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Why is it that a Ford Sierra is the world’s greatest investment in a classic vehicle

Standard funding options are not working for you? We suggest you ditch the bullion and bonds, and should you feel brave try a gamble on the Ford Sierra. It’s not exactly a straight-line bet but with all signs and signs pointing to an increase in value, it appears like the perfect moment to put your money in the form of a Cossie.

It’s not a secret that classic automobiles can be excellent investments, with the potential for returns that are far exceeding the pathetic savings rates. If you had to purchase an Porsche 911 2.4T lower back in April, say it would be 10 cents up and enjoying a lot more fun in the legend of air-cooled cars than any ISA.

The difficult part is distinguishing the big winners from the plain duds without the benefit of hindsight However, sometimes you can find cheap classics that have all the characteristics of a certain-hearthplace winner. It’s one of those instances.

As early as the Eighties the Eighties, tuned saloon cars were warm items in European motorsports, usually due to winning in competition with the alleged earnings within the showroom.

However, before marques could require a racing license and homologation, there were homologation regulations to consider and a requirement that they produce a broad range of cars for street use before the model could be eligible for competition.

The result? brawny, overall performance machines that have bizarre frame kits that are only available for car park fun. Although, they were built in modest quantities and sold for twice the cost of their normal-issue counterparts, but they were exceptional in every way.

Ford has changed and it’s not the only exception. In the early Eighties The American marque – guided by Stuart Turner and Walter Hayes determined to work towards creating a car that would be the dominant vehicle in Group A racing.

It was later renamed it’s current model, the Sierra RS Cosworth. The car was originally a saloon that had four doors and then it was being re-inspected by Ford’s motorsport division, and was awarded important refinements, including an unusual whale-tail spoiler (important to boost road credibility) and an engine that was turbocharged. Cosworth engine with more than 200bhp.

On the road it turned into predictable insane, completing the 0-60 speed sprint in 6 and a half seconds, and accelerating all the way to speeds of 149mph. Not your typical circle of relatives ‘ wagon.

Then we got The RS500 race variant modified by Aston Martin and constructed to the track with only 500 examples. It came with an extra turbo, extra wings as well as extra power and well, everything.

A lot of things in order that it went on to dominate racing at the end of the Eighties and achieving success at circuits – and with four-wheel power, rally stages in The UK, Europe and Australia. It also led to the creation of a line of Ford racing saloons which continued through the Escort Cosworth and RS Cosworth until and including the Focus RS these days.

What’s this got to have to do with your bank balance? Examine the figures and you’ll discover that the prices for rare Sierras have been soaring because they’re headed in like a blow-up piston: upwards. A RS500 today will see the price at PS45,000, while storied models are available for sale for a amount more.

It’s great if you can find one from a decade ago, it’s no longer as beneficial should you be lusting over them right now. However, there’s a good news that it’s the “standard” Sierra RS Cosworth is still within range.

Despite the fact that non-modified examples of the model are amusing to the point of being boring, they can flip their heads in every corner and could even pass like the clappers, it is possible to find respectable three-door Sierras for less than PS20,000 , and four-doorways for less than PS15,000.

It’s the easiest to be astonished when you consider that they’re not common. There are less than 2,000-wheel power Cossies have been sold in the UK and a lot of them were have been destroyed, rusted or replaced with a shambles and left only 800 that are registered on the streets.

This all serves as the recipe for healthful appreciation. And it’s isn’t just from passing motorists.

Yes, the Sierra’s not as appealing as the sleeper classic it became just five year ago (while you can buy it for less than the price of PS10,000) However, you could still get this snazzy Fast Ford with out losing foolish cash.

Like all investments, you’ll need to research your options prior to making a decision to part with your cash. The main thing to consider is originality , and it’s better to invest in an original, unmodified model. There are no modified turbos or aftermarket alloys, unless you’re using it for pleasure riding.

Be careful, however and you might be able to slip into the basic cabin of a legitimate standard, and enjoy the experience responsibly, and as a matter of fact, watch its price rise in the same manner of its RS500 cousin. If it isn’t? You’ll still have one of the top pound-for-pound performers – and a remarkable one to boot.

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