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9 times Robert Downey Jr proved he has the best glasses in the sport

You may recognise Robert Downey Jr pleasant for his role for Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers franchise as well as the movies similar to it or in Guy Ritchie’s series of Sherlock Holmes movies. We love the roles he played also however, we at GQ also recognize him for having one of the most amazing wardrobes in the world.

Sure, his dresser hasn’t been an assortment of pros. In the early times in the Eighties the tie would to hang over his knees and wear all-over double-breasted suits. In 1993, he realized that he really ramped the tempo, adopting the sartorial skills we expect from the fashion icons, and leading to a long string of dazzling customized single-breasted suit (we believe that his Oscar nomination was a big help). However, he came back in the decade of 2000 and it transformed to a downwards slope of muddled camo, gold tie (yup) and sloppy fur-coated truckers.

However, today regardless of whether you see him strutting around in the Avengers best dressed in a pair of stomper boots , or making the outfit of his favorite DBs right He is doing an outstanding job. One thing that has been constant and a common theme, like Iron Man lovers will recognize the inclination to wear an extremely sexy pair of tinted glasses (on and off screen).

With an oval face it is possible to wear the most beautiful designs of eyewear and take off. But we’ve gone through the details and narrowed it down to according to our view, his most enjoyable spec moments.

What are you going to wear to watch a film where you play the role of a doctor who can communicate with animals? A pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses Of course.

Participating in the German model in Dolittle, Downey Jr donned some emerald-inexperienced shades from Kirk And Kirk, which was subtly incorporated into the tropical design of his shirt. It’s a trendy way of looking like the type of person who communicates with the cat’s voice.

In a pair glasses from Karen Walker sunglasses to the twenty-third annual Hollywood Film Awards, Robert Downey Jr.’s square, rigid glasses made his oval appearance more angular. which isn’t an bad thing.

Reminiscing about his camo disaster from 2000 (best this time to get this right), Robert Downey Jr attended an Avengers: Endgame fan occasion and was wearing possibly his most pleasant shades to meet. Elton John, you have (almost) been beaten.

At a press conference in the film Avengers: Endgame in Seoul, Downey Jr sported a pair of sunnies that were more minimal at a minimum for him anyway – that had an ethereal Tiffany & Co blue-hued tint. They’re a fantastic review of his shiny single-breasted terracotta look.

Since 2001, there has been any Billy Porter or Ezra Miller to tear up the pink carpet rules book. In addition, you had Robert Downey Jr stealing all the attention in two large and powerful shades.

Much ahead of Bella, Gigi and Zayn were seen in Matrix-style, slightly there shades. It was a few years ahead of Keanu Reeves did it on screen. Robert Downey Jr turned into the character.

Don’t be distracted by the unflattering appearance and pay attention to the glasses. They turned out to be the shades that were the beginning of an extensive, colorful and binding courtship between Downey Jr. and tinted sunglasses.

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