includes tools for managing projects and tasks, messaging, storing data, etc. There are numerous applications that qualify as a top-tier digital workspace. For instance, Microsoft Teams is a popular tool that is used extensively by tons of companies all around the globe. It facilitates remotely working individuals to create teams where members can assign tasks and agendas, publish posts, share important data, communicate with each other, etc.


  • Screen Capturing/Sharing Apps


When it comes to sharing information with co-workers, one of the best ways to do it is by capturing the screen or taking screenshots. Screenshots facilitate remotely-working individuals to share information with others in a seamless manner. Screen capturing or sharing tools help team members understand one another’s perspectives. Moreover, in the case of support teams, it facilitates individuals to connect remotely with clients and resolve issues.


Thankfully, numerous screen-capturing and sharing tools are readily available on all major platforms, including macOS and Windows. For instance, if you wish to screenshot on MacBook or any other Mac, there are numerous apps using which you can easily get the job done. For example, CleanShot X offers macOS users to capture or share their screen with other individuals easily. Besides this, Capto is another great third-party utility using which macOS users can share their screens without hassle. On the other hand, remotely working individuals who use Windows PCs can opt for applications like TeamViewer, Screenleap, or to share their screens with others without facing any inconvenience.


  • Collaboration and Communication Tools


It is not possible for employees to collaborate seamlessly with others without having an efficient tool for communication. Efficient communication applications that offer features like video calling and instant messaging facilitate individual employees as well as teams to collaborate effortlessly. Thankfully, tons of top-tier collaboration and communication tools are readily available in the market. For instance, Slack is an exceptional application using which individuals can communicate seamlessly with fellow teammates. The versatile app features tons of features and customization options that enhance the user’s experience. Besides this, users who like using Google tools for working remotely can opt to use Google Hangouts. The potent app allows users to chat or host video meetings with other Google users. Moreover, the seamless integration of the app with Gmail takes the power of the app to a whole new level. Another popular collaboration tool that is extensively used by individuals is Workplace by Facebook. The main reason for its popularity is that its interface resembles that of Facebook Messenger.


  • Project Management Software


Teams comprising remotely working individuals cannot perform efficiently and productively without a robust project management tool. An efficient project management tool helps employees streamline all upcoming work and deadlines and maintain transparency. Having a good project management app or program also eliminates the need for users to send back-and-forth emails. Moreover, it also ensures that all members of a team remain on the same page throughout the project’s duration. There are numerous top-notch project management tools readily available for users of all platforms. For instance, if you are searching for a team that excels at facilitating team collaboration, Basecamp is a great tool you can consider opting for. Besides this, you can also opt to use Notion, Trello, Asana, Wrike, etc.


If you work remotely from your home or any other location, it would be best if you get hold of the aforementioned software tools to streamline your remote workflow and enhance your productivity.

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