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What are the Advantages of using Apoquel for dogs?

Veterinarians have increasingly turned to a medicine that has been shown to treat dogs with allergies and the issues that might result. Apoquel is the name of this drug. Allergies are never enjoyable—itchy skin, red eyes, sneezing, congestion, and so on. Unfortunately, allergies are not limited to humans. Dog allergies are a severe issue that pet owners must deal with. With Apoquel, many dogs and their owners are in a catch-22 situation. Using apoquel for dogs effectively relieves itching, but at a cost, whether it’s for your dog’s health or your bank account.

 Apoquel Advantages for Dogs

Apoquel is a fast-acting drug that begins to work within 4 hours and eliminates your dog’s allergic itch within 24 hours. This is fantastic news for both current and future healing and comfort.

  • It takes action in 4 hours.
  • Skin irritation decrease with time
  • Is NOT an anabolic steroid (uncommon among allergy medications)
  • Long-term itching relief

Most importantly, consider taking your dog to a veterinary dermatologist. 

The following are a few advantages of using Apoquel for dogs:  

  • Dosage and Administration

It may be administered with or without meals, and your dog’s weight determines the precise dosing quantity. Apoquel is administered orally twice daily for 14 days (initially). After 14 days, the dose is reduced to a maintenance quantity once daily, gradually decreasing to the lowest adequate amount (during long-term use). However, you can safely discontinue Apoquel without lowering your dosage.

  • Modifying Your Dog’s Diet

While actual food allergies are uncommon, food sensitivities and intolerances are considerably more frequent in dogs and can cause red and itchy skin. An elimination diet involves removing all potential allergens from your dog’s diet and then gradually reintroducing items one at a time when symptoms have subsided.

This restricted diet must be followed until your dog’s symptoms improve. Waiting two to three months is typical for skin allergies. Consider a different diet if your dog’s symptoms do not improve during this period. If there is still no improvement, you are most likely suffering from a food allergy or sensitivity.

  • Eliminating Infections and Parasites

Your dog’s itchy skin journey likely began with a battery of tests to rule out parasites such as fleas, mites, and other skin illnesses. Veterinarians sometimes use antibiotics to rule out bacterial-induced dermatitis. While this can be a useful diagnostic tool, remember that certain infections require numerous rounds of antibiotics to eradicate, and yeast infections, which are frequently exacerbated by medications, can also cause itchy skin.

Some dogs, particularly those with thyroid issues or other environmental sensitivities, may be sensitive to staph bacteria. This microorganism may be found on almost any surface, even the skin of a healthy mammal.

  • Safety

Before you begin Apoquel for your dog, ensure you and your veterinarian review your dog’s current drugs and how they may interact with Apoquel. Whether you use Apoquel, another medicine, or a natural cure to relieve your dog’s itching while you look for the underlying sickness or allergy, the vital thing is never to stop looking. Only when the itching is completely gone. While vitamins and topical therapies can help relieve itchy skin in your dog, they will not heal the underlying reason. With each new treatment, we, as veterinarians, must evaluate the appropriate indications for its usage and the role it will play in talks with our customers, who rely on the recommendations for therapy choices for their pets. 




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