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Christian Bale doesn’t know what the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, yet he’s still working hard to prepare to make Thor: Love and Thunder

Christian Bale is an actor who’s rigorous training for roles is a Hollywood legend. We’ve all seen his xylophone on screen in The Machinist, his juicy biceps in American Psycho, his strong paunch in America Hustle. He had a rigorous drum workout to prepare for The Big Short, discovered that he could throw an average hook in The Fighter. Your guy may have also explored loopholes inside the Constitution before he joined Dick Cheney in Vice.

Therefore, it’s an unexpected surprise – and maybe a source of comfort to many thousands of stressed fathers who are struggling – that when it came to being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for his future role on the screen in Thor: Love and Thunder, Christian Bale didn’t truly know what was the MCU is. There’s the approach to acting, and there’s wrapping your brain around an ever-growing collection of films comprising more than 30 films and TV shows.

The information was revealed during a recent interview with Total Film magazine, wherein it was explained in the context of Bale that, in the wake of his long tenure in Christopher Nolan’s Batman in his Dark Knight trilogy – which belongs to Marvel adversaries DC Comics – taking up the role of Gorr alongside Christopher Hemsworth’s fluid locks as well as an incredibly henchman Natalie Portman may sense like taking a chance.

“Absolutely not,,” the 48-year-antique responded. “That was not even a thought in my head in any way.

“I’d examine that and they might say”Oh, let’s look! It’s in the MCU and is now in the MCU!’ I’d say, ‘I’ve accomplished what? I’m not in the MCU thank you for your time. I’m thinking, “What is the MCU is it?’ I wanted to inquire about what this was going to become.”

That’s it: a 48-year-old antique which has won the distinction of an Oscar, Golden Globes and an enviable acknowledgement in the field of Serious Acting doesn’t without a doubt recognize the difference between his Captain Marvels as well as his WandaVisions. However, that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t considered his role as a character in Love and Thunder seriously.


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In the course of the interview, Bale stated that the director and he Taika Waititi had a deal to discuss the character in Gorr The God Butcher (notable task title) who is a groovy villain who can Thor any kind of headache. They wanted to show the character in “kind of like a Nosferatu style of character,” in reference to the silent German Expressionist classic, that is a purely Christian Bale thing to note.

The dance was an routine dance for the person who was conceived of that included “all these kinds of Kate Bush stuff that we struggled with,” which by no way made the last cut (they ought to be grumbling about it in the present, as ‘Running Up that Hill’ is the only thing to have brought back Stranger Things season 4).

In addition, he credited the credit rating to Bale in the same while he isn’t able to identify the MCU is however, he admitted to conducting some Google studies of his own.

“[ButI did make the mistake of searching his name and then, oh no! In comics, He is seen with a G-string all the time. I was thinking”They don’t have the right guy for that””

A frame transform that is too extreme through the use of sounds. Aren’t they CGI for this type of thing in the past?

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