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How can you get the elegant hairstyle of Hugh Grant at a collegiate level

I’m sure that I’m trying to figure to make a college-style cut, and Hugh Grant’s hairstyle on Maurice is the perfect model. What should I request my barbershop to get this cut? And do you have any tips for styling using products?

Joe Mills: Hugh Grant had this trendy floppy coiffure for a while and it has become a iconic. With the central parted hair, long period and a modern approach to “curtains” it appears like it’s still in style.

First things first, the reduction. Ideally, you’ll want at least 4 to 5 inches of hair at the your pinnacle. The back and sides must be shorter but not less than 1 inch. You don’t want it to appear too savage. Request your barber to place the hair on the pinnacle by the pinnacle of your perimeters , and to layer your hair in the neck. This is crucial for wearing it with a central parting as in Grant.


In terms of styling, you can go different paths. First, if your hair is thick, then you do not require blow-drying your hair, and there isn’t a need for too much volume (essentially you want a more natural appearance). I’d recommend using Triumph & Disaster’s shampoo , conditioner, followed by Kevin Murphy’s undressed styling cream. A large amount of this, apply it to your arms , then work the application of it in a sloppy manner through your hair.

On to the primary part of the component. It isn’t necessary to make a center-parting because it could appear too forced. Instead, using an Denman vent brush brush the entire hair to your face and allow it to fall as it naturally. It will sort of find its place and that’s the way to go to do. It’s a great nonchalant style and is exactly what Grant does. Leave to dry naturally.

It is designed for those who opt for blow drying their hair. Clean, damp mop, apply up to five pumps of Kevin Murphy’s Ever Smooth spray – this could give you the style you desire without putting not putting out a huge amount of volume.

After that, using a hair dryer (I suggest Parlux) and then, a Denman vent brush Begin by using the method of blow-drying your hair and then removing it to your face. Be sure to clean and push the hair’s perimeters back to the back of your ear and down the neck. Once it has begun to dry, you might begin to see a herbaceous middle parting appearing.

In the end, when it comes to the complete items, you shouldn’t need anything too heavy, just something to give you some preserves made from herbs. Therefore, I suggest using either Baxter’s Grooming Cream or Oliver J Woods’ Blackseed Wax. Et voila. Hugh Grant beauty achieved.

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