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Cooking methods in common use in the UK

Due to colonialism in many regions of the world, British people were influenced by their cooking practices and customs. By utilizing a variety of herbs, spices, and culinary techniques, they aimed to develop and produce new variations in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. One of the popular recipes they were influenced by is chicken tikka masala, which is a dish consisting of chicken pieces cooked in tomato sauce and is a part of Indian traditional cuisine. UK residents use a variety of culinary techniques to enhance the flavor of their meals. Their foods have a distinctive and mouthwatering flavor because of their cooking techniques including roasting, poaching, and baking. The following list of typical British cooking techniques is stated below.

Common and popular methods of cooking:

Using various cooking techniques, like soup making and slow cooking you may give a meal a distinctive flavor. It is important to adopt the right cooking techniques so that we can absorb all of the nutrition from our meals. The same recipe can be prepared using a variety of cooking techniques. We can bake, roast, steam, and fry chicken, for example. These techniques all impart various flavors to the chicken.


A popular method of cooking in the United Kingdom is baking. A unique method of cooking food is baking. Using ovens is a major component. Additionally, baking doesn’t involve using open flames. The baking process is sped up by the use of rods to raise the temperature within the oven. A quick and easy culinary technique is baking. It doesn’t require frequent stirring and the addition of components from time to time. All of the ingredients are combined and thoroughly mixed before being placed into the baking dish and baked right away. The method of baking may be used to create any type of food, whether it is savory or sweet. Additionally, baking is enjoyable for everyone and relieves our senses. Now, home baking is a recognized profession. People make delectable baked goods, which customers subsequently order. Making organic and hygienically prepared meals is a great method to gain the confidence of the public and make money at home.


The process of cooking food over an open flame or in an oven is called roasting. The desired temperature is what distinguishes roasting from baking. In contrast to baking, roasting demands a high temperature and intense flame. While baking takes more time. By cooking at high heat until the outside of the food gets crispy and brown, roasting develops a strong and improved taste. 


A cooking method that gradually cooks food in the water. Food has a balanced flavor and delicate texture because of this method. For eggs, poaching is a common technique. Poached eggs are healthier to eat since they are simply cooked in water rather than oil or other fats. Fried eggs lack the nutritional value of poached eggs. Poached meat also includes chicken and salmon. Boiling or poaching eggs is preferred by those who wish to lose weight since they don’t contain extra calories that contribute to weight reduction.


In the UK, frying is a popular culinary technique. The food item is placed in hot oil and cooked till golden brown. Fryers are used to prepare dishes like fish and chips, which is a well-known cuisine. The most popular of all foods, crispy fried chicken, is likewise cooked in hot oil. Even though frying is not very beneficial for us, it improves the flavor of the meal. While the interior stays soft, the outside is fried until it turns brown.

Other methods of cooking:

Grilling: A bit similar to roasting, grilling is done by using a grill pan. Steaks, salmon, and chicken can be easily cooked on a grill pan. The similar process like roasting and frying, grilling the meat and vegetables until they are brown.

Simmering: while cooking soups and broth, simmering is done to cook the food on very low heat for a couple of minutes. Simmering is a medium to low heat process in which small bubbles are formed above the surface. This process is mainly done to soften the food.

Broiling: during broiling direct heat is given to the meat different types of meats are used and can be cooked by broiling.

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