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Vari Task Chair Review: Good Ergonomics at an Accessible Price

If you spend hours sitting at a table each day, the significance of a first-class chair can’t be overstated. You may want to spend masses to hundreds on a high-cease chair, however in case you’re inclined to just accept some quirks, the Vari Task Chair is a strong choice that won’t spoil the bank. 

I’ve been trying out the $350 Task Chair with Headrest along the Active Seat (evaluate coming soon!) for the closing 3 months or so. Overall, it’s a pleasant chair that I assume is really well worth the cash, aleven though the $295 non-headrest model is a higher cost for $fifty five much less.

And whilst it nails the fundamentals like a cushty seat and appropriate guide, it has a few exciting problems that I didn’t anticipate on a chair like this. Let’s speak approximately it.

Assembly and Construction

One of my preferred matters approximately the Task Chair is that it comes nearly absolutely preassembled. The returned and fingers are established out of the field, so all you need to do installation the bottom and insert the headrest (if you purchased that model). The entire issue took approximately 5 minutes.

Of course, meaning the Chair indicates up in a large ol’ field that’s each heavy and bulky. Not a large deal of course, simply recognize that you’ll get pretty a piece of greater trash out of the deal right here.

With almost the whole thing established out of the field, the chair feels very strong and strong. Everything is pre-tightened from the manufacturing unit and I haven’t skilled any slippage or loosening over the previous couple of months of ordinary use.

What’s in a Chair

We’ve blanketed why it’s really well worth making an investment in a very good workplace chair, however the concept of spending a loan fee on a chair is off-placing to many (together with this writer).  That’s one of the matters that makes Vari’s Task Chair so appealing—it has loads of the identical functions you’d anticipate from a higher-cease chair for a fragment of the cost.  Here’s the rundown:

Fully adjustable returned and seat peak; armrest peak and angle; returned tilt and tension

Adjustable headrest with tilt (optional, greater)

Mesh lumbar guide

Basically, the Task Chair has maximum of the matters you’d need to adjust, keep for lumbar adjustment. That is probably a dealbreaker for a few, however I determined the lumbar guide to be enough for me—there are greater low-priced chairs available that provide this, however. 

Most chairs are peak-adjustable and provide a few stage of tilt, however Vari’s choice has  ranges of resistance for tilt (clean and, uh, tough?) in addition to the choice to fasten it. Instead of the usage of a sliding pin mechanism to fasten the tilt (like inexpensive chairs), it makes use of a dial at the left facet. It’s a pleasant contact that feels greater dependable than the pin-style.

However, that is in which my first trouble with the chair comes into play: The returned squeaks while moving in a facet-to-facet motion. It didn’t at first, however after approximately 6-eight weeks of use, it commenced squeaking each time I turn. I’ve attempted lubing the diverse pivot factors across the returned mechanism, however I can’t appear to pinpoint precisely in which the squeak is coming from, so I haven’t been capable of remove it. 

It’s an traumatic quirk that taints the in any other case fantastic construct first-class.

The armrests also are adjustable, each in peak and angle. This is a great addition due to the fact in case you’ve ever used a chair with adjustable armrests, it’s tough to head returned to having them in a set position. This isn’t always best terrific for expanded consolation in some of situations, however it additionally permits the chair to absolutely cater to distinct heights and frame types. 

But that is additionally in which my second (and best different) criticism comes in: The armrests are tough and uncomfortable. They’re padded, however the padding may be very firm. I was hoping they could spoil in after some weeks of use, however to date that hasn’t been the case. Even after months of sitting withinside the chair, my elbows are sore on the cease of each day. If you furthermore may enjoy this, you can continually upload aftermarket armrest pads, which can be with ease to be had on Amazon. I individually locate accessories like this to be cheesy at quality and traumatic at worst, so I’ve simply been handling the armrests as they are.

Of course, your mileage might also additionally vary. I actually have mainly bony elbows, which likely has some thing to do with this. But that is additionally some thing I haven’t skilled with different chairs, aleven though I commonly decide on chairs with out armrests anyway. I locate that they frequently get withinside the way. On the upside, it seems like you could without problems take away the fingers at the Vari Task chair with out in any other case affecting the development or balance of the chair. 

I additionally need to the touch at the headrest. While now no longer everybody likes a headrest on their workplace chair, I desired to check it out. It’s vertically adjustable and additionally pivots to suit your head/neck angle, that’s nice. This permits it to paintings nicely for human beings of various heights.

But without a doubt, I assume the chair might be higher (or as a minimum as appropriate) with out the headrest, so in case you’re now no longer certain you’ll like it, I’d propose saving yourself $fifty five and opting to head with out it.  Just observe that it doesn’t appear to be you could’t upload it on after-the-truth in case you purchase the non-headrest model. I wager you can additionally purchase the model with the headrest and simply take it off in case you don’t like it, aleven though that might in the long run turn out to be in a $fifty five waste of cash in case you in no way use the issue. Decisions, decisions. 

Finally, I need to speak approximately cleansing the chair. Mesh chairs are notoriously tough to easy, and this one isn’t anyt any distinct. At one factor at some point of my trying out, my youngest son determined that he had to vomit whilst gambling in my workplace, and the chair regarded like as appropriate of an area as any. It became, uh, messy. 

It took some time to get all of it wiped clean up—plenty of scrubbing and soapy water. The mesh, whilst breathable, holds liquid and liquid-esque cloth this is very tough to get out. I ended up the usage of a can of compressed air to blow out the mesh returned (which makes use of a distinct construction/sample than the seat) to easy it out. Ultimately all of it labored out and I became capable of get it absolutely easy.

Just recognize that, ought to you spill some thing (or worse) at the Task Chair, it’s going to take a few elbow grease to get it easy. But it could be done.

Okay, however Is It Comfortable?

A chair may be loaded with functions, however it’s a dealbreaker if it’s now no longer appropriate at the principle issue it’s designed for: sitting on. The appropriate information is that the Vari Task Chair is pretty cushty. The padded seat has been continually cushty because the day I took it out of the field and hasn’t proven any symptoms and symptoms of even the slightest little bit of breakdown. 

The identical may be stated for the ergonomic mesh returned. It breaths very nicely (due to the fact, you recognize, mesh) and may be very supportive. I locate that each my neck and returned experience much less worn-out on the cease of an extended workday while in comparison to my vintage chair (a gaming chair), that’s refreshing. 

Again, I don’t love the armrests, that’s without a doubt the largest disadvantage right here for me.

Conclusion: Good, now no longer Great

Overall, I just like the Vari Task Chair. It has its quirks—the squeaking returned and tough armrests—however the ones are in reality simply minor proceedings relative to the general consolation of the chair.  The seat cushion may be very cushty, as is the mesh returned. It’s very supportive even after hours of use, that’s greater than I can say for lots different chairs I’ve had the displeasure of the usage of.

If you’re searching out a first-class chair that isn’t overly expensive, that is without a doubt one to feature on your list.

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