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4 Practical Tips on Self-Defense That You Must Know

Self-defense is one of the most crucial and basic life skills that everyone should learn. It can not only save your life but can also save you from any kind of personal or financial loss. 

The percentage of street crimes has reached dangerous levels in recent times, and there is no better alternative to save yourself from street crimes than learning basic combat and defense training by yourself. 

Keeping in view the dire need for knowledge of basic self-defense, we have enlisted a few practical tips that will improve your self-defense skills in no time. Let’s directly dine into that list:

Have a Safety Weapon for Yourself

The first step you would want to take toward your personal safety has to be getting a licensed weapon and learning how to use it. Nowadays, even the weapon industry has opened itself to customization options. You can now order a custom gun or custom rifles in accordance with your preference. You can add or remove particular features from a given weapon through a customization service. 

When buying a weapon, the most important thing to look for is the license. If you fail to get a licensed weapon due to any reason, you may end up in a  lawsuit. It can also cause you to pay a penalty of thousands of dollars.

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Know About the Weak Points

The human body has some strong points and some weak points. This goes for both genders. Whether you are a male or a female, the information of all the points in both genders will give you a higher edge over your attacker. 

You will be able to use this knowledge to your benefit when you get in combat. For instance, behind the knees, nose, neck, and naval area are some of the weak points in a male that you can attack in order to get yourself some time to call the cops, scream, and run. 

Take Self Defense Classes

You can not get the knowledge of combat techniques and their use from anywhere but a self-defense or combat class. Instead of going for online resources, try to look for the institutes near you that offer such training. 

It is because the amount of theory you memorize in this regard will be of no use unless you put it to the test through practicals, and you can not do practicals over the online mode of education. Hence, joining a physical self-defense class will benefit you more. 

Keep a Chili Spray Handy

There are many self-defense tools available in the market these days that you can keep handy to save yourself from the attack of strangers. The product ranges start from knuckles to metal sticks to chili sprays. These sprays are specially made with a range that can spray as far as a few feet saving you from the need to go near the attacker to spray it on his face. Moreover, wear confidence like nothing else to make yourself look like a strong opponent.

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