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How to care for Bob Marley-style dreads

Bob Marley rose to reputation withinside the Sixties and, proper up till his loss of life in 1981, the Jamaican musician maintained an amazing mane of dreadlocks. A image of his Rastafarian faith, Marley averted slicing his hair for maximum of his existence and his herbal dreads have become synonymous with each the past due artist’s laid-lower back tune and his low-key mindset to existence. 

If you’ve got got dreads then you may already realize that worrying for them is not as clean as extensively believed (it is not in reality a case of by no means slicing and by no means washing). With that during mind, we spoke to Cardiff-primarily based totally professional barber Tariq Howes to discover how excellent to appearance after them and make sure they fit the follicular greatness of Marley’s.

“Bob Marley finished his locks after an extended adventure of growing, twisting after which leaving the hair to do its element over time,” says Tariq. “It wasn’t finished over night.”

How frequently need to I wash my dreads?

You need to try and wash your dreads each 3 to 4 weeks, no greater. When it involves washing, to start with supply your dreads an awesome shake out in order that any limp fibres separate, as in any other case they’ll get embedded to your hair at some stage in the wash. 

What merchandise need to I use in my hair?

After you’ve got got ensured your dreads are separated, observe apple cider vinegar to the roots. This will destroy down any product build-up with out negative your hair.

Rinse out the apple cider vinegar as very well as possible. Then shampoo your hair with Rasta Locks & Twist Jamaican Mango & Lime Tingle Shampoo. If you’ve got got time, supply your hair  washes, first of all across the roots and scalp after which out to the ends.

What need to I do post-wash? 

When you’ve rinsed your dreads, douse your hair in a few ORS Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray and a chunk of water to assist lock withinside the moisture. Usually after the wash ordinary you will retwist the dreads to preserve them separate. 

But when you have a greater herbal seem like Bob Marley (while he turned into more youthful his dreads have been greater twisted and separated, however as he were given older he allow them to shape naturally, leaving them to matt collectively in a greater herbal manner in preference to twisting and making use of an excessive amount of product), permit the hair to do its element.

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