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What’s Anyview Cast?? How to use Anyview Cast?

Most modern TVs have the ability to connect to devices wirelessly, which is a type of over-the air HDMI. Based on the model of your Smart TV you might find it as the Anyview cast, Miracast or even just Screen-Mirroring. It’s required to connect both devices to the same network, however the odds are that it’s already happening.

The term “Anyview Cast”comes to mind every time you cast any type of multimedia (like videos images, pictures or sharing screens and more.) via you iOS or Android smartphone to smart TVs. And it has transformed our daily lives easier and exciting, in particular with regard to the ability to stream entertainment.

For instance, we could utilize smartphones like our iPhone and Android smartphones to stream every kind of media. But, sometimes the limitations of our screens on mobile devices aren’t enough. Thankfully, the latest technology has given us to solve this issue through the use of Anyview Cast.

You may be wondering what Anyview Cast is? And how do you use Anyview Cast? In the blog, we’ll be discussing this only. Read on to find out more.

What exactly is Anyview Cast?

The Anyview Cast tech that makes use of your Wi-Fi connection to project the screen of your tablet or smartphone wirelessly to Smart TVs, enabling users to share images, videos pictures, films and even play TV programming and engage in games.

Anyview Cast lets you wirelessly connect your mobile devices to your TV, giving you a superior watching experience. It lets you stream and share, play and play your preferred content. It establishes wireless connections between devices and it also allows you to disconnect of cables.

Anyview Cast utilizes Wi-Fi connections for wireless mirroring content directly from mobile devices to Hisense TV and lets you send images, stream films, TV shows and videos and engage in games.

Anyview Cast is a function on Devant and Hisense Smart televisions. This feature allow you to connect your mobile devices such as smartphones tablet and iPhones iPad and more. wirelessly to your smart TV sets, giving you an enhanced and more enjoyable viewing experience.

In another way, Anyview Cast is a screen mirroring program that allows you to wirelessly cast your iPhone or iPad screen onto the Chromecast TV.

Benefits and Features of Anyview Cast

Here are a few of the most important aspects that are part of Anyview Cast:

  • Anyview cast wirelessly casts the iPhone and iPad screen onto a television screen.
  • Enjoy your most loved social media sites on the bigger TV screen.
  • Simply control the content on your TV through the iPhone or iPad.
  • Enjoy videos or pictures with your friends and family.
  • Access media files via your Dropbox as well as Google Drive on your TV.
  • You can play Spotify, Soundcloud, or other music on your television that has higher quality sound.
  • Create a presentation with the screen of your iPhone or iPad on the larger SmartTV screen in your conference room.

Here are the four advantages that come with Anyview Cast that are explained in detail:

  1. Watch
  2. Share
  3. Play
  4. Show

1. Watch

Anyview Cast allows you to keep track of your favorite television shows and shows. You can utilize your smartphone to play videos that are stored on your phone or use streaming video apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 for example., and use Anyview Cast to mirror the content on the screen of your Smart TV for an enhanced and more enjoyable viewing experience.

2. Share

Do you have any old videos from your family? Do you take photos or videos during your vacation trip? Now is the time to revisit these memories with the features of your Hisense Smart or UHD TV. With Anyview Cast, you can send your photos to family members, friends, and loved ones by accessing and looking through photos from your phone or using social media applications via Your Smart TV immediately. The Anyview Cast app also lets users to turn their smartphone into a webcam that works great when casting messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Skype on the large screen while communicating with family and friends.

3. Play

Did you realize that With Anyview Cast, you can even make use of your phone as a game controller for video games? Play the game using your smartphone and show it on your television. Cool, huh? Now you can play your most loved games on mobile devices like PUBG Mobile Call of Duty, Asphalt, Free Fire, and more. with your family or friends on the huge screen and transform your phone into an video game controller.

4. Show

With the aid with Anyvoew Cast, you can make use of Your Smart TV as an interactive whiteboard as well as to serve as a wireless projector to create presentations that can be saved on your mobile devices without cables.

The ease of use the Anyview Cast technology provides us is simply amazing. Anyview Cast is just a tiny example that the technology isn’t far off from what we can expect in entertainment. If you happen to catch the screen of your Android smartphone, be aware that there’s a superior and more thrilling experience waiting for you to try Anyview Cast. Test it today.

How to Utilize Anyview Cast?

Are you using you got an Android KitKat device or the most recent version of Android operating system installed to your smartphone? You can now mirror what’s on your device directly into the Hisense Vision Smart TV. And In this post on the blog, I’ll show you how to utilize Anyview casting properly.

The Anyview casting feature is available on any handheld Android tablet or smartphone with Android 4.2.2 or higher , allowing you to mirror the content you’ve got on your smart device directly to you Smart TV (Television).

How to use the Anyview Cast feature for Hisense TVs?

Follow these easy steps to cast your Hisense TVs with Anyview Cast.


  • Your device (mobile tablet, PC or laptop) and your Hisense TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

It is important to inform you that by making use of Anyview Cast with Hisense TVs, it is possible to cast content using Your Android, iPhone, and Windows PC or laptop.

Follow the steps listed below to find out how you can transfer content on your Android gadget to Hisense TVs with Anyview Cast.

  1. Click the Inputbutton on the remote of your Hisense television remote and then locate and choose any of the channels available. (process is different for various versions that come with Hisense Televisions).
  2. Now , your TV is waiting for the Android device to connect.
  3. Start Your Android smartphone (mobile/tablet) and go through the Settings and then locate and choose your castingoption. It is located under ” Bluetooth & Connections” (it might differ among various brands and models of Android phones).
  4. When you click the Cast option, ensure your selection to tick the Wireless display on the menu with three dots. Then, you’ll be able to see the list of devices you are able to cast.
  5. Choose Your Hisense TV from the list.

That’s it. When the Android phone is connected to your TV, your phone’s display will begin mirroring or casting to the Hisense TV.

How to use Anyview Cast on Other Smart TVs and UHD TV

To make use of Anyview Cast on other brands of SmartTV and UHD TV, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the wireless connection on Your Smart TV.
  2. Start your Anyview Cast on your Smart TV.
  3. Then, switch on the screen that mirrors your smartphone.
  4. Click the TV device’s name and then wait for it be connected.

How Do I Download Anyview Cast on iPhone and iPad

On the App Store Anyview Cast is a powerful screen mirroring application that lets you cast screen mirroring from your iPhone and iPad screen onto Your Chromecast television wirelessly. It lets you enjoy photos, videos, and music on a larger screen in a wireless manner, and without delay from anywhere within your home (as as long there’s a connection to Wi-Fi).

Instead of spending hours searching for internet content using the remote of the Smart TV, you can simply stream what you’re viewing using your iOS device onto the TV’s screen. The experience of watching videos and photos on the screen of your iOS devices on a larger screen is more pleasurable and more comfortable for your eyes.

The Anyview Cast app is extremely user-friendly. All you have to do is connect your smartphone and Your TV with the same wi-fi network, start the application and link it up to the TV. You will then need to select screen mirroring and ” Start Mirroring“. Utilize your iOS device normally and you’ll be able to see you iOS device’s screen reflect on the smart TV’s screen.

Anyview Cast for Wireless Screen Mirroring

The primary function that Anyview Cast does Anyview Cast is to reflect the display of your phone to the screen of your Smart TV allowing you to look through all your photos, files videos, images and so on. including live streaming on your television. It is done by casting your smart phone items onto your TV.

The use of Anyview casting on your Smart TVs doesn’t need the internet or cables because each of your Hisense Smart TV and smartphones connect directly, giving you a hassle-free and effortless experience. It’s a feature that’s free that comes with Hisense Vision Smart TVs that lets you enjoy your most loved apps and games with a full screen.


I hope you enjoy our blog post that explains What can be called Anyview Cast and how to make use of Anyview Cast. Should you ever have queries or concerns about Anyview Cast, feel free to get in touch with us or leave an email below and we’ll respond in the shortest time possible.

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