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2016: The world’s most happy countries

According to a survey of happiness levels around the globe, the most happy people are the Danes.

The list included 156 countries ranked by independent experts using a variety of measures. Denmark was the top-ranked country.

All factors were considered, including per capita gross domestic product and healthy years of life expectancy. Trust and perceptions of freedom to make life decisions were also taken into consideration.

Switzerland is in second place, with Norway, Finland and Iceland ranking strongly in the top 5.

New World Commonwealth countries do well, as does Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is the cost of ?

There were many wealthier countries that came higher down the list than the US, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This is significant according to Professor Jeffrey Sachs who was a special advisor to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

The message to the United States is simple. We are not chasing the right things in a society that only chases money. Our social fabric is in decline, trust in the government is declining, and faith is decreasing.

According to the report, “When countries pursue their own objectives (e.g. economic development) without considering the impact on social and environmental goals, it can lead to adverse effects for human well-being, and even death for the survival of the country.”

Although Denmark was third in 2015, it is the third consecutive time that the Scandinavian country has occupied the number one spot.

Most improved

The countries that are rapidly improving their scores may be just as fascinating as those at the top of this chart.

Nicaragua was ahead of Sierra Leone, Ecuador and Nicaragua in terms of progress.

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