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7 Simple Ways To Start Loving Your Body

Consider everything that your body is capable of, from eating to walking to sleeping to chatting. All these activities benefit you in staying alive, happy, and healthy, even if they seem insignificant; thus, you should value your body. You can love your body if you appreciate every other body’s unique perfection. 

When it comes to loving one’s body, there is no one ideal approach. According to research, around 84% of American women are unsatisfied with their bodies. Although a perfect body never ensures a perfect life, being healthy is more important than being perfect. 

Every individual has a different body type. An actress has a slimmer body, whereas a weight lifter has a heavy body with more muscles and weight. Both are incredibly different in terms of body type, but you admire them both for their accomplishments and achievements. 

Love your body as it supports your achievement. Learning to love one’s body can be challenging, especially when unaware of its beauty. Here are some simple ways to encourage self-love.

  1. Seek help

Criticism has harmful effects on your emotional and mental health. When you criticize your body, your brain acts negatively and releases hormones that make you feel bad. This sadness leads to losing your interest in yourself. 

Eventually, you hate yourself and go into depression and may take the help of certain drugs, including opioids, and become addicted to them. It has disastrous effects on your body. To lower the suffering from these conditions, you can try finding help and information to overcome them. 

Seeking help brings about a positive change in your personality and your mindset. It also helps in making you fall in love with your body.

  1. Move your bathroom scale out of sight

A bathroom scale constantly pressures you to lose weight and to have a perfect body. After you are out of your shower area, the weighing scale in the front pushes you to stand on it. Your calm bathing experience vanishes as soon as you stand on it. 

If your desired body weight isn’t there, you’ll suffer from depression and pressure, which makes it impossible to cherish your body. Moving your bathroom scale out of sight encourages you to be carefree about your weight, making it easier for you to love your body. 

  1. Edit your social media feeds

Scrolling through social media and seeing skinny models and glamorous celebrities is entertaining, but it negatively impacts your brain and lowers your self-esteem. Research shows that constant exposure to media figures can negatively impact your self-esteem, which sometimes leads to eating disorders. 

Create boundaries around posts, feeds, and pictures you come across while exploring social media. If you believe a certain account might negatively affect your brain, you can unfollow it. To appreciate yourself and cherish your blessings, you can edit your social media feeds and scroll for inspiring, fun-loving, and lively content.

  1. Divert your attention

Whenever you get the urge to compare and hate, divert your attention

The thought of an inferiority complex may be lowered in several ways. A refreshing bath, a walk in the garden, beautiful flowers, a delicious meal, or a friendly conversation can all help you disconnect the thoughts bothering you. 

When your senses are engaged, and your nerves are fed, your brain releases good vibes, creating a delightful sense of pleasure.

  1. Follow people who are like you

Following joyful people having the same body type as yours would inspire you to live cheerfully. It helps you maintain a healthy attitude toward your body and keeps your thoughts positive. 

You will find accounts that promote you to love your body and offer great tips to stay healthy and happy. Following these accounts and curating your social media preferences would lower the pressure on your brain to have that ideal figure and allow you to love and respect your body.

  1. Give positive affirmations to your body

Positive affirmations can assist you in battling and overcoming negative and self-defeating ideas. It is a great tool to manage your stress and combat depression. You may achieve beneficial changes within yourself by repeating them frequently and believing them. 

By repeating positive affirmations in front of the mirror, you tell your brain what you want it to believe. By saying, “I am smart, “; “I look great, “; “My body is fine, “; “I am happy, “; “I accept my body figure,” and “I love my body,” you are taking back control of how you feel about yourself. 

All the positive statements you make will affect your thoughts and beliefs in a positive manner, and they will help you to appreciate your body.

  1. Try to stay happy always

Staying happy is a basic need for all living beings. You can be delighted in all circumstances and cherish each of its moments. 

Staying happy lowers your chance of developing cardiovascular disease, lowers your blood pressure, improves your sleep quality, enhances your nutrition, enables you to keep a healthy weight, and reduces stress. 

Aristotle once said, “Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and the end of human existence.” 

Staying happy allows you to love your body and have no regrets. Happiness entails a sublime mental and emotional experience, increasing your love for your body.


Beauty lies in the eyes of its beholder. Therefore, loving your body and cherishing your inner beauty are crucial. Looks and body shape are short-lived and fade away with time. You should always focus on your health and personality and love yourself. 

On the other hand, hating your body leads to different psychological disorders, such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Whereas loving your body can enhance your mental fitness and keep you happy. 

Diverting negative thoughts, positive affirmation, and curating your social media can make you fall in love with your body. Keeping your bathroom scale out of sight can also help in appreciating yourself. Accepting others’ bodies and avoiding judgments can be a significant source of respect for your body.

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