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8 Top Apps for Piano Tuning on Android and iOS

Pianos are an extremely well-known and well-loved instrument of music, and there are many players who are passionate about it. Without it, music composition is a challenge. But, Pianos’ thing is that it needs to be tuned periodically so that you can have the best sound of it. In addition there are many piano tuning equipment available on the market. Today, we are also seeing different programs for piano tuning.

When you’re practicing piano you may be the most proficient pianist in the world, but not sound amazing when your instrument isn’t tuned. We’ve come up with a solution for you by looking at the top piano tuner applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.

There’s no need to pay a large sum of money to hire an expert tuner. You can download the app we’ll be discussing in this article. With a variety of tuning applications to pick from, which one is the best?

Are you interested in learning about the top piano tuning applications to make sure you’re getting the right tunes? If you’re searching for the top applications for tuning your piano and tuning, I’m here to help you with that. I’ve selected some of the best piano tuning applications for you to use. Let’s take a look at the following:

8 Top Apps for Piano Tuning on Android and iOS

The piano tuning apps have allowed musicians to remain true to their music to fine tune their notes and make a beautiful harmonies. iOS or Android We have an app that can be used to tune your piano which will create one of the future Lang Lang, Beethoven, or maybe Frederic Chopin.

This page contains all the top apps for piano tuning . They will not only assist you in tuning your piano, but with additional functions too.

  1. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner
  2. Smart Piano Tuner
  3. Piano Tuner PT1 – Professional Piano Tuning Tool
  4. Instrument Tuner
  5. Piano Designer
  6. Entropy Piano Tuner
  7. TuneLab Piano Tuner
  8. PianoMeter – Professional Piano Tuner

1. Pano Tuner – Chromatic Tuner

First off I use my Pano Tuner. The greatest thing is that, with this application you’ll not only be in a position to tune your instrument, but also your guitar too. The app is able to listen to the sounds you make and displays the pitch. This means that you can adjust your instrument precisely by examining the offset to the pitch you wish to alter. In addition it provides an immediate and precise response.

You’ll also be able adjust the frequency of concert A to bring your instrument into tune with the band. You can also alter the sensitivity of your instrument to a more precise.

Principal features of Pano Tuner

  • Rapid and Sensitive Response
  • Wide Range of Pitch Sensor
  • This app functions as an chromatic tuner. It will follow any pitch that your instrument could make. Bring your instrument including upright basses, guitars, trumpets, or piccolos.
  • Change the frequency of the concert-A to ensure that your instrument is in tune with the band.
  • Change the sensitivity of the instrument to tune your instrument to be more precise.
  • Free piano tuner application for iPhone

2. Smart Piano Tuner

As my next recommendation, I’m using the smart piano Tuner. It is the most effective app for piano tuning. The most appealing feature of this application is that it’s extremely precise and easy to use. In the end, it is possible to tune the piano in minutes.

In addition to piano, you’ll be able to use this application to adjust your instruments. Beginning with the app is also quite simple. All you need be doing is create a tone then you can play and tune your instrument.

When the note of your instrument is the note you are playing. Its color on the screen in Smart Tuner will change to green.

3. Piano Tuner PT1 – Professional Piano Tuning Tool

piano Tuner The PT1 can also be a excellent app for piano tuning. It was designed by professionals who are piano technicians. This app lets the user can adjust all keys on the piano with incredible precision. It is also supported by an advanced pitch recognition technology that lets you make high-quality tunings of the entire range of keys on the piano.

Furthermore, the app allows for alternate tunings as well as tunings that use A4 frequency. Additionally, it’s extremely precise, reliable, and user-friendly and provides real-time, instantaneous analysis of pitch.

Key features of the Piano Tuner PT1

  • Professional piano tuning tool for technicians who work on pianos.
  • Tune all the 88 keys of the piano. Pitch detection covers throughout the spectrum of piano.
  • Supports alternate tunings – to allow tunings using A4 frequency. This frequency is different from 440Hz for the same the same temperament.
  • Historical deviation graphs – This shows the stability of tuning.
  • Highly precise reliable and simple to use using real-time instantaneous pitch analysis.

4. Instrument Tuner

Also, you can take a look at Instrumental Tuner. It converts an Android phone into an instrument that can be used as a portable tune-up device for chromatic instruments. With this application, you can tune your piano using a extremely high level of accuracy (up to +1/100 quartertones (+-1 cent) exact) and a vast range of frequencies that cover the range of A0 (27.50 Hz) and C8 (4186.01 Hz).

It also has advanced features , such as a large detection range that spans from A0-C8, a tone generator, tuning modes specific to instruments, and specialized tuning options.

Plus, it features different instrument tuning modes like Guitar Tuner, Violin Tuner, Viola Tuner, Violoncello Tuner, etc.

Key Features of the Instrument Tuner

  • Large Detection All the way to C8
  • Tone Generator (optimized sound generator that can create tones over the entire range of A0 all the way to C8)
  • Tuning Modes for certain instruments
  • The Orchestra tuning (shift/redefine The concert’s A Pitch)

5. Piano Designer

Piano Designer is among the top Piano tuning apps you can play with. This application was developed specifically for certain models. With this application, you are able to control many aspects of your mobile’s graphic touchscreen.

It is also possible to tune various parameters like volume, pitch, tone characteristics, etc. Furthermore, parameters related to the position of the lid, strings, and hammers are displayed at a glance , and they can be altered and then transferred quickly to the piano. You can also adjust graphically the pitch, level and tonal tone independently on each note of the keyboard’s 88.

Key Features of the Piano Designer

  • The parameters that relate to the position of the lid as well as strings and hammers are displayed at a glance. They can be altered and then transferred to the piano with ease.
  • You can enjoy the sounds of your Roland piano by tuning it to perfection by renowned piano techs.
  • Adjust the level, pitch, and tonal tone independently for each piano’s 88 notes.

6. Entropy Piano Tuner

Next up, I’ve got my Entropy the Piano Tuner. This app will assist you tune your piano with the new way that is based on entropy minimization. In the end, it will take the unique features for your particular instrument into consideration.

The app also allows you to tune your piano with just three steps. All you need to do is take a picture of every key of your piano, and then calculate the best tuning automatically, and make use of the integrated tuner to tune the piano.

7. TuneLab Piano Tuner

It is also possible to try TuneLab’s Piano Tuner. It is available only on iOS devices. This app is recommended only for professionals who work in the field of piano.

In terms of the capabilities are related to the features, with this is able to determine and utilize the piano’s harmonics to create the perfect tuning. Additionally, it provides an over-pull option to make more precise pitch raises.

Additionally, the app can hold many tuning file files of pianos that are individual. Additionally, you’ll get access to a variety of historical temperaments and tunes for the period of music.

Key Features of the TuneLab Piano Tuner

  • Accuracy up to 0.02 cents.
  • The instrument measures and utilizes the piano’s inharmonicity to create a custom-made tuning.
  • Offers an over-pull function for more precise pitch rises.
  • It is possible to be used to store thousands of tune files to pianos that are individual.
  • The tuning files can be saved locally as well as stored in Dropbox. Cloud through Dropbox.
  • It offers a range of historic types of temperaments for period music.
  • The note is switched automatically whenever you play the next note.
  • Offers a strobe-like phase Display to fine-tune your settings.
  • It offers a wide spectrum of frequencies display.

8. PianoMeter – Professional Piano Tuner

PianoMeter is a fantastic app to tune your piano. It can transform the Android smartphone into high top electronic tuning instrument. The free version will only allow you to tune piano notes from C3 through C5. In order to tune the whole piano, you’ll need purchase the application.

The good thing is that it analyzes each note’s tonal characteristics and calculates automatically the perfect ” stretch” or offset from the same tone. Additionally, you will get features such as auto note detection, tuning to frequencies that are not A=440, and more.

Key features of PianoMeter

  • Tuning function only for the mid-range range of the piano.
  • Automatic note detection
  • The ability to measure every sound on the piano to determine how it’s tuning is compared with the perfect tuning curve (see whether a piano is in tune)
  • Tap in the graphing area to view an actual frequency spectrum, or the inharmonicity of the measured notes.


These are the top piano apps tuning that work with Android as well as iOS devices such as iPhone as well as iPad. Now is your time to check out the apps and find out how they work for you. If there’s something you’d like inquire about, make sure to leave a comment below.

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