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Are Fred Meyer Gas Top Tier?

Top Tier is the name of a brand for high quality car fuel that is that is approved by a few well-known automobile manufacturer. However, due to its high-end good quality, prices also goes up in the case of Top Tier fuels. In the present, price hike isn’t making a difference to the price. Therefore, if you’re seeking a high-quality fuel take a look at this article to learn about the non-Top Tier gasoline worth the price. We’d love to know more regarding “Is Fred Meyer Gas Top Tier Is Fred Meyer Gas Top Tier?.

is Fred Meyer Gas Top Tier?


Fred Meyer, commonly known as Kroger gas, doesn’t fit into the classification that is Top Tier fuels. There are a variety of elements and requirements that a retailer must meet in order to be able to claim the fuel they sell as top Tier. While it is of high-quality, Fred Meyer gas fails to meet all the criteria and therefore doesn’t carry it’s Top Tier logo with its fuel.

Does Fred Meyer Gas Top Tier?


In the US automobile fuels are labeled as Top Tier when they are treated using a controlled quantity of additives and detergents to enhance the quality of their fuel. This rule is endorsed by an association of well-known car manufacturers as well as The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). High-end fuels are recognized to boost the performance of engines and prolong their life.

Fred Meyer gas is produced and distributed by Kroger. However, despite its popularity, it’s not an Top Tier fuel. The reason is that Kroger receives its fuel from numerous suppliers but not every one of these are Top Tier businesses. The authority grants its Top Tier license to only companies that purchase detergents and additives from companies that are Top Tier approved.

Kroger’s suppliers include Shell, Exxon, BP, etc. Of these, Shell and Exxon are top Tier however BP isn’t. So, Fred Meyer also does not count as an Top Tier fuel.

Why Should You Use Fred Meyer Gas If It Isn’t Top-Tier?

One should definitely utilize Fred Meyer Gas even if it’s the not Top Tier. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Kroger as well as Fred Meyer gas is of high-quality. It receives its fuel from companies such as Shell, Exxon, and BP. This means that the quality of the fuel varies between different fuel stations, however, all are excellent.
  • Fred Meyer gas tends to be more affordable than many other glasses, especially when compared with Top Tier gasses. Prices can differ based on the state, but the typical range is $2.73 (regular) and $4.79 (diesel).
  • Fred Meyer offers member-only perks in addition to the affordable costs. If you make use of the Fred Meyer rewards card at Shell, QFC, or Kroger to purchase fuel , you will earn fuel points. For each 1000 points you earn you’ll get a savings of 1 cent per gallon.
  • Kroger has numerous associates with third-party companies which means it’s readily available at numerous stations. Some of them include Baker’s, City Market, Dillons, Gerbes, Harris Teeter and Pick N Save Metro Market, Ralphs and more.

How Do I Locate The Location of a Fred Meyer Gas Station?

Fred Meyer Opens New Salem Fuel Station | Los Angeles Design & Engineering  Firm – Fiedler Group


It is possible to locate an Fred Meyer petrol station by using the store finder, which is available on both the app and on the website. To begin, click on the store locator section. After that, type in your address or zip code and then click search. Find your closest Fred Meyer gas station on an interactive map.

Fred Meyer gasoline stations aren’t in all US states. The states listed below include Fred Meyer gas stations – Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia along with West Virginia.


Fred Meyer gas isn’t Top Tier but its quality assurance and prices are high enough to attract numerous motorists. The primary thing to consider is the quality of fuel for healthy engine health, And Fred Meyer promises that. Additionally, they offer attractive fuel points and discounts that will reduce your cost of gas over time. Kroger’s alliance together with Shell and QFC can benefit customers too. In the end although it’s not an Top Tier gas, Fred Meyer gas is worth the effort to put in your car

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