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The Benefits of Trading using GCM Forex

It was established with the goal to be a leader, particularly with regard to leveraged trading aspect of the entire financial intermediation industry in Turkish Capital Markets, GCM Menkul Degerler A.S. is a highly acclaimed financial intermediary that is licensed with its technology infrastructure that is compliant with international standards and with the equity paid-up is the equivalent of 13.9 million.

GCM Forex is dedicated to its dream to become a major player that operates all over the world including Europe, Asia and Middle East specifically. As part of its goal to provide investors with information, GCM Forex strives to aid in the creation of information-based strategies for investment on behalf of investors, and thereby gaining the best results by providing seminars, training videos and webinars. Because the Forex market demands a particular type of experience in trading compared with other market types, the services and information are provided to investors in the clear and easy to understand format in all times using all methods made available by technology, in relation to how the markets operate, the investor profile and education level. In this sense, GCM Forex can be described as a school of forex that offers training for novice traders.

Trading on this Forex market requires experience and knowledge. GCM Forex provides the possibility of a trial account for clients that allow clients to become familiar with the Forex market, and also to create more effective trading strategies. This allows investors to trade in real market conditions using a portfolio of USD 100,000 in virtual money that can be used to engage in any kind of trading that account holders can participate in, thus getting experience in trading through practice.

In keeping with its promise of unlimited service, trades that are made on GCM Forex’s new-generation trading platform aren’t limited to only parities. You can trade in a vast variety of currencies, including exotic currencies, in addition to major minor, major and cross parities. Trade in the precious metals, such as platinum, silver, gold and in commodities like copper and aluminum as well as a variety of instruments ranging from natural gas to oil are one of the options. Additionally, the trading platform of a variety of agricultural products, which include however, not only cotton, wheat, sugar corn, soy and coffee, is also rich in indices , stocks of global trading platforms, CFD along with various instruments for investment. GCM Forex works with an innovative perspective on service and is determined to provide around 70 investment instruments that have the highest volume of trading worldwide with the best conditions on the market. Whatever the needs of the buyer there is a way to locate an investment instrument that is compatible with the expectations of its earnings and risk. There are no commissions, fees or charges regardless of size and type of investment being made by the investor, and to top it off!

The Forex market regulations imposed through CMB Capital Markets Board (CMB) on August 31 2011 was a significant occasion in those who trade in the Turkish Forex markets. Following the introduction of the regulations by CMB investors were given the opportunity to trade on an orderly and controlled market. Regulations made it mandatory on the part of financial intermediaries to get licenses and maintain the client’s accounts with the Settlement and Custody Bank, for individual accounts of clients. Additionally the ratio of leverage was reduced to 1:100, decreasing the vulnerability of investors to risk to the system.

Because of these rules, which reflect the stability and reliability of the market The majority of the investors that had previously trade abroad at high costs with no security switched the accounts of their clients to Turkey. The transactions went to intermediaries in the financial sector regulated by CMB. CMB data shows that the Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey (TSPAKB) statistics show that the volume of trades which was averaging around TRY 125 billion per month during 2012 grew to TRY 250 billion in the 2013.

The growing potential of the sector as well as the optimistic outlook on macroeconomic indicators, as well as the optimism about Turkey’s future Turkey will entice foreign Forex firms too. To date 27 financial intermediaries, including foreign Forex firms have been authorized through CMB to build markets. GCM is one of the first intermediaries that have been licensed by CMB as well as its trade volume reached an average monthly that was 30 billion US Dollarsin the very short period of one year, due to the trust of its customers. GCM’s rise in the ranks and its rise to leading in the business are due in large part to its superior customer relations management, as well as its high growth and performance.

At GCM Forex The investor is not charged, and can access their account from anywhere on the internet and perform any transactions of their own preference. You can access the account by using just one password, on any operating system, such as a computer, iPhone, Android, or Mac OS.

Customer service representatives who are focused on solving problems accountants that act as a bridge between market and the investor, analysts that monitor the market at all times as well as experts that develop solutions to meet any requirements for training, are all part of the basic range of services offered by GCM Forex. Anyone interested in investing in the market will feel themselves in a position of privilege in GCM Forex.

GCM Forex’s expert team of analysts provide their views on the market they closely monitor in the belief that most power on the Forex market comes from understanding. Every morning and every evening on weekdays along with the start of every week, is when we publish of periodic reports and analysis. Additionally, the most extraordinary developments and opportunities, if they occur can be analyzed in quick analysesto assist investors develop strategies that work for them. The investment instruments monitored at a regular basis and periodic reports are released in the case of VIP accounts that have high volume of trades. accounts.

Because as the Forex marketplaces are accessible all seven days of the week all day, every day, markets must be continuously monitored. This is because the Forex market is a place which the most rapid reactions of investors are displayed to the changing global economy. This is why GCM Forex’s services are available for five seven days a week, and all day, every day. The support team is available to assist in any situation that an investor might require all day, every days. In GCM Forex, customer satisfaction is the highest priority.

GCM Forex’s customers decide on the terms of trading. Investors can choose to sign up for a standard account or a premium account. With GCM investors will benefit from distinct advantages in each type of trading and enjoy an experience that is unique to investing. Investors can take part in professional seminars and receive expert advice about the risk as well as investment strategy.

In addition investors have the chance to open positions with highly efficient and competitive spread margins to incorporate all instruments of investment. Alerts via SMS and trading signals supplied by a team of expert analysts are a valuable source of data. GCM Premium clients can avail the service for free. So, GCM Premium clients remain one step ahead of the competition.

GCM Forex never compromises on the fundamentals of confidence, discipline and compliance with regulations, as well as an institutional view and openness. GCM Forex is licensed for leveraged trading. It is also an affiliate of The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey, Settlement and Custody Bank Inc., Central Registry Agency as well as Turkish Derivatives Exchange. Customers of GCM Forex enjoy the privilege and security in trading on an institution which is audited constantly by CMB.

GCM Forex, with its commitment to customer satisfaction, has an experienced team of professionals to provide quality and professional services via its structure. The employees are knowledgeable of the capital and derivatives markets, enabling them to deliver the high-quality and reliable financial information to its customers as quickly as is possible and in a speedy way. To cut down the time to high margins of profit over the financial savings of investors any unnecessary red tape and communication problems and delays are seen as obstacles. The primary goal is to remove these obstructions.

GCM provides its customers with next technology, user-friendly trading platforms, live analysis of financials and access to current market terms , with wide and fixed spreads. GCM is a key player in Turkish Capital Markets, thanks to its efficiency, its technology infrastructure that is in line with global standards and its youthful and energetic team. They believe that the innovative ideas it has introduced will give a new perspective to Turkish Capital Markets, where the time frame of minutes, or even seconds, is crucial.

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