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5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Drain Plumber

You often ignore the tell-tale signs of clogs in your kitchen sink or bathroom. While you pay little attention to water draining a bit slower, you don’t consider it a big deal until it leads to a plumbing emergency and you need to contact a blocked drain plumber. And when you choose professional plumbing services, they keep blockage issues at bay, helping you save a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, there are several other benefits you get from these services and if you want to learn more, read the following section.

  • Eliminates Nasty Odours

Hair, soap scum and various other organic items go down your drain. And when the drains get clogged, these items degrade, and bacteria eat at them, causing a foul smell. So, using store-bought shower or toilet drain cleaners is not sufficient to get rid of such odours. You need a professional blocked drain plumber to clean and eliminate these organic elements.

  • Reduce Clogs

It’s a terrible sight to flush the toilet only to find the wastewater overflow. And if a slow drain becomes a clog, you go through a lot of hassle. Without proper drainage, you can’t wash your hands or dishes or take a bath. Meanwhile, you may try plunging, but your efforts may make little difference with a stubborn clog.

Over-the-counter drain cleaners can also be an option to get rid of the clog, but they have harsh chemicals which are not good for the environment and may cause health hazards when not used correctly. However, with regular professional cleaning, you don’t get clogs and fret about sewage backups.

  • Prevent Wall and Floor Damage

Overflowing water from the toilet or sink runs into walls and floors and causes severe damage. Water seeping under the tiles may also erode wallpaper and plaster on your walls. Furthermore, water overflow can result in mould growth affecting the structural integrity of the walls and floor. Meanwhile, replacing flooring and portions of your wall can be expensive. Moreover, if the clog persists, the clog may occur repeatedly.

A blocked drain plumber can eliminate the issues of clogs preventing floor and wall damage. And when not exposed to water, your wall and flooring can last several years. 

  • Improve Your Family’s Health

Bacteria breaking down organic matter release lousy odour. Clogged drains are a great habitat for mould and bacteria, and they keep growing without consistent water flow to flush out the waste matters.

Bacteria and mould cause infections and several illnesses, which can be a huge concern for your family’s health. Meanwhile, clog-free drains prevent bacteria and fungi growth. Hence, you need professional plumbing services to prevent mould growth and potential health hazards.

  • Save Time and Money

While you may think self-cleaning is cost-effective, professional cleaning costs much less than you incur for repairs if not done correctly. As such, hiring a drain cleaning service can help you save costs in the long run. Plus, when you opt for professional cleaning services, you also spend less on store-bought cleaners. In addition, well-maintained pipes can last several decades. Hence, by hiring a drain cleaning service, you are increasing the reliability of the drainage system. 

Slow drainage, when left unattended, results in water contamination, burst pipes and other damage to your home. And with drain cleaning services, you leave the job to the professionals who use high-grade tools to get the work done, saving you a plumbing nightmare. So, be mindful of your drainage system to prevent costly repairs in the future.

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