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Star Wars: The 15 Best Female Characters, Ranked

Star Wars has continually been in advance of its time, breaking new floor withinside the sci-fi style withinside the past due 1970s. It has persisted its progress, reshaping the cinema panorama with its eleven movies in total. Setting new field workplace records, every constructing upon the ultimate movie’s success.

When growing his imaginative and prescient for Star Wars, George Lucas may want to have in no way predicted that his films could create any such unswerving fan-base that could now no longer simplest study and watch his movies however actively assist in growing new content material and encyclopedia’s to assist marketplace his works. Lucas has continually prided himself on sturdy woman roles inside his films, courting again to Princess Leia. Yet, during the last 4 decades, many different women have garnered the eye and admiration of enthusiasts and moviegoers alike.

Updated 14th May, 2020 via way of means of George Chrysostomou: With all of the movies withinside the Skywalker saga to be had on Disney+ in addition to extra content material because of Star Wars day, here is an up to date rating of the quality woman characters withinside the franchise.

Captain Phasma climbs off her deliver in Star Wars

Perhaps now no longer decent in phrases of her global view, Captain Phasma controlled to do some thing that only a few girls have. She labored her manner to the pinnacle ratings of the First Order, turning into a vicious chief of the brand new Stormtroopers.

Asides from her super chrome armor and extreme combating capabilities, Phasma additionally has splendid management skills that she positioned to correct use. The novelisation of her lifestyles controlled to give her in extra element than her brief lived appearances on film.

Norra Wexley

Appearing withinside the Aftermath trilogy, Norra Wexley is definitely a key member of the Rebellion, that discovered herself serving beneathneath the New Republic. She changed into an instantaneous contributor to a few years of peace.

She’s an superb pilot and a sturdy chief of a ragtag institution of ex-Imperials and rogues, however she’s additionally an extremely supportive and being concerned mom to Temmin Wexley. She’s one of the galaxy’s many unsung heroes.

Amilyn Holdo

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo takes manage of the Resistance at the same time as Leia is incapacitated in The Last Jedi

The Vice Admiral had a very hard function to fill. She had the not possible assignment of filling in for Leia at the same time as additionally heading off the First Order’s assaults and a mutiny from Poe and participants of her very own group.

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She expertly treated the troops, got here up with a superb survival plan, and stored many lives together along with her sacrifice play which in the long run worn out a large bite of the enemy forces. She’s an inspirational chief and a hero with the intention to optimistically have the early days of her profession fleshed out.

Cara Dune

A former surprise trooper, Dune changed into a fierce warrior for the duration of the Galactic Civil War, combating on behalf of the Alliance. She may want to in no way pretty go away the combat at the back of though, notwithstanding her quality efforts to attempt to locate a few semblance of peace.

She threw away a threat of a non violent lifestyles on a lesser-recognized planet to assist out The Child and the Mandalorian. She another time resurfaced to assist her friends, showcasing her power of person in addition to her staggering capabilities at the battlefield

Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata can also additionally simply be one of the maximum sensible and smart human beings withinside the galaxy. She’s had an extended and a success lifestyles, one that has visible her engage with a number of the greats from history.

Not simplest is she proficient with a blaster and jetpack, however together along with her words. She’s a instantly shooter and a relaxed speaker, the usage of her have an effect on withinside the galaxy to create a non violent place in which warfare is halted withinside the call of diplomacy, friendship, negotiation, and correct drinks.

Shaak Ti

Shaak Ti, who comes from the non violent Togruta race, proved herself to be a masterful Jedi. Rising thru the ranks, she finally served as a member of the Jedi High Council. Shaak Ti, fought along her Jedi brethren as they fought again the advances of the Separatist navy withinside the waning days of the Republic.

As a General withinside the Grand Army of the Republic, she actively took element withinside the education of the clone soldiers. Sadly, after the betrayal of Anakin Skywalker, she changed into killed via way of means of him as she contemplated on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Mon Mothma

For the more youthful technology that failed to develop up looking the authentic movies, Mon Mothma is probably a overseas call, however, with out her, the Rebel Alliance could have in no way made it out of its infancy. Mothma rose to electricity for the duration of the Clone Wars as a senator withinside the Republic.

At wars cease, she warned of Palpatine’s developing electricity however few listened. After the dissolution of the Republic, she at the side of Bail Organa led insurrection forces in opposition to the tyranny of the Empire. After the Rebel Alliance’s victory, she changed into made the primary Chancellor of the New Republic.

Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso changed into the daughter of Galen Erso, the scientist at the back of the introduction of the primary Death Star. Jyn changed into a effective pressure withinside the fledgling Rebel Alliance. Raised via way of means of Saw Gerrera, a well-known hero of the resistance movement, she simplest knew the lifestyles of a rebel.

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She led the challenge to retrieve her father earlier than he finished his challenge for the Empire. Jyn, at the side of her group broke into the Citadel on Scarif had been the Death Star schematics had been held. They retrieved the schematics however on the price in their lives.


Rey changed into the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine however changed into hidden from him via way of means of her parents. She lived the lifestyles of a junk scavenger on Jakku, earlier than entering touch and becoming a member of the Resistance. After coming across her pressure powers, Rey changed into capable of wake up a reference to Kylo Ren, the meant chief of the First Order, that finally ended in them locating their manner to Exegol in which they determined the resurrected Palpatine.

Her grandfather sought to have her take his region because the rightful ruler of the Empire however she refused his offer, killing him to keep the Resistance.

Hera Syndulla

Hera proved herself to be a effective best friend to the Rebel Alliance together along with her professional piloting capabilities. Syndulla ended up assembly and falling in love with a Jedi via way of means of the call of Kanan Jarrus. They at the side of their group at the deliver Ghost had been instrumental in liberating the planet Lothal from the Empire’s grips.

For her efforts, Syndulla changed into promoted to General withinside the Rebel Alliance and given a squadron of opponents to command. Syndulla changed into gift on the Battle of Endor that changed into a demise blow to the Empire.

Assaj Ventress

Assaj Ventress changed into a complex person that desired entirely to be taken into consideration an apprentice to Count Dooku. While Dooku noticed her usefulness as an assassin, she changed into in no way taken into consideration worth sufficient to be his apprentice.

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She changed into a top notch parent who fought totally on the Separatist facet for the duration of the Clone Wars. As an assassin, she had top notch conflicts with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalkers, proving to be a worth adversary of the Jedi. Though, in the direction of the cease of the war, she fell out of style with Dooku and needed to flee to Dathomir for refuge.

Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren got here from the effective Clan Wren from Madalore. She fashioned an alliance and finally a friendship with the group of the Ghost and finally gave her offerings over to the Rebel Alliance. She changed into a effective warrior who held to her ancestral traditions.

She helped the group of the Ghost at the side of the Rebel Alliance win many battles, earlier than finally returning to her domestic planet of Mandalore, in which she reclaimed her family’s honor and purchased the Darksaber, a effective blade that whoever wielded it, changed into worth of main the Mandalorians.

Padmé Amidala

Amidala changed into the Queen of Naboo and a Senator withinside the Republic. She performed a essential function in liberating her local Naboo from Separatist manage at the same time as making sure that the human beings of the Republic had been in correct hands.

Her dating with the Jedi Anakin Skywalker formed the direction of the galaxy, permitting Palpatine to gather the allegiance of a effective apprentice and the whole takeover of the Republic. Like such a lot of others, she warned of Palpatine’s electricity grab, yet, may want to do little to prevent him from destroying the Jedi Order and the Republic with it.

Leia Organa Skywalker

The daughter of the Jedi became Sith apprentice, Anakin Skywalker and Princess Amidala of Naboo, Leia changed into raised via way of means of Senator Bail Organa after the demise of her mom in childbirth. She proved to play a key function in now no longer simply the destruction of the Empire however, in later years, served as a General of the Resistance in opposition to the First Order.

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Leia changed into a proficient strategist, orator, and politician. As an adult, she changed into taught withinside the methods of the pressure via way of means of her brother Luke Skywalker, passing her information to the subsequent technology while she took Rey as her apprentice.

Ahsoka Tano changed into the apprentice of Anakin Skywalker for the duration of the Clone Wars. She changed into a proficient Jedi with a warrior’s spirit. She changed into continually her master’s voice of cause while conditions have become private and in doing so, proved to be a treasured asset to the Jedi Order as a whole.

After the Jedi Council wrongly accused her of treason in opposition to the Republic, she left the order, simplest to go back for the duration of the times of the Empire, as a General withinside the Rebel Alliance. Her presence changed into important to the cause, finally even turning into a mentor to Ezra Bridger

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