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The Different Type Of Popular Videos And Niches On

The Different Type Of Popular Videos And Niches On Youtube (8 Trending YouTube Niches)

Youtube is a fantastic video hosting service. YouTube’s global reach has made it the most popular social media site for video, and one of the top 3 overall. Everyone nowadays wants to have a popular YouTube video or at least, everybody is form time to time browsing YouTube to enjoy some video or learn something new.

YouTube is extremely popular among teenagers especially, who appear to spend several hours per week on the platform, making YouTube an amazing place to reach younger audiences.

From the prospective of a content creator, we need a popular and dependable niche for a popular Youtube channel. We need a popular and attention-getting niche for our YouTube video material, to make our video creation effort more reqarding.

So, before running a youtube channel we need to select a reliable niche in which we are interested and with which we can entertain the YouTube audience at the same time, and of course, gather a considerable amount of audience.

Choosing a YouTube channel niche is a crucial stage in the process of starting a channel. Surely, tere are a variety of youtube niches that are already well-known and well-liked by the YouTube audience, such as Top 10’s or Gaming videos.

If you’re going to create a YouTube channel as well, you’ll need to choose a trustworthy and relevant niche and for that reason, also going out with already popular niches is not a wrong choice, if done correctly. But we’ll see this more in detail and less popular niches too in this article.

Because today, I’ll assist you in choosing a niche for your YouTube videos by presenting some popular and relevant youtube niches, and by giving some personal tip to address your choice.

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In 2022, there will be various types of videos and niche on youtube. There are over 20 generic niches and, if we were to break them down into more specific ones, hundreds of them.

As we mentioned, the selection of appropriate for youtube channel niche is very crucial for a successful youtube channel and this is why today we will discuss about different types of  youtube videos and niche; specifically, our top 9 for the year 2022.


One of the most popular and trendy niche for youtube video is Technology niche. Technological advancement has made several growth and development in the business world. The need for technology is increasing day by day. Youtube is the ideal choice for learning, teaching and sharing technology knowledge.

Many tech lovers use Youtube platforms for the promotion of their tech skills. Many technology educational institutes use youtube platforms for promoting their educational institute among youtube audience. The Youtube technology niche is very popular among students too, because many teenagers and high schoolers develop their beginner technology skills through Youtube and social media, and they always want to stay up to date with the newest technology, whether is is the latest iPhone model or Elon Musk’s new project.

Technology niche will never be outdated, because technological advancement is always at its peak and therefore, is something you can expect to be always trending and full of new content ideas.

1.   FOOD

Food is another popular and trustworthy YouTube video niche. Food is a critical requirement for human survival. There is no one who does not enjoy eating. Different varieties of cuisine appeal to different people. There are various countries, regions, cultures, varieties, preferences, tastes, and culinary talents of cuisine around the world.

People who love cooking and food, use youtube channels to share their cooking talent on social media and people, when they want to see what a specific food looks like, how to cook it, or simply how to cut him, will look for a video on Youtube.

Youtube channels based on the Food niche are very popular and there is no wonder. Many housewives use youtube for making tasty and healthy food for their family already but we don’t think competition is a problem, at all. Also, cooking niche tends to have a good CPM.

Youtube is the best platform for learning recipes and see food in his best shape, and therefore food is one of our top pick as popular and reliable niche of youtube.


Another reliable and attention worthy youtube niche is Entertainment. Youtube is generally used by people for entertainment purposes. People who love bollywood, hollywood, music, songs, dance, POP events, Awards events and many more entertainment things use Youtube for entertainment purposes. Also funny videos or comic sketch are highly popular, as people love to just have a good laugh and a good time.

Entertainment also has more audience retention value and Entertainment has a strong trend value, as it can easily take advantages of trends to create content. It is one of the best niches to go for and possibly, it is also a niche where you’ll love to make videos about, which is something very important.


Another type of niche for youtube is Fashion. Fashion is one of the demanding niches. Why? Well, everyone likes Fashion and it  is always linked with  trends. Trend is always the first choice of the audience and for YouTube videos is often an easy win. And since fashion changes every year, you’ll always have the latest trends to talk about and make videos about.

Also, fashion creators and videos has a high influence on buying behavior of people, so once you get a established audience, you will get free gifts from brands or paid promotions too.

Of course, females are more fond of fashion, so it is more a niche for the ladies, but a great one.

Fashion designers, models and passionates love to share their creations and designs with their loyal subscribers and fashion niches have high conversion value. Therefore it is one of the ideal choices for a youtube niche, if you love the topic.

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One more reliable type of  niche for youtube videos is Tutorials. Youtube is very famous for its tutorial videos and I am sure in the last 30 days, you searched for a YouTube tutorial at least once. Maybe it was a tutorial for your computer, maybe about a recipe or some relationship advice, but you did.

And that is what we all do. Many people visit youtube for learning skills or workflows through online videos.

Therefore, Youtube is the ideal choice for sharing tutorial and how to videos with your audience. Tutorials also tend to have great audience retention values, as users need to watch each step, and therefore longer videos will . Tutorial niche is used to be grav high views. If you have special knowledge and practical skills then you can use the youtube platform for sharing your talent and skills to the youtube audience. Tutorial is one of the best niches for your youtube video.

2.   GAMES

Another useful and trendy type of niche for youtube video is Games. Nowadays technology advancements have brought revolution in the gaming industry. Nowadays Gaming industry is developing at a high pace. Youngsters are fond of games, in fact we can say they are addicted to video games.

Nowadays many youtubers and games lovers use youtube live sessions for playing live games and challenges. Live gaming on youtube gets high retention views. Game niche is very popular among youtube audiences.


Another useful niche for youtube is review of products and services. Nowadays business organizations pay handsome amounts to youtubers for reviewing their products and services on their youtube channel. People give genuine reviews of features of products and services on their youtube channel. This niche is directly related to Youtube Marketing. Youtube marketing is a very essential element of social media marketing and many marketers use YouTube as a tool to market themselves or their product, for instance via reviews of affiliated products. Also, many professional marketers on YouTube use additional professional Youtube growth services  to reach the best and most effective result of their youtube marketing.

1.   VLOGS

One of the most popular and entertaining niche of youtube videos is Vlog. Nowadays many people make youtube vlogs for their youtube channel. They record live vlogs for their travel journeys, for restaurant visits, for wedding functions, for birthday parties, for graduation ceremonies, during cooking and for many other events. Youtube Vlogs a great amount of views generally. Vlog niche has high attention seeking capability.


Another most popular and useful niche for youtube is Trading. Nowadays everyone is learning and practicing trading. People practice trading for earning. Trading is very popular among foreign countries. Nowadays Indians are also into trading. Trading is a very vast and critical concept. It involves money therefore it is a sensitive niche also. Technological advancement has made it possible to share live trading practice on youtube.

Many trading organizations use youtube channels for teaching and promoting trading practices and help people to practice trading carefully. Trading is the niche which gets a huge amount of views and attention because it is related to money. Money has attention seeking power.


Youtube niche selection is a very crucial decision during a successful youtube journey. Youtube content creation is not worthy without an appropriate niche. Niche has its own necessity and importance. Youtube channels are very important for the promotion of the products and services of business organizations. Without a niche running a youtube channel is not a wise choice if you want a popular youtube channel.

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