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Everything You Need to Know About Saute Pans

It’s not easy trying to find the right type of cookware amongst the hundreds of thousands of options in the Australian market. And the same goes for kitchen essentials like a frying pan, saucepan, and sauté pan. Meanwhile, saute pans are arguably the most important cooking utensils as they are one of the most extensively used items in the kitchen. This is because it is versatile, and thanks to its features, it can take on any function that the type of cooking demands.

Although sauteing requires a considerable amount of skill, having this pan can be a game changer if Australians have many meals with ingredients that need to be sauteed. And customers new to the whole process of sautéing can look into various sauté pans as they are a great and versatile addition to any Australian kitchen.

What Are Their Main Uses?

  1. Sauteing: Although frying pans can be used for this purpose, a saute pan will do it better, and, thanks to its large surface area, ingredients can be cooked evenly in one layer, no matter if they are diced, chopped, or minced.
  2. Sweating the Ingredients: Although the process is similar to sauteing, ingredients don’t turn brown and are cooked to allow them to soften. So, the primary purpose of the sweating process is to ensure that the ingredients lose extra moisture in low heat.
  3. Pasta Sauces: This pan is an ideal option for making pasta sauces, and the overall design ensures that the water doesn’t evaporate when the pasta is cooking.
  4. Frying: It is not suitable for deep frying, but it makes it easier to fry ingredients such as chicken or fish.

Best Features

  1. The wide and flat bottom is probably an essential feature of sauté pans as it helps with the even distribution of heat throughout the whole bottom surface. The flat bottom also makes it easier for people to move the ingredients while cooking so that everything gets evenly cooked.
  2. The pan’s sides are designed so that liquids or sauces that are getting cooked won’t spill over the edge onto the cooking top. And this is why this pan is excellent for light frying, as the sides won’t allow the hot oil to spill over.
  3. Next up is the lid of the pan, which traps the steam, and, being transparent, users can see what’s going on inside without having to lift the lid every time.
  4. The final feature is the long handle, which makes it convenient for users to toss the food in the pan while they cook. Irrespective of the heat, the handle is designed to stay cool and comfortable in the hands of the user.

How to Buy the Best One for Your Kitchen?

  1. Always choose the suitable material. Meanwhile, stainless steel is the best option when buying saute pans. It is the most popular option for a pan material in Australia and is also durable and functional.
  2. Make sure the pan is made of high-quality material and according to professional standards.
  3. Check whether the pan is suitable for ovens and high temperatures.
  4. Think about the various cooking processes you want to implement and buy a pan that suits you best. Saute pans that are ideal for high-temperature frying may not be best for making pasta sauces.

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